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border patrol and cannabis

Do NOT Tell Border Patrol You Smoke Cannabis

Even Past Cannabis Use Can Lead To Trouble At The Border

Posted by:
Reginald Reefer on Sunday May 28, 2017

Do Not Tell The Border Patrol You Smoke Weed


I have recently read about several Canadians who were refused entry into the US for admitting they have smoked weed in the past. In one case, the person was banned for life from entering into the US, despite not having any actual cannabis on their person.



They simply admitted to have smoked recreationally in the past and for that reason alone, the border agents were like, “Well…fuck you, you ain’t ever coming into my country again…and yes, it’s legal in Washington (the state you wish to enter into), but Federal law says so…”



The question is, do these border agents actually have the authority to ban someone for admitting they smoked weed in the past?


What does the Law say about it?




You can look up the law online here. However, for those who will not click the link here’s the basic breakdown (and important points) of the INA Act 212. We’re going to be looking specifically at section 2. The important snippet to look at is a person can be barred for life for violating “any law or regulation of a State, the United States, or a foreign country relating to a controlled substance.” This applies to those “convicted of” such an act or anyone “who admits having committed” such an act.



This means that if you are a foreigner where cannabis isn’t legal, and you admit to smoking marijuana in this country, you have violated the “law” and admitted to it.



In this instance there is a legal stance for banning you from entering into the United States.



Of course this is a ludicrous law and an epitome of the stupidity of the drug war, however it is legally a viable option for border agents.



What do the Experts say?




Most experts say you should simply avoid answering the questions. However, when you’re being surrounded by border agents with their guns and dogs and fat bellies, then dodging a question like that looks suspect.



“I can neither confirm nor deny such an allegation” would probably be the best legal response to the question at hand, however if I’m ever asked…I’m going to lie straight through my teeth.



Fortunately, I have never been asked that question on the border, and even when I had weed in my shoe double plastic wrapped and doused with Febreeze. However, if at any time in the future I’m asked, I will first avoid answering and if pressured will lie like Pinocchio on crack.



Unfortunately, I have years of dealing with the cannabis industry. If you simply search my name and the word cannabis, you’ll get hundreds if not thousands of articles written by me about use and even a video somewhere.



This means that if the border agent were to simply search that on his or her phone, I’d be royally screwed if I lied about it. That’s why I would first avoid answering the question, however if all else fails…lie through your teeth!



How to avoid being targeted




Firstly, we must understand that the reason you might get asked this question is because you’re oozing “I smoke weed” from your apparel to the contents of your person. For instance, in the case of the Canadian who was banned for life, he had a weed related magazine in his back seat.



Not thinking that there would be any real consequence to him answering a question about an action he did in the past, he answered honestly.



So one of the first things you’ll want to do is scrub all “cannabis related content” from your person. Go through your phone and erase every single cannabis related picture you have on it. DO NOT BRING THE LATEST ISSUE OF HIGH TIMES with you. DO NOT wear weed related clothing.



The trick about crossing through the border is to look as “nice” as possible. You need to be an outstanding citizen of high regards and then border agents will simply be like, “Enjoy your stay!”



I have learned long ago to shed my “cannabis-alter ego” and learned to blend in with the “normies” of society. Why? Because I was tired of being profiled and questioned by the police and thought that if I blended in I would suffer less harassment. My hypothesis turned out to be correct and since I changed my image, I have never been accosted by cops.



It’s important to note that the United States Federal government still lives in the Feudal ages, wanting to control every aspect of your consumption. While we might not agree with their methods, we have to find ways to circumvent their rules and regulations.



I mean seriously, “have you smoked weed in the past” is truly not a justifiable reason to ban someone from entering into your country, but judging by the drug war logic…reason has never played a significant role in shaping policy.











What did you think?

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