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us government cannabis testing

Why the Federal Government is Inept at Growing Cannabis

NIDA Research Blocks Create God Awful Cannabis For Testing

Posted by Reginald Reefer on Monday Mar 20, 2017
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Why the Federal Government is Inept at Growing Cannabis


us government cannabis


We live in a world where weed comes in all shapes and sizes. The quality of our tokes have increased steadily over the past few decades and the industry standards in relation to cannabis is exceptional. Even street dealers are realizing that they have to up their game. The other day I called a “hookup” and he gave me my ounce in a vacuum-sealed pack with the flavor and odor profile well preserved. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and presentation.



We can’t say the same for the Federal government though. They deserve Cannabis Cup’s “shittiest weed on the planet” award. There is only one sanctioned place in the United States where it’s legal to grow cannabis federally. This is at the University of Mississippi through a program ran by the National Institute on Drug Abuse started in the 1970s. Yet despite the fact that the cannabis industry as a whole took giant leaps in developing more precise cannabis strains, effects and dissecting the cannabinoid profiles of the plants, the US government continues to live in the age of “Brick Weed”.


us government marijuana


As you can see in this picture, this does not look like weed but more like Oregano or Thyme or something. Can you imagine smoking this shit?



Not to mention, that the THC count of the weed the government supplies usually is around 8% despite the fact that they claim they are growing weed at 13% THC levels.



Why does this matter? Well, in the age of dispensaries where you can buy weed typically between 15%-25% THC and in some cases strains almost reaching the 30% marker, the difference in potency will have a lot of conflicting results from the population that consumes quality weed. For instance, in when you are treating cancer using cannabis, you need to intake a large amount of THC. In fact, cancer patients usually consume cannabis oils, which has a THC marker in the 90% marker.



Prohibition Prohibiting Good Research



The fact of the matter is that the low standards of the government weed is directly impacting research. Many researchers complained about this and despite promises from NIDA, the quality remains subpar. I know people who grow better weed in their closets with CFL lights. What I don’t understand is why federal growers simply don’t watch Youtube videos; there are years’ worth of content online that would greatly increase their growing techniques and results.






However, as in the case of every monopoly, the US government hasn’t had any competition for nearly 50 years in legally sanctioned weed production. While the industry evolved, they stayed in the 70s and have consistently grown weed that is outdated and can barely even pass for cannabis these days.



According to NIDA, the reason it looks so awful is because they freeze the weed and then ship it and according to them, the cannabinoids are preserved in the process. However, if this were true, researchers wouldn’t be complaining about the quality of the cannabis they receive from the institute.



For researchers, it would be much more convenient to simply go to a dispensary and purchase the cannabis they need, however they wouldn’t be sanctioned and thus the “trials” would not be “official”. And in there lies the problem. We’re getting a forced perspective on cannabis from the federal government in relation to research which isn’t an accurate depiction of the state of cannabis in the real world.



This in turn influences legislation and has dipshits like AG Sessions whip out the old Reefer Madness handbook and discredit decades of scientific breakthroughs in the realm of cannabis. Yet despite the fact that a $7 billion dollar per year industry is in full bloom, the government remains steadfast in their resolve to provide subpar cannabis to accurately assess the medical benefits of marijuana.



What’s the real reason the Federal Cannabis program is so shitty?



For those unaware of the true nature of cannabis prohibition, let me sum it up for you; Money! Why isn’t the federal government embracing legalization, outsourcing their cannabis production to professional growers adhering to industry standards?



Because cannabis is an important gear in the corrupt pharma-political-prison war machine that helps things run smoothly for the government. If cannabis is allowed to be explored fully for its medical benefits, without government interference, odds are that pharmaceuticals will see a drastic decline in profit margins.




If cannabis is found to be medically beneficial, prisons will see a drastic decline in population and the police would actually have to do some real work, you know, like catching real criminals. With fewer prisoners, the government won’t have a “free workforce” to create things for the federal government and the military; the two major buyers of prison-produced goods.



If cannabis ever becomes legal, laws surrounding the use, production and distribution of the product won’t give federal forces the legitimate right to steal your property and put it in their own coffers.



The Federal Marijuana program is merely a mirage, an illusion created to let those who are demanding advancement in policy the “hope” that the government is doing “something” when in reality they are gatekeepers that keep the advancement of cannabis sciences in check.



legalize cannabis president trump


This my friends, is why government weed sucks hairy balls and odds are that we won’t see a change in quality until we make enough noise to force their hand. That will happen when cannabis is rescheduled or completely legalized on a Federal Level.











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