flash frozen weed
flash frozen weed

Flash Frozen Weed? - The Guide to Fresh Frozen Cannabis

What is fresh frozen cannabis and is it better to smoke?

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Chiara C on Sunday Feb 12, 2023

Understandably, storing your newly harvested cannabis in the freezer may seem strange or even dangerous. But did you know that some leading cannabis growers freeze their buds right after harvest? Discover how this process can elevate your yield quality.


What someone told you to chill your cannabis? It sounds unconventional, right? But read on. By placing your freshly harvested buds in airtight bags and sticking them in the freezer, you skip the time-consuming drying and curing process. And you get to keep the precious terpene and cannabinoid profiles intact, leading to top-notch cannabis extracts.

Is it possible to freeze cannabis?

Believe it or not, cannabis can be frozen, just like any other product. But why go through the extra effort? You might think it's just a matter of preservation, but dried and cured buds can last for over a year, although the THC potency decreases with time.

The real reason for freezing weed is to create top-notch extracts. By locking in the fragile cannabinoid and terpene profiles of freshly harvested buds, the freezing process sets the stage for premium extract production. This safeguards these volatile compounds and maximizes their presence in the final product.


Why Freeze Weed?

We've established that freezing cannabis is a huge advantage for commercial growers and home cultivators. By bypassing the curing and drying process, growers can enjoy the results of their hard work much sooner. But that's not all - this fresh frozen approach also safeguards vital cannabis compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids. After all, these components make growing weed worth it in the first place!


Unlike cannabinoids, terpenes are delicate, volatile hydrocarbons that can quickly deteriorate after harvest. They're sensitive to even small temperature changes and light and oxygen exposure. The conventional drying and curing process, which takes a minimum of one month, often subjects buds to conditions that harm the terpene profile. On the other hand, cannabinoids are slightly more stable but still suffer from the same environmental factors.


Terpenes play a significant role in the distinct aroma, flavor, and overall experience of each cannabis cultivar. They're also directly involved in the psychoactive effect, with some even impacting the endocannabinoid system, which is affected by THC and CBD. The entourage effect theory suggests that these fragrant compounds may enhance the effects of specific cannabinoids, making them more potent.


By freezing cannabis, you minimize exposure to conditions that could alter its phytochemical makeup. Quickly harvesting the buds and placing them into a sub-zero environment safeguards these precious compounds before extraction.


What is needed to make fresh, frozen marijuana?

Getting started with fresh frozen weed is a breeze and doesn't require much work or specialized equipment. The basic setup can be done with items commonly found in most households. But, if you want to achieve the best results, you can invest in some additional equipment. Here's a list of what you'll need:

  1. Fresh buds: Opt for the freshest flowers possible and aim to freeze them on the same day of harvest.

  2. Scissors: Cut the buds from the plants and trim away the sugar leaves with scissors. You can use regular kitchen scissors or invest in ergonomically curved trimming scissors.

  3. Freezer: Clear out space in your freezer to make room for your weed. You don't need anything fancy unless you plan on freezing large quantities.

  4. Plastic bags: Pack the buds into food-grade plastic bags like turkey bags.

  5. Vacuum sealer (optional): Vacuum sealing your flowers before freezing is unnecessary, but it can improve results. These machines remove air from bags, allowing you to store more weed in a smaller space while excluding oxygen, which can cause terpene degradation.


How to Freeze Weed

Let's get started on the journey of fresh, frozen weed! To preserve the potency of your terpenes, follow these simple steps using the necessary supplies.


Step 1: Careful Harvesting

The big day is here! Set aside some time to focus solely on harvesting. Use sharp scissors to clip buds from stems and place them in a convenient container. Be delicate in handling the flowers, preserving the trichomes. Grab the stems instead to avoid sticky fingers and to lose precious resin. Consider wearing disposable gloves for added comfort.


Step 2: Start Trimming

After you've harvested your buds, it's time to trim away any excess sugar leaves. This can be done carefully with scissors, snipping off the small leaves surrounding the flowers and collecting them in a separate container. Don't let these little extras go to waste - you can use them to make kief or even a potent sugar leaf tea.


Step 3: Package Your Buds

Time to prepare your buds for the freezer! Place each trimmed flower into a food-grade plastic bag, filling it to about 75% capacity. Gently press out as much air as possible before sealing the bag with a clip or a knot. For an extra layer of protection, consider using a vacuum sealer. This device removes the air and ensures your buds are securely packaged and ready for freezing.


Step 4: Chill Time!

It's finally time to store your freshly trimmed buds. All you have to do is place the bags of cannabis into your freezer, ensuring the temperature stays at a chilly -18°C. So long as you've packaged your buds properly, they should be good to go for as long as you need them. Enjoy the convenience of having frozen flowers ready to use at a moment's notice!


Step 5: Allow Time to Chill

The hardest final step is waiting. Give your buds the time they need to freeze completely. It takes at least 24 hours, so be patient. Avoid opening the freezer or handling the bags too much to preserve the quality of your fresh frozen weed.



What to avoid when making fresh, frozen cannabis?

Fresh frozen weed can only be successful if you avoid common pitfalls. To ensure your trichomes stay intact, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be gentle: Avoid shaking or dropping the bags when removing your frozen buds from the freezer. Trichomes are delicate, so handle them with care!

  • Use immediately: Only take out the frozen buds when you plan to use them immediately. Thawing them for too long will harm the precious phytochemicals.

  • Don't rush: You can't press fresh frozen weed, as it's full of water. First, make bubble hash before making any packed products.

  • Check for airtightness: Small holes in vacuum bags can cause problems, exposing the buds to oxygen. Check your bags for any defects before using them. Stay chilly to achieve maximum potency!


Fresh frozen weed is the ultimate way to preserve the potency and flavor of your cannabis buds. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can ensure that your weed stays fresh, fragrant, and ready to use whenever you're craving a delicious and potent smoke. So, gather your supplies, get harvesting, and let's get frosty! Whether you're looking to create top-notch concentrates, enjoy a flavorful vape, or have a solid stash for later, the sky's the limit when it comes to fresh frozen weed. Stay frosty and get ready to get blazed!





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