cannabis meditation mindfulness
cannabis meditation mindfulness

Is There Any Connection Between Cannabis and Mindfulness?

Cannabis Meditation and Yoga Flow Into a New Mindfulness

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Is There Any Connection Between Cannabis and Mindfulness?

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I wake up in the morning, and I take my yoga mat out of the closet. For half an hour, I return to a peaceful existence and meditate. I breathe in and out, entering into a state of relaxation and feeling more prepared for what the day lies ahead. For me, mindfulness has been a life-changing experience, and it has taught me that it is possible to make life pleasant once more. Stress does not have to define me, nor you or others. Now, I have found out that cannabis can actually enhance the benefits of meditation.


Mindfulness is a practice with many benefits to offer

When I started to meditate, my life was defined by stress, and I felt like I could not handle all that pressure. One morning, as I woke up, I decided it was time for a change. It was the first morning that I took some time for myself – I sat on the floor, took deep breaths and started to meditate. I was pleasantly drawn to a state of relaxation and peace, feeling like myself after a long period of time. And it was then when my journey with mindfulness began.


Mindfulness, as I have read, has become the subject of numerous studies, as specialists from different fields try to determine how it can be of use to individuals who undergo stressful experiences. For example, according to a study published in Graphics Interface 2012, employees who meditated on a regular basis demonstrated improved concentration. They were able to maintain their focus and finish the tasks assigned to them, demonstrating improved task performance and a better working memory. Who would have thought that meditation would be one of the best ways to improve memory?


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Cannabis and its benefits over mental health

For a long time now, I have read about cannabis and the benefits it has, with regard to mental health in particular. The active substances responsible for the beneficial properties are cannabinoids – these are excellent not only for physical health problems, such as arthritis and cancer but also for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Given such benefits, it should come as no surprise that the legal access to cannabis and marijuana has increased in the past few years.

According to a study published in Clinical Psychology Review, cannabis can be successfully used for therapeutic purposes. As mentioned above, it can help those who suffer from mental health problems, PTSD included. It has the potential to improve memory and cognitive performance, without any additional risks.

The administration of cannabis is recommended in case of substance abuse, reducing the risk of self-harm and facilitating a better recovery during the withdrawal period. Anxiety disorders, depression, and chronic stress can benefit from this form of treatment as well. However, more research is necessary, in order to determine how this form of treatment could be extended to other medical conditions, such as ADHD, autism, and dementia. In the future, researchers hope to be able to use cannabis for children as well.


How are cannabis and mindfulness connected?

As someone who meditates on a daily basis, it is only natural I would be interested in finding out more information on the connection between cannabis and mindfulness. I know, for example, that both are recommended to those who suffer from mental health problems; in fact, when it comes to depression treatment choices, these two should stand at the top of the list. As opposed to the medication commonly administered to those who suffer from depression, they do not have side-effects or risks to worry about. Instead, they relax the mind and allow the individual to return to a peaceful state.

When we meditate, we enter into a state of relaxation, and we concentrate on taking deep breaths. As we focus exclusively on the breathing process, we manage to let go of all our worries and relax. The mind is no longer busy with the stream of thought, and we can see things with clarity. We are at peace with ourselves, and we no longer perceive stress, finding it easier to relax. This is mindfulness, one of the most beautiful practices I have ever come across.

Now, with cannabis, the whole experience becomes even more intense and pleasant. According to recent studies, cannabis can actually enhance the meditation process; basically, it induces a euphoric state, which helps us relax even further and stay concentrated on the deep breathing. When one combines cannabis with meditation, it becomes easier to clear the mind and let go of all worries. So, you see, not only are these two connected, but they actually complement one another.


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Cannabis takes the meditation experience to a whole new level

When I first started to meditate, one of the first difficulties I had was letting go of negative thoughts. Meditation, however, changed my life and I started to discover the power of positive thinking. I was finally able to find the balance in my life and return to a normal pattern of thought.

Now, it seems that cannabis could make the meditative experience even more worthwhile. It compliments meditation in every way, ensuring that one is capable of embracing the thoughts that are positive and letting go of those that are negative and, thus, harmful.

Even from the first glance, it is safe to assume that cannabis and meditation have similar benefits to offer. When you look closer at the two of them, it becomes easier to understand that one is enhanced by the other. You might not be aware of this for a fact, but marijuana is often used for meditation by Asian religious groups, including Buddhists. So, you see, you might not be the only one to acknowledge that cannabis amplifies meditation.

When you meditate and use cannabis at the same time, you have the possibility to slow your mind down. Once the train of thought no longer runs at the same speed, you can concentrate on your breathing and experience a state of heightened awareness. Your brain is no longer overly active, and you can discover the benefits of a quiet mind. The world seems more peaceful, and you no longer feel distracted by all those negative thoughts.


Benefits of meditation & cannabis (combined)


These are the main benefits that the combination of meditation and cannabis brings to the table:

  • Slowing down your train of thoughts and feeling less distracted
  • Better concentration & memory
  • You will find it easier to concentrate on the deep breathing process, as your mind is no longer distracted
  • Discovering the power of positive thinking, as your mind eliminates all negative thoughts
  • Feel lighter and calmer – the world does not seem like such a bad place to live in
  • Improved focus, which will automatically translate into an improved work performance
  • Developing mental resilience – you will be able to handle stress in an efficient manner
  • Entering into a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness – this is one of the biggest benefits to take into consideration, as it leads to deep meditation.


Cannabis has been used for a long time now but, unfortunately, its benefits have not been clearly elucidated. It was only recently that researchers began to concentrate on its actual benefits, discovering how amazing it could be for those who suffer from various physical and mental conditions. Today, we have the opportunity to combine meditation with cannabis, enjoying the many benefits presented to us.


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The importance of meditation in the modern society

The modern society might be filled with opportunities but, due to the increased use of technology, we have become less resilient to stress and more prone to negative thinking. Our brain has to stream a huge amount of information on a daily basis, coming from various sources and technological devices.

When we reach a certain limit, we are bound to overflow and stop working. So, you see, meditation is one of the best practices you could ever consider, as it will help you clear your mind and function a little bit, if not a lot better.

When you return to meditation and give cannabis a try as well, you are practically giving your brain a chance to make a change for the better. As you enter into the state of deep peace and relaxation, you can think more clearly and follow a positive direction. Meditation has changed my life, and I am sure it will change yours as well.


Final word

In my opinion, meditation has endless benefits to offer, especially when it comes to mental health. Cannabis can enhance the experience of meditation, allowing one to enjoy a state of heightened awareness.


As it becomes more widely available, it could be combined with the practice of meditation and help you deal with stress, anxiety, and depression in a genuinely efficient manner. Last, but not least, it can help you deal with the pressures of modern society and improve your cognitive performance at the same time.












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