Joe Biden and Big Pharma
Joe Biden and Big Pharma

Do Cannabis Legalization Efforts Reveal That Joe Biden is a Pawn for Big Pharma?

Many feel that President Biden is the deep pockets of Big Pharma companies.

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday May 4, 2021

Cannabis Reveals that Joe Biden is in the Pockets of Pharma

Joe Biden and Big Pharma

For those who are avid reefers…I mean readers of my work, you’ll know that my position on politicians aren’t of the “favorable kind”. The previous administration under the Great Orange may have been chaotic – but at least people knew what they were getting.


The Biden Administration positioned itself as the answer – but alas, they are but wolves in sheep’s clothing!


Anyone who’s even mildly ‘aware’ would respond – “Well, no shit!” but there are still many who cling onto the fantasy that “Biden will save me!!!”


Oh no my dears – Biden is not going to save you, and he’s not going to want to legalize weed. In fact, the Super Majority of the United states population is in favor of legalizing cannabis federally.


But not old Joe! Joe Hates the DEVIL WEED!


But unlike old man Jeff Sessions, the elf-on-a-shelf with an affinity of prohibiting people from doing “things” – who was simply an ideologue and a lackey of the prison-industrial complex – Biden is a different beast entirely!


Biden is in favor of “decriminalization” but don’t let these words fool you!


I’m going to cut through the political bullshit and tell you what these two tongued devils are REALLY saying.


You ready to remove the fluff?


“I support cannabis – but ONLY if it’s medical!”


One would think, “This isn’t so bad – I too believe that patients deserve safe access to cannabis”.


Then Joe hits you with this one.


“The president supports leaving decisions regarding legalization for recreational use up to the states, rescheduling cannabis as a Schedule II drug so researchers can study its positive and negative impacts and, at the federal level, he supports decriminalizing marijuana use and automatically expunging any prior criminal records,” she said. “He also supports legalizing medicinal marijuana so that’s his point of view on the issue.” (Emphasis Added)


Here’s the thing about a Schedule-II classification. Only Pharma would be able to grow and sell it due to the exuberant costs of dealing with Schedule-II substances.


These substances include things like cocaine and meth, which pharmaceutical companies use to fabricate their drugs that magickally become “legal” to use.


I have written before about how “Schedule-II” is a Pharma Coup on the Marijuana Industry to remove the crop from the masses and to once more make it a “controlled substance”.


It’s one of the many reasons why we should #NullifyTheCSA!


Biden doesn’t support the same type of medical marijuana you have in mind. He wants it to be entirely in the hands of his benefactors – Big Pharma!


What about his presidential pledge to release federal cannabis prisoners?


Okay, well – maybe Old Pharma Joe will at the very least show us the humanitarian side of his presidential campaign promises…setting the unfortunate victims of the War on Drugs free from their inhumane incarceration.


When a reporter asked the Press Secretary about this particular issue and…


Psaki said that would be addressed if cannabis was rescheduled to Schedule II…


Oh – so the freedom of people who have been incarcerated for a FUCKING PLANT needs to wait until it’s been decriminalized and placed in the sole care of Pharma?


Am I getting this right Joe?


“He’ll look at the research once that’s concluded,” she said. “Of course we understand the movement that’s happening toward it. I’m speaking for what his position is and what long, consistently has been his position. He wants to decriminalize, but again, he’ll look at the research of the positive and negative impacts.”


Biden is hiding behind the old smokescreen, “We need more research”. While this may have worked a decade ago – we have the research nowadays…and there is no need to keep it illegal on a federal level.


Hell, the Covid vaccines were rushed and administered to the entire world within the matter of a year but decades of actual hard data “needs more research?”


I don’t think so!


Well Biden…what do you have to say for yourself?


“Well, I would just take it as an opportunity to reiterate that the president supports legalizing medicinal marijuana,” Psaki said. “It sounds like this would have been applicable in this case, and of course decriminalizing marijuana use and automatically expunging any prior criminal records. In terms of individual cases, I can’t get ahead of those obviously.”


Oh…in that case, I’d like to just take the opportunity to reiterate that what you say and do have never been “consistent”.


Biden built his career by being “tough on drugs” and in doing so had to make deals with those who benefitted from prohibition.


Did you honestly believe that Biden is a “man of the people”? Middle Class Joe is actually Millionaire Joe!


 Shocked? Don’t be – it’s the same old same old


Americans are waking up to the reality that the rest of the world has known for – well – ever…government is not your friend.


Whenever there are people “championing” for the rights of the “lesser person”, it’s a subtle but devious claim that they are the “better person” or the “higher person”.


The truth of the matter folks is that these politicians could give two shits about you and me. If we can’t get them more votes and power – we are nothing but cogs for them to discard.


They will send your children to war and use their dead bodies to pave the roads of their industries.


Is this meant to make you feel better? Not really, this is more about pointing out that there is something fundamentally wrong with our views on society and authority. We live under an antiquated system that punishes individuals for consuming things that aren’t “sanctioned by the government”.


This is not the land of the Free anymore, it’s been hijacked by corporations that buy puppets to pretend to be presidents.


Almost half of the United States smoke weed, and the vast majority wants it legal. Perhaps it’s time we stop choosing left or right, and choose liberty instead. It’s obvious between this administration and the previous one that the system is fundamentally broken.


It’s time for a reboot – the dinosaurs must go!








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