marijuana seminar scaminar
marijuana seminar scaminar

Cannabis Scaminars or Seminars - Marijuana Get Rich Quick Seminars Prey on Hope and Fear

Marijuana Scaminars are targeting the hype around the Green Rush

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Dec 3, 2019

Watch out for Cannabis “Scaminars!”

cannabis scaminar

Whenever something “new” come along, you’ll always run into your fair share of “gurus” teaching you how to milk gold from stones. It happened with the internet, it happened with dietary supplements and yes…it’s happening to cannabis.

A recent CBS report found that the vast majority of the “seminars” designed to teach entrepreneurs on how to make a “killing” with cannabis, are not really teaching eager attendees anything new. This after the fact that they had to dish out in some cases more than $1,000 per head.

While it’s true that there is a lot of money to be made with cannabis, it’s not ever as easy as it sounds. With a lot of start up investments, high operating costs, fringe laws and a plethora of other elements make the road to making money with cannabis not something for everyone.

However, most people understand that cannabis has the potential to be a major earner for anyone who has the resources and vision to make a business within the sector a reality. Similar to the Dot Com boom a few decades back, the cannabis boom is still in its infancy.

With so much opportunity available, it only makes sense to see some opportunists try to swindle hard-working individuals out of their money. At the end of this article, I’ll be dropping a quick check-list to see whether the next cannabis seminar or webinar you might attend, is not a scaminar.


Why Most Seminars are Scaminars!

Right now, in this particular time in history, most of the “seminars” on weed will not be legitimate. I’m not saying that “all” of them are fake, but the vast majority will be. Why?

The first reason being that most people who are actually making a killing in cannabis, are too busy dealing with their businesses and do not have time to go to seminars and give speeches. Think about it this way, if you owned a few dispensaries or grow operations; and laws are constantly changing, don’t you think you’d be spending the vast majority of your time on your businesses.

Additionally, as a business owner, you’d like to keep competition out of the marketplace for as long as you can. Thus, people just “trying to help others” are totally full of shit. Cannabis businesses are stuck with high tax rates, high competition and volatile laws. The risk is far too high to simply invite competition into the market because, “You’re such a nice person!”

Let’s be real here folks, if you were to run a business that is currently highly-restrictive with lower profit margins compared to other substances like alcohol – you wouldn’t want to have more competition, you’d want less.


Are all Cannabis Seminars Scams?

On the contrary, not all seminars are scams. There are some legitimate seminars out there that will teach you about how to go about obtaining licenses, navigating the political scene, navigating regulatory processes and much more.

These are all about empowering the individual but does not promise you “millions” by simply joining the cannabis industry. Furthermore, it’s always every important to do your research prior to dishing out your cash to any seminar.

Who are the key note speakers? You know, that if Steve Dangelo is on the ticket, that at the very least he is making money within the cannabis industry. But if Joe Schmoe from some rural town with no records of past success claims that you’re going to “get rich” by following his tips…well, if you pay money to that dude you’re simply a lost cause. I also heard that your Nigerian relative just came into some money….all you need to do is pay the banking fees and you’re a millionaire!

What I’m trying to emphasize is that it’s incredibly important to do proper research on EVERYONE who will be attending the seminar. This is something that every consumer should know, however, considering that cannabis is such a “new market” – there is a certain sense of disassociation in relation to confidence artists within the niche.


The “Is this cannabis seminar bullshit” Checklist

Now, to help those who might be thinking of dishing out cash to some rando at a conference hall, here’s a quick check list to ensure that you are safe.

  1. Are the main speakers of the event actually in the cannabis industry? (Dispensaries, Grows, etc)
  2. If they are in the industry, do they have any measurable levels of success?
  3. Can I find the information on my own with a little bit of research?
  4. What are previous customers/participants saying about the seminar?
  5. Is the price for the seminar really worth every penny?


We know that to invest in oneself is always a good idea. This is why these seminars make money, people invest into it thinking that they are investing into them. However, there are many people that take advantage of this and use it to scam you out of your money.

Always be sure that you are going into something with the knowledge that you have done proper research prior to dropping a single penny on the object of your desire.








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