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Cryptocurrency and Cannabis – The Great Disruptors

Cannabis Crypto Currencies and Bitcoin in 2018

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Jan 8, 2018
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Cryptocurrency and Cannabis – The Great Disruptors



The world has changed drastically over the decade. Arguably the two most innovative changes are cannabis and the introduction of blockchain technology. Today we’re going to be taking a look into how the world will change as these two ‘concepts’ continue to grow in popularity and as a result, will revolutionize the perception of autonomy in relation to the ‘individual and the institution’.


The World as we Knew It

Prior to the introduction of the Internet on a mass scale, the world was a very different place. Communication was difficult and information was held in the hands of the few. We accepted everything the governments told us as “truth” since we didn’t really have a way of disproving them if they were lying.

Since the internet was introduced, information became the commodity that liberated the individual from the dependence of the government. No longer did you have to simply accept their ‘truths’ but not have the ability to fact check, bounce off ideas with people from all around the world and truly sift through the truth and the bullshit alike.

I believe the internet was one of the greatest achievements of humankind.

Now, since 1997, cannabis made its first appearance within a legal-pseudo framework where people could cultivate for medical purposes. It didn’t take long for several states to see the benefit of legalizing cannabis for this purpose. And like that, the cannabis market was born.

Prior to 1997, while there was some support for cannabis from a handful of people, the public as a whole still considered it to be a “devastating drug” and in turn were arresting people like crazy, waging an unwinnable war and spending vast amount of money.

Slowly but surely the perspective of cannabis started changing. People started noticing that the medical benefits of the plant was desperately needed where pharmaceutical medicines have failed. Eventually, as more people started using it for medical purposes, a slew of medical benefits came to light.

Now the industry is worth billions and it seems there is no stopping it.

Prior to 2009, the financial world was heavily reliant on financial institutions that were heavily regulated by government agencies across the world. Then came Satoshi Nakamoto and introduced us to the blockchain and created an open-source alternative to the way we transfer money.

Since then, the way we exchange currency changed drastically.

I mention these points because we are at a pivotal time in human history. We’re standing at a crossroads and I believe that Cannabis and Cryptocurrency can alter the direction of humanity depending on how we as a society respond.


CryptoCannabis – The Great Disruptors

I felt it necessary to first paint a picture of the world prior to the social acceptance of cannabis and blockchain technology. Before, we were heavily dependent on external forces for our health, finance and security. However, with these great disruptors introduced into the fabric of society, this is no longer necessary.

With cannabis, we have an alternative to pharmaceuticals (in many cases) and we can reclaim our role within our own health. These organic alternatives to medicine allows the individual to become independent from the medical mafia that choke holds our health at every corner and charges us an arm and a leg for utilizing them.

60% of medical cannabis users are substituting pharma meds with cannabis for treatment and are seeing great results. When the veil of ignorance on cannabis is finally lifted on a mass scale, it will only be a matter of time until we start exploring other alternatives such as psilocybin, MDMA, LSD and so forth.

When this occurs, we’ll see a massive transformation in relation to how we heal ourselves through medicine.

Furthermore, the industrial applications of cannabis is still somewhat in the dark. We know we can make stuff with it, but only when it is actually implemented within society will we see a great change occur. We’ll move to more sustainable living, healing the planet we have scorched for centuries. Of course, the change will occur over time, however as we replace trees, fossil fuels, building materials, plastic for hemp…a new era of industry will be reborn.

And as the world moves towards more individual liberty, blockchain technology will begin to chip away at the financial infrastructure that holds our money hostage and charges us for every transaction we make.

As these disruptions continue, the individual will begin to realize that the ‘need for government’ is quickly becoming obsolete. We’ll begin to shrink the size of the government and automate many processes through similar technology. Society will outgrow the need to be governed by other people. Our technological infrastructures will create a system that cannot be swayed by political ideology.

This is the potential of where we are heading if we simply get on the train of progress.

On the other hand, we could head to a totalitarian framework cultivated by the very fear of change clinging to our political leaders as if they are our saviors and exchanging our freedom for a little security. Then working in the hemp fields might be a punishment rather than a prize.

Either way, big change is heading our way and the disruptors are heavily accepted by most of our global society. Let’s hope the first scenario wins the fight.




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