Bask Dispensary in Mass
Bask Dispensary in Mass

Dispensary Spotlight on Bask - The MA Dispensary That Is The Cannabis Crush of New England and Beyond

Bask dispensary is becoming a favorite of people all around New England

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Laurel Leaf on Saturday Aug 27, 2022

Why Bask Dispensary is Worth a Visit!

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Bask, Inc., located in the seaside town of Fairhaven, Massachusetts is a locally owned and operated dispensary that has become extremely popular with traveling cannabis consumers both near and afar, creating a buzz far outside the range of what you might typically expect a small town dispensary to generate.

Travelers come from all over New England, New York, and New Jersey and many of them are on a journey specifically to visit Bask. With Massachusetts having over 400 retail licenses scattered throughout, these travelers drive past a whole range of other options on their journey.

Some loyal customers routinely trek from a couple of towns over and check online to ensure that their favorite products are in stock before making the journey.

As if that wasn’t enough to pique your curiosity, perhaps most shockingly, many of these travelers reportedly drive past other dispensaries who actually carry Bask’s line of products and strains, opting instead to go the distance and visit directly.

What Makes a Dispensary Great Anyways?

As legalization makes its rounds throughout various states and new retailers begin to crowd markets nationwide, it’s become more important now than ever to define what exactly sets apart one retailer from the next.

Some of the Main Factors to Consider Are:

  • Product Pricing, Quality & Overall Selection

  • Customer Service & Education

  • Business Practices (Sustainability, Community Involvement, etc.)

  • Overall Experience/Vibe (Is it like visiting a McDonalds or a world-renowned vineyard?)


So, How Does Bask Stack Up?

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First, Some Quick History…

Bask originally opened in 2018 as a Medical Dispensary, and was opened by locals with a reputation as experts in the medicinal-use field. Placing patient experience and product quality and cleanliness paramount, Bask flourished with the medicinal market as a place for safe access and good advice for both new and seasoned cannabis consumers.

Nowadays, Bask offers both Medicinal Use and Adult-Use sales, and has brought the same level of care and quality from the medicinal side to recreational.

(You can learn more about Bask & it’s leadership on their about page)

Serious About Conservation & Sustainability

Bask’s crop is sun-grown at its facility in Freetown, MA utilizing sustainable cultivation techniques, is free of harmful chemicals or pesticides, and features compostable or reclaimed ocean plastic packaging for products.

Taking it a step further, Bask composts their own soil and is, according to their about page, working on an irrigation system that runs on snowmelt and rainwater.

With this level of environmental awareness, Bask definitely checks the box when it comes to acceptable business practices and there are many businesses across all sorts of other industries that could take a lesson.

Top-Shelf, High Quality, Sun-Grown Cannabis

Conservation, sustainability, and clean products are huge factors for today’s discerning consumer, but quality and potency is as well. Bask does not disappoint in this department, and cultivates some highly sought after high THC strains like their bestselling Donny Burger or Bask LA Kush Cake.

And while these strains are clear cut choices for any dispensary to carry or cultivate due to their exceptional potency, they may not tell the whole story on why Bask is so popular.

High THC Isn't Everything, and Bask Has Seen This Firsthand

Donny Burger & Bask LA Kush Cake are current bestsellers, and if you are  simply looking to  buy an expertly cultivated high THC strain as many are, you will not be disappointed.

However as time goes on and we learn more, it has been abundantly clear for a while that there is more to cannabis than THC alone.  Both science and consumers are catching on to this — and Bask is home to a perfect example.

Bask Lemon Jeffery is humble in THC content compared to other strains available, clocking in at 20% THC - but has a loyal following of consumers who swear by its supposed productivity boosting effects which tackle chores and annihilate to-do lists.

Whatever unique combination of sunlight and cannabis craftsmanship Bask brought together to achieve its outstanding taste and supposedly mystical qualities is unknown, but it is clear this strain is a fan-favorite with a cult-like following.

This strain could easily be overlooked to the uninitiated, but those who are in the know can’t get enough, and if it runs out - people notice.


Customer Experience, Education & Approachability

With customers traveling past retailers carrying Bask’s products to pay a visit directly, there is something drawing customers in far and wide that goes beyond the product selection. This likely resides in the uncompromising approach to customer experience and education, which is arguably the best around.

Along with a friendly and welcoming environment for all, Bask has always been and remains a great place for those new to cannabis consumption to get steered in the right direction.

Bask takes the duty of consumer education as a serious responsibility and keeps a team of Education Specialists on standby who are extremely knowledgeable in all things cannabis. These folks are both approachable, highly experienced, and ‘in the know’ so to speak - so even the most experienced consumer may be able to walk away armed with some new or up-to-date information.


In Summary

It’s likely that there are a lot of factors in play that have led to Bask’s far-reaching success with consumers outside of the traditional shopping range. We’ve certainly looked at a few, but the only real way to know what it’s all about is to pay a visit.

Bask is located at:
2 Pequod Road
Fairhaven, MA 02719

And current hours are listed on the site as:

Adult Use/Recreational: 9am-9pm

Medical Use: 9am-7pm





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