cbd for blocking thc
cbd for blocking thc

Does CBD Counteract THC's Psychoactive Effects? (Does CBD Make You Less High?)

Can CBD counteract the stoned and high effects of THC?

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Joseph Billions on Sunday Aug 16, 2020

Does CBD counteract THC's psychoactive effect?

does cbd block thc effects

The cannabinoids that account for a large part of the medical and recreational uses of cannabis are very important if the true scope of the effects of cannabis is to be fully understood. Various studies and research are ongoing regarding the possible benefits that are domiciled in these compounds both medically and for the recreational use as well. Cannabis does not contain cannabinoids alone, it also plays host to other phytochemical compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids which have medical effects. They also play a good role in the taste and flavor of cannabis.

Two of the prominent cannabinoids in cannabis are THC and CBD. Both compounds play a huge role in the effects of cannabis. Individually, both compounds hold a good number of benefits and serve different purposes but as it is readily seen in many cannabis strains, the synergy between the two cannabinoids and other components provides an entourage effect that is more beneficial for the user. The ability of THC to give rise to an intensive and euphoric high is well documented likewise the relaxed and calming effect a cannabis user benefits from good levels of CBD.

A detailed analysis of CBD and THC

As earlier stated, THC is the cannabinoid in cannabis that plays a major role in eliciting the euphoric and intense high that many cannabis users appreciate cannabis for. THC has this effect due to its psychoactive nature via the endocannabinoid system at the CB1 receptors present in the central nervous system. This effect of THC allows it to pack a good punch in raising moods and increasing activity in users, one of the reasons why cannabis is said to have good activity in helping patients in depressed states.

CBD on the other hand is the second prominent cannabinoid which has a different effect compared to THC. Unlike THC, CBD is actually non-psychoactive and has a different interaction with the endocannabinoid system because it does not attach fully to the CB1 receptors and instead increases the activity of anandamide at the receptor. CBD also has activity at other receptors such as GPR55, PPAR, and serotonin receptors which all work together to give a good complex of beneficial medical activity that CBD elicits in the body. As a cannabinoid, CBD gives the user a calm, relaxed, and sedative effect which has necessitated the use of CBD as a separate medicinal product with little levels of THC.

When it comes to cannabis, it is important to have a good idea of the THC and CBD content of the strain as this information will be pivotal in determining the type of effects to be expected from the strain. The synergy between THC and CBD gives an entourage effect that allows the user to have a calm and relaxed high because the presence of CBD helps to remove the adverse effects that can come with the THC level. THC-rich cannabis can easily be used with CBD oil because the presence of CBD helps to increase the sleep function, removes chances of paranoia, anxiety, and memory impairment that may accompany high THC levels when used by inexperienced cannabis users.


Does CBD affect THC psychoactive nature?

Now that the difference between CBD and THC has been analyzed, the question on the effect of CBD if any on the psychoactive nature of THC can be faced directly.

The euphoric high expected from cannabis is due to the presence of good THC levels with respect to other cannabinoids to give the effect. To understand the effect of CBD on the ability of THC to give this elevated feeling, we will have to look at the effect of varying ratios of CBD and THC in cannabis.

At a ratio of 1 to 1 for THC and CBD, a cannabis strain is expected to give the cannabis user a perfect blend of a relaxed and calm high devoid of adverse effects. When the CBD level is doubled and the THC level still remains the same, the user still experiences the high from THC but the effects are more relaxed due to the increased CBD levels. When the CBD and THC ratio is elevated to as high as 20 to 1 in favor of CBD, the cannabis user experiences a good and relaxed feel but is not exposed to the high that regularly characterizes cannabis.

This goes to show that the interaction between CBD and THC as it pertains to the psychoactive effect of THC largely depends on the ratio of the two cannabinoids present. When there is an even balance in the ratio of the compounds, they show a good blend, and the effect of THC is clearly seen but at very high levels of CBD, the psychoactive effects of CBD are greatly reduced.








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