cannabis is not enough
cannabis is not enough

Why Cannabis Isn't Enough - The Plant Is Many Things But Not a Cure-All for Life's Problems

What is and isn't cannabis can determine your experience with the plant

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Oct 26, 2023

cannabis is not enough

Cannabis has been one of my closest allies for almost 20 years now. We've evolved together - from reckless teen getting too high too often, to losing touch in my early 20s, to reconnecting as wiser adults appreciating the medicine in moderation. This plant provides such profound benefits, but also important lessons.

For a long time, weed was my everything. Spiritual exploration, creative inspiration, therapeutic relief - Mary Jane delivered it all. Through bloodshot eyes, life's problems blurred into chill acceptance. Cannabis alone felt like enough to thrive.

Or so I believed. But as responsibilities grew and society's pressures mounted in my 30s, cannabis's limitations became apparent. Because while it can free the mind, weed alone cannot free you from the unavoidable challenges of building a life.

The truth I've learned is cannabis acts as a tool and teacher, but not a total cure-all solution. It expands and enlightens, but excess dependence inevitably stagnates motivation and clarity. Pure hedonic escapism loses its luster over time.

Like any medicine, cannabis dosage and integration matter. used excessively without purpose, even joys lose their flavor. But treated as an occasional guide and respite, cannabis enhances the rhythms of sobriety beautifully.

My relationship with cannabis these days focuses on quality over quantity. I integrate respectful weekly rituals, not ceaseless habits. Cannabis enhances activities, it does not occupy them entirely. Moderation allows its magic to endure.

And cannabis no longer serves as my only tool for self-care and inner work. Practices like meditation, breathwork, journaling, and nature immersion now play equal roles maintaining balance. Community and human connection nurture me where THC cannot reach.

Cannabis alone is profoundly amazing, but not enough. Our own growth requires engaging life's trials fully present. Over-relying on any substance limits potential. But as one color in the paintbox, cannabis invigorates life's canvas beautifully.

This plant remains one of my closest allies for processing struggles, inspiring ideas, and appreciating the moment. But I've outgrown the fantasy of cannabis as a cure-all. Its teaching is to seek fulfillment and purpose beyond transient highs. Those deeper joys cannabis reveals within us await sober embodiment.

So I no longer ask impossible feats of Mary Jane. Our relationship matures into interdependence, not escape. In proper balance, cannabis awakens vital energies that empower me to then thrive soberly. The yin enhances the yang.

At day's end, inner peace relies not on perfection nor plants. It dwells always within reach by simply opening our eyes to life's gifts. From that place of gratitude, cannabis can enhance, but never substitute for, the essential human experience. We need only remember that which cannot be bought nor sold.

Taking Full Responsibility!

Cannabis can help process challenges, but relying on it to permanently solve problems or provide happiness often backfires. True empowerment comes from taking absolute responsibility over your internal and external worlds.

It's easy to blame issues on outside forces - bosses, spouses, society. But playing the victim disempowers you. Everything affecting your reality flows from within, consciously or not. You manifest circumstances through your beliefs.

Stoners often scapegoat weed for demotivation and complacency. But the plant carries no intent – you project meaning onto it. Cannabis just amplifies your pre-existing traits and tendencies. With intention, it can inspire or sedate.

But when life feels directionless, looking inward reveals the honest reason. Your circumstances reflect inner work still required, not external parties preventing your dreams. For change to manifest, you must radically own your role.

This means identifying areas of avoidance and taking accountability. Stop waiting for solutions to arrive from outside. You already possess every resource required for the life you envision - but activation starts from within.

Owning your power completely liberates because you cease seeking completion externally. You become source, not victim. But this freedom is unavailable unless you claim authority over all you perceive.

When cannabis seems to demotivate, embrace sobriety for perspective. Examine whether you've given power away by idealizing a substance over inner potential. Everything you need resides inside, but distortions arise when fixating on externals.

Don't avoid necessary lessons expecting Mary Jane to magically transform life alone. Strong foundations arise from integrating shadow. But you must take responsibility, not avoid reflections cannabis reveals about your psyche.

This personal accountability is challenging but incredibly empowering. You break free from victimhood when taking radical ownership of all circumstances, positive and negative. Wherever you are right now is the result of past consciousness. The present moment births the future.

None of this denies practical challenges exist externally. But you can only ever change reality by changing your inner state. When life feels overwhelming, lean into cannabis for insight - then act from renewed inner power with unflinching responsibility. No more blaming outside forces.

Owning your sovereign creatorship lets you consciously reshape each moment instead of feeling trapped. But manifesting requires brave self-examination, not blind avoidance. Everything wished away in clouds of smoke eventually demands sober reckoning. The difference is doing so from empowerment, not weakness.

Cannabis can inspire this inner reflection when used consciously. But lasting growth requires embracing sobriety and absolute responsibility with clear eyes, not foggy escapism. Stop limiting yourself by giving away power. The life you want awaits activation from within.

Recognizing Cannabis’ Place

Recognizing What Cannabis Is

Cannabis is an incredible plant, but making it the centerpiece of life leads to overdependence. The healthiest view understands cannabis as a multifaceted tool that can enhance activities, not replace them. It accompanies but is not the destination.

A good analogy is to a hammer. As useful as that tool is, you wouldn't elevate it to some holy grail. It remains just one implement among many for specific jobs. Cannabis plays roles, but isn't a panacea.

This plant acts as a lever that can amplify inherent qualities. Used consciously, it enhances whatever you direct its power towards. But unchecked, it turns defects up to 11 too. The key is intention.

Cannabis provides no healing itself - it simply assists your innate healing abilities. Any lasting benefits arise from the changes and insights you integrate afterwards. Don't forfeit agency to a substance.

Like any tool, its purpose depends on the craftsman. An artist may use cannabis as creative inspiration, while a relapser uses it towards stagnation. The plant has no motive - you reveal your subconscious through how it's applied.

It can spice up entertainment but cannot replace lacking fulfillment or excitement in your sober life. Smoking to amuse yourself when nothing else engages indicates an unmet need for stimulation.

Cannabis induces spiritual feelings but is not inherently spiritual itself. Those flavors emerge from your unique personality interacting with the plant. Enlightenment comes from within, not from matertials.

Full appreciation means acknowledging cannabis as ally on your journey, not the journey itself. Dependence on any external forces hinders personal growth. But integrated as occasional fuel along your path, cannabis can get you far.

When you forget it's just a tool, the tendency to overuse and avoid sobriety creeps in. Assigning mystical traits to cannabis often means not examining why you feel unable to cope without it.

But by recognizing its complimentary nature, cannabis finds its rightful place in your toolkit. Use it strategically to facilitate specific activities instead of chronically staying high.

This prevents making an idol of cannabis that restricts instead of elevates life. The difference lies in understanding it has no intrinsic healing properties itself outside of your engagement. Cannabis creates nothing - you manifest meaning through it.

The most skillful craftsmen view their tools thoughtfully. They select the best instruments for defined purposes and maintain mastery over implementation. Cannabis enhances many trades when respected as such.

So harness this ally wisely and cannabis will return exponential value. But making it the cornerstone of existence strips away its joy. The healthiest relationships maintain power over their tools, not become subject to them. Keep perspective.

The Sticky Bottom Line

At the end of the day, life is infinitely complex. Having any single focus become the sole source of pleasure, relief, or meaning leaves you vulnerable. Relying on one thing for everything inevitably limits possibilities.

The many challenges adulthood brings require an ever-expanding toolkit. What sufficed in youth no longer nurtures decades later. Grow or stagnate - evolution gives no other choice.

This journey has taught me cannabis alone could never fulfill every need. It remains a beloved companion, but fulfillment weathers all seasons through intimacy with oneself and others. This is the tricky work, not boyish escapism.

My intent here was to help fellow lifelong cannabis enthusiasts mature in their relationship with the plant. Let its magic endure by giving it space rather than making it your everything.

Cannabis is best honored through mindful moderation and openness to other practices. Integrate respectful rituals without obsession. Let it enhance natural joys rather than replace them.

Approached thus, cannabis stays a trusted ally for decades without dulling motivation or joy. The key is balance, wisdom, and understanding it is but one of life's delightful flavors, not the whole feast.

Over 20 years deep, my dance with cannabis continues better than ever. But now, our rapport is an interdependence nurturing my sobriety and community, not avoiding it. This is seasoning, not sustenance.

If new cannabis users embraces this measured ethos, you may blaze calmly and gratefully when you are my age too. There are always higher horizons ahead if you keep perspective. Excess is the only thing that renders poison.

So remember - life's purpose relies not on any one person, place or plant. Give your power to nothing outside yourself. YOUR inner compass points the only way through the wilderness. With practice, we learn to trust it.

May you never cease evolving in knowledge while retaining beginner's awe, and enjoy the sticky greens even longer than I! The journey of wisdom is just beginning...





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