Cannabis Users Aren't Lazy People After All Says New Study

Cannabis Users Aren't Lazy People After All Says New Study

New study shows that marijuana users are not lazy and slow after all

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Reginald Reefer on Saturday Aug 15, 2020

As it turns out Cannabis users aren’t lazy – Study Finds!

marijuana users are not lazy

One “Stoner Stereotype” that has been used in countless PSAs over the past few decades is being challenged by a new study that found that cannabis consumers exercised more than non-users. This study builds on previous findings where researchers found that cannabis-users had lower Body-Mass-Index [BMI] than non-users.


The new study from the University of Colorado found;


“Compared to older adult nonusers,” says the study, out of the University of Colorado at Boulder, “older adult cannabis users had lower [body mass index] at the beginning of an exercise intervention study, engaged in more weekly exercise days during the intervention, and were engaging in more exercise-related activities at the conclusion of the intervention.”


As reported by Marijuana Moment.


Researchers aren’t eager to commit to any definitive position on the findings – and caution people to consider these findings as preliminary.


Nonetheless – similar findings are beginning to paint a clearer picture in regards to cannabis consumption and physical activity.


It makes sense cannabis is used in sports


When engaging in physical activity – common side effects include building up of lactic acid in the muscles and inflammation. Cannabis has the potential to lower blood pressure that can help flush out lactic acid quicker – and obviously is very effective as an anti-inflammatory agent.


Not to mention that your cannabis helps regulate the endocannabinoid system. This allows your body to return to homeostasis quicker and can assist in making the entire experience more pleasant.


Researchers aren’t sure why cannabis consumers are more active. But for consumers 50-years-and-older, cannabis could help get them activated. It is well-documented that if you do nothing, your body will suffer – and the majority of Americans do not meet their daily activity requirements. In fact – according to the HHS website – 80% of Americans do not meet the guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities, and more than 80% of adolescents do not do enough aerobic physical activity to meet the guidelines for youth.


If cannabis helps people become more active – it could help many people who need physical intervention therapy.


Physical Intervention Therapy – when Exercise is medicine


I am a firm believer in always trying the least invasive method first. If you can achieve results with practical action – it should always be explored before any pharmaceutical option.


Physical Intervention Therapy is essentially a prescribed workout from your physician. Some of the things that make starting to exercise difficult are motivation and vitality.


Cannabis has shown to help boost vitality in users suffering from depression and according to recent studies – has a positive impact on the BMI of consumers.


If cannabis can help people get motivated to become more physically active – their health would improve. Considering that the #1 killer in the United States is Heart Disease – more cannabis could have a significant positive impact on the nation’s health.


How Cannabis helped me get healthier


When I first started smoking cannabis – I was honestly only trying to get high. However, as I matured – I began understanding how cannabis was helping me. Eventually – I stopped drinking heavily. I still have an occasional beer or wine or liquor, but I don’t “drink” it regularly.


I contribute most of this behavioral change to cannabis – which made me feel better than drinking. Drinking also started taking its toll on my body. I would get hangovers quickly. Sometimes while drinking.


In terms of activity – I have always been somewhat active. I like to go for hikes, swim, etc. I don’t know if I could attribute it to cannabis – but cannabis is definitely a companion on my excursions. Even as a kid – I would go to the mountains, camp and smoke pot with my homies.


Today – I spark a bowl, do some meditation and Breathwork – yoga, whatever I want – but I’m still very active. Cannabis helps me with recovery but motivation for being active is just part of a greater desire to –be as healthy as I can.


I firmly believe cannabis helps with that.


Cannabis Best Practices for Working Out


There’s no definite rules on the subject matter – but there are some obvious things we can take into consideration.

Don’t get too high before working out – It’s okay to take a hit or two – but you definitely don’t want to be too high to work out. Cannabis can be distracting in heavier doses – so stick to 1 or 2 hits before working out.

Have liquids on hand – of course, you’ll get cottonmouth – be prepared.

Edible after working out? I would say, you can smoke a full bowl or joint after working out – but if you really want to relax, take a mild edible after your workout.

If you’re working out in the morning – don’t eat an edible unless you have nothing else to do. Rather schedule the edible for the evening so you can completely relax and go into a deep recovering sleep.


Finally – cannabis is very particular to the individual. Everything I write here is meant as a “guide” but please listen to your own body first, and adjust accordingly.








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