cannabis kills coronavirus
cannabis kills coronavirus

Cannabis' What If Moment - The Coronavirus Pandemic and What If

What if cannabis cured or repressed the coronavirus to 20% potency?

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Thom Baccus on Wednesday Mar 18, 2020

Cannabis’ "What If" Moment – The Coronavirus

what if cannabis corona

The world is being shaken to its core with the current COVID19 coronavirus pandemic.  Super computers are now being used to look for drug combinations that might be able to help in the fight against this SARS like flu.  Those in the natural health space talk about zinc, cooper, and metals used to fight viruses and bacteria, and those in the cannabis space, promote cannabis as something that will at least make you feel better if you have flu like symptoms in your body.  While cannabis is not a cure or vaccine against the coronavirus, the immune enhancing properties of CBD, and the possible anti-viral properties of THC, can help the body in the fight against any pathogens that enter the body.  While more research is needed, we do know that a healthy endocannabinoid system is a good thing and that cannabis help promote a healthy and balanced endocannabinoid system.


But what if….


Could this outbreak have led to a full world-wide cannabis legalization? 


What if a rough study of cannabis came from Israel or Canada that showed that digesting the cannabis plant, in one of its many forms, led to the virus potency being cut in half.  What if the study was just done on Chinese hemp, of which China is a massive grower of hemp, and said large dosages of CBD derived from hemp caused the virus symptoms to be cut in half or recovery was cut in half with heavy doses of eating hemp or cannabis liquids or edibles? 


What would the US government have done, or will do if a study like that comes out tomorrow?  Right now the government is spending trillions of dollars to backstop the economy and stock market, sending floating hospitals off the coast of Los Angeles and New York, closing down all service industry jobs and companies, and Bill Ackerman, famous hedge fund operator says we aren’t doing nearly enough.


With everything being thrown against the wall, from doctors and nurses being allowed to work across state lines and retired doctors being reinstated within 12 hours, would a Trump lead federal government legalize cannabis?  Would the plant be immediately de-scheduled from the Controlled Substance Act and would the FDA tell everyone to start growing a plant and seeds were being shipped out asap to every American?


Possible, the people I asked thought that something of this magnitude would get it done.  Now, the studies have to be pretty impressive for something like this act of God coming from a Trump lead government to happen.  If the cannabis plant killed the coronavirus after 48 hours, then yes, it would be done and already before Congress and medical communities.  If a study came out and said that it helped with symptoms and took many aches and pains away, would that cause Trump to pick up the Bat Phone to the DEA and get it done immediately?  That is where the debate can commence.  We all agree that a cure or vaccine from the cannabis plant would immediately get the miracle to happen, but what about just helping with symptoms like achy joints, fever, and anxiety?


Take an aspirin or ibuprofen they would say, right?


Well, new information, that updates by the hour, says don’t give ibuprofen to people with the virus, especially kids, since it now shows that NASIDS like ibuprofen tend to agitate and irritate the virus.  Does cannabis as a glorified fever breaker get the federal statue changed, probably not with this Republican lead government.


Cannabis saving lives, cutting down potency of a pandemic, or speeding up recovery may actually get some Federal movement on the subject.  Things are getting done fast and on the fly right now, standard protocol is being thrown out the window for possible solutions, and once the hospitals are a max capacity, ideas such as legalizing cannabis and getting people on it may not be as crazy as it sounds today.


I write that sentence envisioning this historically important moment in a month’s time as the virus hit America full boar in the hospital ER and ICU units, but with the way this virus is moving, it may be closer to next week before more desperate measure are looked at.  What would need to happen in reality?  A report that could be backed by more and more people, ex-virus carriers preferred, that said CBD saved me and lowered by fever, virus cells, etc.  The ultimate choice would be cannabis and THC did this and legalization must be done immediately.  All growers are ordered to ramp up to as many seeds possible that could go in the ground within 24 hours.


The dream home run?  A user tests positive for the virus, uses tons of cannabis for 10 days, and then tests negative for the virus.  Is that even scientifically possible? No, I don’t think so as traces of the virus will stay in your system forever with the anti-bodies you created, but it is the dream home run video.


THC would have to player a major roll backed up by a decent amount of doctors to get the whole cannabis plant de-scheduled.  If is it just CBD boasting the immune system, then the government could go hog wild on just industrial and commercial hemp and hemp CBD.


It is a longshot for sure, but in these days of full world shutdowns and Marshall law looking possible, who is to say someone doesn’t release a cannabis coronavirus study that just gets it done.


Fat chance, but so was shutting down every mall, gym, and restaurant in America just 4 weeks ago.



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What did you think?

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