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marijuana meditation

Cannabis Meditation for Self-Discovery – Know Thyself!

Meditation with marijuana is just the beginning to knowing oneself

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Jan 29, 2019
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Cannabis Meditation for Self-Discovery – Know Thyself!

cannabis meditation

One of the most important actions we aren’t taught in school or even by our parents is the process of Self Discovery. We’re taught from a young age that the goal in life is to reach a specific point to what resembles success to us.

However, as Allan Watts pointed out, “Life is not a journey but rather a piece of music”. What this means is that the point of life isn’t to “reach a destination” but to enjoy the ride for what it is. Imagine if music was a journey, where the “end” is the most significant part of the journey.

This would mean that composers that play faster would be praised, or people would simply come to concerts to hear the final note of a composition.

Rather, when people listen to music, they are enveloped with “what is happening now”.

Yet, as Bill Hicks said, “The visionaries, the mystics and the likes have always told us that life is just a ride…and we as a society…kill them!” (loosely paraphrased)

The fact of the matter is that we are educated to pursue materialistic objectives which we believe will make us happy.


Newer Generations are Shifting the Goal Post

Over the past decade or two, we have seen a trend among younger demographics. People are less likely to buy a house or go to school for years on end. One reason is due to the enormous debt people collect with these endeavors. The other is because “Experience” is becoming more important than “things”.

Younger folks these days are more interested in taking a month long journey into some unknown destination, or jump out of an airplane. The experience has a longer shelf-life when it comes to the returns of happiness.

This doesn’t mean that people aren’t buying houses or going to school, it simply means there is a slight shift in importance.

I believe cannabis had something to do with this.


The Cannabis Culture and Self Discovery

Since the dawn of the counter-culture, cannabis has been the staple drug of choice. Some psychonauts implemented other “visionary plants” within their diet to obtain even higher states of ego death, but for what purpose?

Drugs, is merely a technology used by the human to open up portals of perception to the vastness of reality. These states can be reached with meditation and the likes, however, drugs is a shortcut to these elevated states.

When you begin to explore your own consciousness, you begin to form a different picture of yourself. Cannabis, is like a catalyst that allows you to understand that what you think you know, might not be truth.

It is a small nudge that activates the line of questioning that helps develop the idea of self-discovery. Who am I? What is my purpose in life? Why do I do the things that I do?

All of these questions, at one time, is brought to the forefront of the conscious line of thinking within cannabis users. I know, at least for me, this is true.

Cannabis helped me jump out of a train of thought that would have turned me into a very different human being today. If it wasn’t for the late nights smoking bowls on my roof and contemplating the existence of everything…I would probably have easily bought into the binary paradigms of the world. It was cannabis that helped me take a leap into other visionary plants.

This wasn’t a “gateway” effect as some would like to point out, but rather an active step towards deepening my understanding of the nature of things.

IT was cannabis that gave me the disposition to admit that I might be wrong in many things. While, in my youth I did abuse the plant, it still had a general positive effect on my person. And now, as an adult I use it responsibly.

I still take time out for my visionary plants, however I don’t do it often. Perhaps, once or twice a year. No more.


Self-Discovery is a Process

I’m not saying it’s impossible to discover who you are without the use of cannabis; I’m simply saying that it helps. Self-Discovery is all about pushing your own boundaries. To question your own paradigms. To admit that you don’t know everything.

If more people focused on knowing themselves, as opposed to pushing their internal idea of what the world “should be” on others, we might have a more peaceful wholesome society.

If you have never attempted to walk the road of self-discovery, I strongly recommend that you begin with the honest assessment of who you are. And while you do that, smoke a bowl of some deep thinking weed and hold nothing back.

Weed is only a catalyst, the actions are still yours to take. The effort is still on you, but when you walk this path…many of your problems in life will become much easier to handle.








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