COVID-19 stoner stereotype
COVID-19 stoner stereotype

COVID-19 is Forcing Everyone to Live the Stoner Stereotype at Home, Will It Help Change It, Now?

Sitting around all day watching TV and eating snacks used to be a stoner thing, now it is an everyone thing.

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Apr 8, 2020

Covid-19 – The Stoner’s Apocalypse

covid19 and the stonerstereotype

For decades the stoner stereotype has been incepted into the hive mind of society. The basement dwelling, couch-surfing, T.V binging, Pajama-wearing, red-eyed drain on society known as “The Stoner” – a term stolen from alcohol-use – has been the “go-to-insult” for the establishment since the dawn of the drug war.


“Stoners” however, with people like Tommy Chong [who has been far too politically whiny as of late], reclaimed the trope and caricaturized the slur. Stoners became endearing side-characters in movies, TV shows and in a way became the counter-culture anti-hero.


The “Fuck-society-I’m-smoking-weed” persona sometimes were portrayed as having intelligence, but more than often the stoner was portrayed as lazy, slightly stoopid, and more often confined to a single space where they would spend the better part of their days not producing anything and living off the teet of anyone who is around to provide.


Well – despite all of the mayhem and misery that’s occurring in this world – it turns out that “being a stoner” is the best medicine against all of the shitfuckery floating about. Everybody in the world – in one way or another – is currently a stoner.


Lockdown dynamics


Most people these days are spending a significant time online, reading what their friends are up to, discovering new passions, learning about things. They are also spending a lot of time watching shows – and boy [or girl] – there are many!


Then – with the countless options of online and offline video-games, DIY projects, health and fitness programs – most people are staying in the same small area until this thing is done.


Oh – and of course, there’s probably a whole lot of loads being dropped and babies being made during this heightened state of anxiety and the inability to “move the energy” out of the body. So , for anyone with stock in Klenex – you’re making bank!


Nonetheless – what we can see happening here is that people are experience in a way what actually interested the stoner in the first place.


Understanding the Stoner – more deeply


Now that we’ve established that – for the duration of the apocalypse – everybody is sort-of-a-stoner. And as a temporary stoner – people are discovering that there is in fact a lot of benefit of “slowing down” and “looking inward”.


Of course, I’m not claiming that all stoner’s are like this – some are simply lazy people who happen to smoke weed. No – I’m talking about the real stoners. Those who could not “fit” into the social structure. The anti-status quo heroes that defiantly smoked weed when the rest of the folk mucked on about their lives, following their leaders to – well…today! How did that work out for you? Feeling safe yet?


Nonetheless – we’re taking a closer look as to “why” these cannabis consumers retracted from society and preferred to remain at their homes doing things they liked.


While I can’t speak for everyone, I can say that one of the main reasons why I don’t go out and engage with the “rest of society” is;


I’m not a big drinker – I can have a few beers or even get drunk every now and then. However, every now and then is probably once or twice a year. Let’s put it this way, I drop acid more than I drink and I don’t drop acid that much.

Looking for Substance – in most cases, the typical entertainment offered to us is very plastic. Pop music sounds like a wet-fart run through auto-tune, Hollywood hardly produces original content, sports has too much dogma and the “puritanical approach” simply doesn’t fit with my heathen heart.


From a personal perspective – I withdrew from “society” to make my own society. To connect to like-minded people and to explore the depths of my own consciousness. I find that most stoners – go through a transformative period when they start smoking weed.


This could be because cannabis helps induce neuroplasticity and alters the way we receive data. This intrinsically starts to reorganize the brain and as a result new interests, behaviors and so forth arise.


The main reason I withdrew from society after starting to smoke pot was – self-discovery. Who the fuck am I now?


The Pandemic of being alone with yourself


I think one of the biggest factors of this “pandemic” of fear is that somehow – everybody decided to play ball. Most people are huddled in their houses – spending an exuberant amount of time with themselves and with their families.


This – as far as I have seen – has had a positive impact on humanity. Perhaps – we were in a state of hypnosis, running forward without being aware of what we were doing. Perhaps – some elite deep state caused all of this to happen, hoping to scare people into a fascist state. Perhaps – mother earth is pissed and decided to make known that she is not amused.


Nonetheless – becoming a stoner seems to be the best medicine – at least in spirit. If you have some medibles on you – I say go all the way! Irrespective of the reasoning behind our current situation – I think it’s a good time to take stock and redefine who you are right now. Are you happy with life? Do you want something more?











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