cannabis suppositories
cannabis suppositories

Do Cannabis Suppositories Really Work Better Than Other Forms of Cannabis?

Do cannabis suppositories really work?

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Joseph Billions on Tuesday Apr 19, 2022

cannabis suppositories

Do you know you can take cannabis in through your back door? Hold up on the judgment!


If you've smoked, eaten, vaped, and topically applied cannabis, you've all but completed all the various ways of consuming weed. There's another "not-so-conventional" way of taking cannabis, and that's through your rectum or vagina. This cannabis consumption method is formally known as cannabis suppositories. This method is not very popular, but people fond of cannabis suppositories swear on their backsides that it works perfectly.


I reckon cannabis suppositories would have been more popular if groups of cannabis enthusiasts could have casually stuck weed up their bums in each other's presence. But that would be super weird. This trend is mainly done in the privacy of one's home.


In all seriousness, cannabis consumption is still evolving, and innovators in the sector are looking for more ingenious ways for cannabis to be consumed. Rectal cannabis may seem like a weird concept to most, but its pros far outweigh its cons, making it a fantastic way to feel the tremendous health benefits of cannabis. This is a comprehensive guide to understanding how cannabis suppositories work.


An Overview of Cannabis Suppositories

Cannabis suppositories are one of a few ways to ingest THC without getting stoned. When cannabis is put into the rectum or vagina, the body can absorb most of the potent therapeutic materials. The best part about this method is that the body is able to bypass the high that comes with THC.  Vaginal weed suppositories are a different product with different design intentions and effects.


Medical marijuana suppositories feel like a dream for medical marijuana patients who seek ways to avoid the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Many of these patients resort to CBD-based medications like oil or creams to avoid the stoned side effects of cannabis.


Research on Cannabis Suppositories

The research on this method of administering cannabis is limited. Most of the available data are anecdotal reports.


Dr. Mahmoud ElSohly, a pharmacologist and researcher at the University of Mississippi, is one of the lead investigators studying the rectal administration of THC. ElSohly disclosed that the commercially available formulations of THC cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream if cannabis is administered through the rectum or vagina. Instead, users feel a more localized, non-psychotropic effect in their middle and lower body areas.


A more recent study claims that THC-hemisuccinate, also known as THC-HS, is the only form of THC that is bioavailable in the rectum. According to Elsohly, this THC is unable to transform into a more psychologically potent variant because of its hemisuccinate ester origin.

In 1996, a study corroborated the reports that THC-HS contributes to the healing process. It alleviates symptoms like rigidity, pain, and spasticity without inducing an intoxicating effect.


Note that THC-HS is a laboratory-produced THC variant. It can only be produced with a license from the University of Mississippi.


The Pros of Cannabis Suppositories

The absence of intoxication is enough reason for most cannabis enthusiasts to consider this method of cannabis delivery. Suppositories have been available for decades. For decades, they were used to administer different types of drugs to patients. The pelvic area is home to hundreds of nerves that move up the legs and spine each minute. While the colon contains ECS receptors that reduce the main effects of THC.


Rectal ingestion of cannabis immediately activates the cannabinoids located around and within the colon. It is best for people suffering from hemorrhoids or acute inflammation in the lower body areas.


Rectal administration of cannabis oil is a preferable alternative for patients suffering from gut ailments. These cannabis substitutes relieve patients of the burden of having to take their prescriptions orally. You can also evade issues with palatability by bypassing your cannabis through your rectum or anus. Patients with esophageal and gastrointestinal tract ailments can seek relief with cannabis suppositories.


Who can use cannabis suppositories?

Any adult can use cannabis suppositories. Men can take it in through their rectums (anus), while females have two options: their rectums or vaginas.


Anal Cannabis Suppositories are used to treat hemorrhoids, inflammation, Crohn's, anal fissures, prostate conditions, restless leg syndrome, sciatica, anal fissures, digestive diseases, and post-operative pain. Men and women also report using these products as lubrication while having backdoor sex. On the other hand, vaginal suppositories are used by females to help with abdominal pain, cramps, endometriosis, vaginal dryness, inflammation, pre and post-coital pain, as well as ease menstrual pains. It's best taken before sex for relaxation and sexual enhancement.


Cannabis dosing through the vagina and rectum is not as straightforward as this article has made it out to be. A simple way to explain this would be the law of gravity. With regular consumption methods like taking a puff or swallowing a pill or edible, the cannabis material is being transported downward. However, with cannabis suppositories, the cannabis material defies the law of motion. There are still so many details to come to terms with this method of cannabis administration.


Cannabis suppositories are perfect for cannabis lovers who have no interest in getting ahead high, especially patients under the provisions of legal cannabis programs.


Under his medical officer's supervision, popular actor and comedian Tommy Chong (12 of the Cheech and Chong duo) regularly uses cannabis suppositories. Chong joked that the only weird thing about this method of administering cannabis is that the user feels a bit butt high.


Other Important Details To Note

Cancer patients still having chemotherapy sessions must not use cannabis suppositories. Dr. Bonnie Goldstein explained that chemotherapy results in thinned mucus membranes in the rectum and the mouth. Therefore, introducing a suppository to the area could cause a tear or expose the area to infectious bacterial cells.


On a lighter note, it's easy to make suppositories at home. If you feel shy about buying cannabis suppositories in the stores, here's a good option: With a few readily acceptable ingredients, you can make yourself a perfect cannabis suppository.


Finally, the concept behind cannabis suppositories is not to make people high but to bring healing to those in need. Cancer patients undergoing therapy can consider other forms of cannabis administration to deal with the pains of treatment.





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