thc or cbd for your body
thc or cbd for your body

CBD or THC - Which One Suits You Better?

Do different body types and personalities respond better or worse to CBD or THC?

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BehindTheWaves on Friday Aug 14, 2020

CBD and THC – Which One Suits You? 

thc or cbd for your body

Given the increasing popularity of cannabis in all of its forms, it is expected that most of us will eventually have to choose between CBD and THC – be it for medical or recreational purposes.


Some of your friends may recommend hemp flower & pre-rolls, but you wouldn't know if that particular product/s are a good fit for you, your needs, and your lifestyle.


Why? Well, it's because, although CBD and THC behave mostly the same within our bodies, they do come with several different reactions that make each one special.


Let's take a look and see which one suits you better!


The Basics of THC


THC is, in broad terms, the part of the cannabis plant that is responsible for the high that one usually feels when smoking it. It is a psychoactive element, and for many, THC makes cannabis what it is.


This element works in a rather simple way. Our body can naturally produce a couple of neurotransmitters – namely the 2-AG and anandamide – that help it modulate our habits related to eating and sleeping.


THC is known to emulate those neurotransmitters and slightly interfere with our habits.


It is also worth mentioning that THC is quite illegal, so to say, for the time being. According to the federal laws of the US, any product derived from hemp with a concentration of more than 0.3% THC is illegal. The situation may be stricter in Europe and other continents.


However, you shouldn’t worry about such things if you are legally allowed to use THC for medical purposes - such as those described below!


The Benefits of THC


Just like CBD, THC comes with plenty of medical benefits.


First and foremost, the psychoactive element of the cannabis plant is mostly known for promoting relaxation and for preventing aggression in individuals. This is why we may see people suffering from bipolar disorders, and such usually rely on THC, to avoid pills.


On top of that, THC also promotes digestive health and can help people suffering from several conditions – such as chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and those under chemotherapy.


Most notably, THC was shown to significantly alleviate the symptoms of people suffering from PTSD and Parkinson’s. A reasonable number of studies have been conducted on this topic and the results were always positive.


THC may also be more potent for some people, as it affects a wider array of neurotransmitters than CBD. For example, people with violent outbursts or seizures caused by a medical condition may find CBD not as helpful in preventing such conditions. In that case, they usually rely on THC for a much stronger and lasting effect.


The Basics of CBD


CBD comes with a different atomic structure compared to THC – hence it lacks the parts that could give one the high. This non-psychoactive product is usually found in medical cannabis and also in agricultural hemp.


Unlike THC, CBD is mainly used for medical purposes and rarely for recreational ones. In fact, CBD's only recreational purpose would be the improvement of stress levels, over a certain period, but unnoticed.


CBD helps you, your body, and your mind, but you'll rarely notice its effects unless you are using it to fight disease or a condition that has you in pain. Its effectiveness is showcased by the multitude of people that use products containing CBD every single day. Single moms or dads use it to lower their stress levels. Also, people working in stressful environments use CBD to boost their workflow and efficiency. Last but not least, CBD treatments for babies and pets suffering from various conditions are also in place, and they come with little to no risk at all.


The Benefits of CBD


Like THC, CBD can help with chronic pain – some say that it does so better, probably because some people do not enjoy the high, especially if they're a certain age.


Furthermore, CBD was shown to improve several other conditions, from certain types of sclerosis to epilepsy, Parkinson's, depression, anxiety, chronic stress, ADHD, and so on.


CBD reacts with some receptors in our body and, in basic terms, makes them less tense. The best example of proper CBD use would be in people with Parkinson's or PTSD. After a small dose, persons suffering from Parkinson's would be able to hold a spoon and eat independently, while prolonged doses would end the bad dreams and anxiety of those suffering from PTSD.


Furthermore, unlike THC, CBD is pretty much widely available. This means that almost anyone could get their hands on hemp-derived CBD products. In fact, some American states don’t even require a prescription or such. With fewer and fewer laws restricting the use of marijuana, cannabis, and THC, we can expect to see them in a more open market in the future.


Things to Consider


Naturally, deciding between CBD and THC is not that easy. There are a lot of things that have to be taken into account before you buy a hemp-derived product. For example, keep in mind that both CBD and THC can be inhaled as vapors, can be consumed in beverages, eaten in the form of edibles, and so on.


Now, if you plan to use such products for medical use, then you should definitely consult with a specialist beforehand. If you do so, you’ll get the best out of a THC/CBD product, as a specialist will know which one of them is better for you.


Also, when it comes to THC, don’t think that you’ll enjoy its full benefits only if you smoke it. In fact, some sources suggest that THC-infused gummies and edibles are often more potent than the usual vapors. Moreover, edibles are a great choice if you don’t want a smoking habit to kick in.


Final Thoughts


In the end, it all boils down to whether you want something treated and how you want to treat it – or you just want to relax. Purely recreational use may have you choose THC.


However, if you're worried more about just your stress and anxiety levels, then CBD may help you much more than short sessions of THC-induced high. This is because CBD will boost your mood and probably make you more sociable as well, unlike THC.


Last but not least, keep our advice in mind! Namely, if you want to use CBD or THC products for recreational purposes only, then make sure they’re legal in your country/state. If you want to use them for medical purposes, check with a specialist before making any purchases.








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