marijuana and sexual appetite
marijuana and sexual appetite

Does Marijuana Increase or Decrease Your Sexual Appetite?

Does getting high get you in the mood or turn you into a couch potato?

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Chiara C on Friday Nov 13, 2020

Does Marijuana Increase Sexual Appetite?

marijuana and sex while high

When it comes to the relationship that exists between marijuana and sex, nothing is absolute because a lot of people have different opinions on the impact of marijuana during sex. Some believe that marijuana can help improve sexual appetite while others doubt its ability to do so. What does science say about this relationship? Does marijuana play a role in enhancing sexual appetite? Does it affect men and women in different forms? Read on to find out!

In this article, I'll extensively talk about the relationship between cannabis and sex. I'll also give out some tips that will help you better understand weed and sexual desire, and how to derive the best effects from the combination of both.

Marijuana and Sex

To fully understand the interaction that exists between marijuana and sex, we must look at it from different angles. The first is the psychological approach. As we all know, cannabis contains THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids that serve various functions including the relief of anxiety, provision of an energy-filled euphoric feeling, and so on. These effects all play a role in enhancing sexual performance. By reducing pressure and performance-related anxiety that accompanies sexual activities, cannabis can take your sex life to another level. Cannabis removes your restrictions and inhibitions thus increasing your sexual appetite.

Another way to analyze the relationship between cannabis and sex is through biology. Peter Barsoom, the founder of 1906 (a popular cannabis company) is one of those that belief that the role that cannabis plays with sex has to do with the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system contains several receptors that deal with pain, relaxation, and pleasure. These receptors are modulated through the cannabinoids that are present in cannabis; so by consuming cannabis before sexual activities the receptors of the endocannabinoid system are stimulated thus making the experience much more enjoyable.

Barsoom also spoke on the history of marijuana as an aphrodisiac in different cultures. Throughout history, marijuana has been used as a therapeutic agent for boosting sexual health. It was used as a potent aphrodisiac in India until the seventh century, and ancient records also show that marijuana played an integral role in Chinese and African cultures as a potent aphrodisiac.

All these further shows the extent of the long-lasting relationship between cannabis and the bedroom.

Marijuana and Female Sexual Health

The relationship between cannabis and sexual behavior is specific to gender. Several studies have been conducted to show the uniqueness of the relationship between cannabis and sexual behavior of both sexes. Extensive works of research reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine compared women who used cannabis before sex and those who did not. The results from the research showed that women who used cannabis before sex had twice the likelihood of reaching orgasm compared to those who didn't. The results from the research also showed that women who used cannabis before sex had an increase in the level  of intensity of sexual activity. It should be noted that a similar study conducted to validate these results also came to the same conclusion. It was also shown that women who used cannabis tend to have a stronger urge for sex than those who didn't.

Sex therapist Lawrence Siegel also spoke on the complex interaction between sex and cannabis. She stated that THC targets a part of the brain in females that boosts sexual arousal. Studies suggest that cannabis strains with a good amount of CBD can make sex more enjoyable for women that feel pain during sexual activities. Cannabis opens women to several pleasurable sensations that play an immense role in making sex a wonderful experience.

Different forms of cannabis can be used to achieve these effects during sex. There are several topical creams, ointments, and lubricants that give the desired effects. Forla Awaken and Privy Peach are examples of CBD-based lubricants that are used by a lot of women.

It should be noted that CBD-based lubes can also be used to deal with vaginal dryness, a very serious issue that deprives the majority of women of the experience of a pleasurable sexual encounter.

Marijuana and Male Sexual Health

The relationship between marijuana and sex for males has also been extensively studied. The facts are reported in the same research by the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The study shows that men who consume marijuana before sex also experience an increase in the level of sexual intensity compared to those who didn't. Another important factor that plays a major role in the activity of cannabis in males is coital activity. The study shows that the use of cannabis increases coital activity. Cannabis also removes restrictions and performance anxiety in men.

Cannabis strains rich in THC give men a boost in energy, improves mood, and induces great euphoric feelings, all which greatly improves performance. However, unlike in women where the impact of cannabis on orgasm is defined, there is still a need for more studies to show the relationship if any, that exists between weed and orgasm in men.

Pro Tips on Cannabis and Sex

Now that the role cannabis plays in the maintenance of sexual health has been fully described, here are some pro tips on how to get the best results. These tips can serve as a guide to ensure you derive the best while using marijuana to improve your sex life.

Pick the right strain

When it comes to cannabis and sex, the potency of the effects derived is highly dependent on the strain used. As we all know, there are two major types of cannabis that both give unique effects. The sexual effects gotten when a Sativa strain is used is expected to be different from that gotten from an Indica strain.

A Sativa strain gives a huge boost of energy with a perfect balance of euphoria that increases the level of sensation derived from sex. Good examples of potent Sativa strain that induce deep sensations of sexual pleasure are Shining Silver Haze and Sour Diesel.

Indica strains remove anxiety and promote relaxation. This eases tension and calms the nerves of users thus allowing them to deeply enjoy sexual activities. A good example of a potent Indica strain to use is Kali Dog.

Method of consumption

There are different ways of consuming cannabis and when it comes to sex, the method used matters. Smoking and vaping are common ways of consuming cannabis that are very compatible with sex. However, edibles might not be advisable for your sexual activities. Edibles have a longer onset of action, meaning that it takes longer periods to get the needed effects, and as we all know sex is an activity of the moment. So it's best to choose a method that delivers the needed effects quickly.


The dose of cannabis used must be properly modulated to ensure that the right effect is produced. Excessively high dosage can produce undesirable results, and ridiculously low ones may not be sufficient. So to get the best experience, the dosage has to be perfectly balanced.

Bottom line

There will always be questions regarding the relationship between cannabis and sex, but regardless of where you stand on how large the role of weed is, a fact that can't be disputed is that weed plays a role in improving sexual appetite.






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