cannabis seeds with Bitcoin
cannabis seeds with Bitcoin

How Do You Buy Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin?

Can you buy marijuana plant seeds with Bitcoin?

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Joseph Billions on Saturday Dec 7, 2019

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin

cannabis seeds bitcoin sales

Bitcoin is an online currency whose value is determined by its demand and supply. It has now been accepted as a global currency having special advantages over normal currency, which is especially true in the area of making questionable transactions. It is fast becoming accepted as a medium of exchange for goods and services with the added advantage of being safe and discreet. This makes it an ideal currency for payment of cannabis products as many cannabis buyers find the privacy option it offers comforting.

Due to the growing legalization of cannabis in several countries, it has become increasingly easy to get access to it. The widespread use of the bitcoin as a means of exchange has made this even easier, as you can buy cannabis products with it and get it delivered to you. Also, the rapid development of the cryptocurrency industry has made bitcoins more accessible as bitcoin ATMs are springing up fast especially in some US cities with the majority of them being in cannabis dispensaries.


There are several advantages to the use of bitcoin as a means of payment for cannabis products, such as:

  • It is mostly cheaper as it eliminates the need for extra charges on your purchase.
  • It is a secure and very safe means of payment online as it doesn’t leave you open to manipulations.
  • Many vendors prefer this option as it is hassle-free and instant, meaning they can receive payment immediately.
  • It affords you complete privacy, eliminating middlemen, unsought attention or the need for bank involvement.
  • It leaves you free from the hassle of the fluctuating exchange rate and has the same value worldwide.
  • It is easy and convenient to use as you only need an internet connection and a means of purchasing the bitcoins.
  • You get to enjoy discounts on your purchase.


How to purchase your cannabis product with bitcoin


Many cannabis stores usually offer bitcoin as a payment option and all that is required is to set up a bitcoin wallet, fund it and make your purchase. Bitcoin wallets are just means of storing your bitcoins online like a conventional wallet, it is an online account where your money is kept for the purpose of making transactions. Setting up a bitcoin wallet for the first time takes approximately the same time as setting up your online banking system. After setting it up, it is then available for your use by funding it and using the funds stored in it for any purchases you wish to make.

If you already have bitcoins, all you need to do is fund your bitcoin wallet in the online store. However, if you’re using it for the first time, you can purchase bitcoins newly from a bitcoin exchange with your bank credit card first and then set up your virtual bitcoin wallet and then fund it.


All that is needed is for you to make your purchases, select the bitcoin payment option and get your goods delivered.


There are several ways to go about getting your cannabis products online with bitcoin, some of which will be listed below.


Online Stores

There are many online seed banks that allow you, especially if you’re a grower to order your cannabis products and pay for them with bitcoin and ship them to you while offering you a discount on the purchase. There are some online stores that cater mostly to users of cryptocurrency, accepting not only bitcoins but others also. These stores usually offer discounts and giveaways for those buying cannabis products with bitcoin.


Decentralized Markets

Decentralized markets offer a wide range of options to buyers, including cannabis for bitcoin. You can also use the search engine option to explore several options of purchase, payment, and delivery of cannabis products using cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin. Also, there are some cannabis distributors and delivery services online which can be usually accessed through dedicated search engines, that are beginning to become bitcoin-friendly.

Although their use has not become too widespread, however, there is hope that there will be an upsurge in its utilization. 


Bitcoin Debit Card

Just like a normal bank debit card, a bitcoin debit card is available for use in transactions with a lot of options available for you to choose from. All that needs to be done is to top it up with bitcoins. It can usually be spent anywhere in the world and be used for payment in places where cannabis is being sold legally.


Bottom line

Although bitcoin is being increasingly used, another cryptocurrency called Potcoin specifically targeted at the cannabis trade has been successful in gaining an inroad with cannabis vendors and buyers. It is a more preferred option for many as it is perceived to be less expensive and faster than BTC. It can be surmised that things can only become more interesting as the relationship between cryptocurrency and cannabis grows stronger, and for all cannabis lovers out there these aren't just interesting times, these are times that makes it so good to be alive!








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