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Cannabis Coaching – Teaching People to Smoke Weed (Yes, It's a Real Thing!)

Do you have what it takes to teach people how to smoke weed?

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Jan 28, 2020

Cannabis Coaching – A Job for a New Generation?

cannabis coaching

Can you imagine getting paid for showing someone the ins and outs of getting stoned? While a “cannabis coach” might seem like a far-fetched idea, many non-smokers are looking to the more experienced to assist them with their cannabis consumption.

To be honest, we all had a “cannabis coach” at one point in time. It was the first person who taught us how to properly roll a joint, or taught us the linguistics behind smoking. Everybody technically learns from someone else, and in this light – the idea of a cannabis coach doesn’t seem so alien after all.  In fact, there are hundreds of open cannabis jobs!

But what if people were to pay you for teaching them to properly smoke marijuana? This actually is a “thing” in places like Mexico.

I recently met up with a cannabis coach who wished to remain anonymous because where they “provide their services” still isn’t 100% legal (as of yet). I was interested to see if anyone would actually pay someone else to teach them how to smoke weed, and what I found may shock most of you.


Will someone pay you to teach them how to smoke weed?

Let me start from the beginning. A few months ago, an acquaintance of mine from high-school reached out to me via Instagram. People that know me personally, know that I have been smoking weed since high school and back then, it was still very taboo.

I was the “rebel”, or the “Wash out” depending on the perspective you chose to utilize – however, fast forward some 20 years and now I’m the “expert” and the “experienced”.

Nonetheless, my friend reached out to me expressing his interest in trying weed. Except, he has absolutely no idea where to begin. Being the amazing person that I am – I decided to make a mini-workshop for a small group and taught them the basics of getting high.

They loved it!

Afterwards, I thought to myself; “I wonder if people could actually charge for this service?” and a few months later – my doubt was clarified. I ran into a guy claiming to be a “cannabis coach”.

He said that he has had a few clients in the past – most of them middle-aged – who asked him to show them the ropes about consumption.

At first he did it for laughs, but when more people started calling him – he knew he was onto something. And so, his life as a cannabis coach started.


What does a Cannabis Coach do?

According to…Fred…we’ll call him Fred. According to Fred, a cannabis coach could either be recreationally-focused or medically-focused depending on the needs of the clients. Most of Fred’s clients thus far has been for recreational cannabis, however, he has had a few medical clients as well.

Fred says the first thing is to actually get people to sit down and smoke a bowl or two with him. He typically shows consumers how to use a pipe first – because it’s one of the easiest ways to actually consume cannabis.

“The First Session is all about introductions. We get to know each other, we smoke a bowl of some mild weed and find out what the client wants to achieve. Once this has been done, we talk about what their past experience with weed. Once this initial interview is concluded; we schedule out four to eight sessions where we will do different things each session.”

Once the schedule has been established, Fred works on providing material to his clients. He has created a few presentations and lists of content for his clients to consume during the “cannabis training sessions”.

“I like to give them a crash course on “stonerism” – so, I let them watch movies like Half-Baked, Cheech and Chong and Friday as home work. I also give them lists of different names for weed and other terms like “baked, high” and so forth”.

The crash course in weed culture happens throughout the week. Weekends are usually where they have “interactive sessions”.

During these sessions, they try different things like smoking out of a joint, pipe and bong. Using Concentrates, edibles and making infusions/extractions. Obviously, this doesn’t happen in one sitting – that’s why his courses could take up to 2 and even 3 months to complete depending on how busy his clients are.

When I asked him whether clients have trouble paying him he responded; “Not really – I’m sort of like their first hook-up. I help them establish the network of supply, teach them the ins and outs of consumption and (if they want to), we even do a complete Green Out Session.”

When I asked him about the “green out sessions” he simply said; “It’s when someone eats way too many edibles! I think that most people are not prepared to experience the full-force of cannabis when consumed in edible form. This way, I introduce this “intense experience” within a setting where they feel safe and trusted. It’s an intense workshop – but I consider it sort of like the “graduation day” of my course!”

How much do people pay him?

Fred said that he doesn’t have a set price, but he has received up to $30 an hour for his work – however, some of that goes into buying the “material” to work with and providing enough to the client to experiment at home.

Nonetheless – Fred doesn’t do this for the money but rather because there is a need to educate older generations on something that they have been told was “bad” for decades.


“It’s taking my stoner days, and giving it some purpose. It feels great!” as Fred told me as our interview came to a conclusion.

What about you? Ready to become a Cannabis Coach?



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