Colorado Decriminalizes drugs
Colorado Decriminalizes drugs

Drug Possession No Longer a Felony in Colorado - A Big Victory for Humanity!

Colorado de-felonizes all drug use as humans begin to take care of each other in need

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Mar 10, 2020

Colorado De-felonizes All Drug Use – A Big Victory for Humanity!

colorado decrimalizes

On March 1st, Colorado decriminalized all drug possession to misdemeanors showing the rest of the United States that “it’s okay to be an adult when it comes to drug use”.


As reported on Mary Jane;

HB19-1263, the law that effectively defelonized drug possession in the Centennial State, was designed to encourage harm reduction; reduce law enforcement costs; and keep people out of prison for nonviolent, victimless crimes. This means so long as an adult is caught with a small amount of any drug — whether it’s cocaine, LSD, shrooms, ecstasy, ketamine, or even meth — the worst they’ll face is a misdemeanor charge. That will usually mean no prison time. But fines, short jail sentences, and probation are still on the table. – [Source]


This is actually some of the better news you’ll receive this week – especially if you live in Colorado. However, it also shows us that there is a trend to sensible drug policies occurring. Colorado has always been a more progressive state in terms of drugs, especially since they were one of the first states to legalize cannabis recreationally back in 2012 along with Washington.

The Colorado cannabis model is also one of the most successful in the nation, with significant growth – good distribution of funds and so forth. Of course, the system is not perfect – but compared to many of the other systems being utilized around the world – Colorado is leagues ahead of everyone else.

It is something that should be celebrated by every individual on this planet who believe that they have full autonomy over their bodies and minds. Especially in a world where the push for more government control is always present.

It should serve as an example to others that it is possible to coexist in a world where ADULTS consume drugs.


Why YOU should advocate the same where you live!

One thing that Colorado has shown us consistently is that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE if you do it locally. While it’s totally okay to be aware of global issues – the reality of the situation is that you are geographically tied to a specific location. Getting involved and making the right changes where you are will have a far greater impact on the world than excessively sharing alarmist content.

Colorado has shown us for many years now that organized local effort can create real change if you’re willing to invest the effort to re-educate those around you.

It should be something that we should all take to heart. Instead of hoping for change to occur on a large scale – what can we do about it now? When you have enough like-minded individuals pulling towards a unified direction – the government would be forced to take heed.


Why decriminalize all drug use?

Surely – heroin addicts are a plague to society? That is if you argue it from a statistical point of view – meaning, zero empathy. However, if you suddenly place a face to the “heroin addict” – like…your grandma or sister or friend – it suddenly stops looking so “plague-like”.

The thing is – heroin addicts are only a scourge because current government is inadequately capable of properly dealing with the root cause of the addiction which typically derives from trauma, lack of purpose, socio-economic configurations and a host of other complicated issues.

For the government calling them “addicts” and throwing them in jail is a far simpler solution. It’s akin to sweeping the dust under the carpet. The problem doesn’t go away – it just “looks cleaner”.

The fact that Colorado is undoing these draconian laws means that people are finally realizing that being addicted makes you the victim and not the criminal. Even if addiction is a “circumstantial-disease” it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a disease.

Nobody wants to be addicted to heroin or meth – nobody likes it when their teeth rot and fall out. Nobody likes to be seen as “the scourge of society”.

In fact – being seen as the “scourge of society” only serves to pile some more guilt on the victim, similar to blaming a sexual assault victim for wearing a particular shade of lipstick.

And buried under the semantics of politics – the real issue only continues to fester and grow, corrupting healthy parts of society with unhealthy habits.


Get involved – do some research – make some change!

I hear people always talking about “This ain’t right!” and “We’ve got to do something about this!” I agree – DO SOMETHING!

It’s time we stop sharing and start mobilizing. It’s time we realize that we are only as oppressed as the agreements we make. We have the ability to change the terms of agreement. This is because the “Government is using our services” and not the other way around.

We should be in fear of being arrested when we fall victim to circumstances – we should be welcomed and lifted up to become an integral part of the system. It is up to each of us to make the change because those grey-faced twats on capitol hill do not have you on their agendas.










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