freezing marijuana, good or bad?
freezing marijuana, good or bad?

What are the Pros and Cons of Freezing Marijuana?

Should you freeze your cannabis or keep it on the shelf?

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Joseph Billions on Monday Feb 3, 2020

Pros and cons of freezing marijuana?

pros and cons of freezing marijuana

With each passing year more and more ways to utilize cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes are being discovered. But while the majority are fixated on the numerous benefits cannabis offers they overlook a crucial aspect that can never be overemphasized, the proper storage of marijuana. Cannabis is basically like any other plant and once harvested, if it's not stored properly it would be of no use to anyone. The art of properly storing cannabis is one most people have neglected for far too long and what most don't realize is that properly storing your cannabis is the key to long term success as a cannapreneur, and if you just want to enjoy the recreational benefits of the plant good storage techniques won't just save you a fortune but also enhance your experience and take it to a whole other level.

There are several effective techniques currently being employed in the cannabis world to maximize and lengthen the shelf life of harvested cannabis. Some techniques are better suited for flavor and quality while some are more effective in the maintenance of scent and other features like smell, taste, etc. And of all the storage methods currently available, the method I'll be talking about in here is the act of freezing marijuana. Below I'll drive through what it entails, the pros, cons and a brief summary of other storage procedures you can employ to keep your cannabis at peak condition.


A closer look at the storing of marijuana

The storage of marijuana is a delicate process, to get the best result, you have to maintain the right conditions of temperature, humidity, light, among others. The process of effectively storing cannabis is all about handling the basics, if you can effectively do this you'll find effectively storing cannabis to be a relatively straightforward process. The basics of cannabis storage that you should take note of include:

After cannabis is cured, to maintain it's quality low temperatures should be employed. Although the temperature shouldn't be too low as that could impair the plant's potency. Research suggests 50-60° to be the optimum temperature.

Cannabis loves the dark

Molds and powdery mildew tend to grow on the cannabis in conditions of 77°F or higher.

The temperature should be relatively cool as too high temperatures aren't good for the essential oils and texture of the plant.

59%-63% is believed to be the optimal level of humidity required.


Freezing of marijuana

Following the harvest of cannabis plants, drying and curing are carried out, and this usually takes about a month. Following the successful completion of this process, the cannabis is at the peak of its powers ready to be utilized. But in most cases, consumers have more weed than they can use so the only other option available is to store the weed and most people opt for the method of freezing.

The technique of freezing marijuana is carried out by carefully arranging cured buds into airtight containers and placing them in the freezer (the coldest areas). This method is relatively simple and straightforward and can be carried out by anyone. The principle behind this method is that the cold temperatures will preserve the growth of microbes on the plant and also prevent it from aging. And although this method has its advantages a lot of experts advise against it because of its downsides, but what exactly are these disadvantages? Read on to find out the pros and cons of freezing marijuana.


Pros of freezing marijuana

A  couple of the pros of this method include:

It is cheap to practice

It doesn't require much technical training or expertise

It delays decarboxylation

It helps prolong the THC compounds in the plant.

It is believed to be the most efficient method of storing cannabis solely for making bubble hash.


Cons of freezing marijuana

It reduces the quality and efficiency of the trichomes in the plant (trichomes produce cannabinoids and terpenes).

Irregular freezing temperatures can cause rot of the cannabis buds either as a result of heat, humidity or fluctuating freezing temperatures.

Once weed becomes freezer-burned recovering the weed at premium quality is an impossible task.

If carried out ineffectively molds and other microbes could grow on the buds rendering them useless.

It renders trichomes brittle and rigid which makes the fall off due to the slightest of touch or contact.

Excessively low temperatures have also been linked with drastically lowering cannabis potency levels.


Taking the pros and cons of this method into consideration you can decide if it's a method you can employ or not. Most experts advise against it as there are other safe and easier methods that can be employed to store your cannabis buds and maintain their quality.


Alternatives to freezing marijuana

Based on successful works of research, the best and most effective way to store cannabis is in airtight jars kept in a cool and dark area. It's paramount that the jar is placed in a place that sunlight can't get to it because it has been shown that UV light causes cannabis degradation which impairs its quality. To get the best results from this technique, the humidity levels in the jar should be closely monitored with a hygrometer to make sure optimum conditions are maintained at all times. Glass jars that repel UV rays can also be used to improve the chances of success.

The majority of people make use of several other methods like refrigeration or storing in plastic containers and cardboard. But research has shown that these methods aren't good for preserving the quality of your cannabis buds. Plastic containers, unlike glass ones that have a neutral charge, have static charges on their surface and this attracts trichomes causing them to stick to the container surface which reduces the potency and overall quality of the cannabis over time.


Bottom Line

The importance of properly storing your cannabis cannot be stressed enough. With the right storage technique, you can maintain the quality and potency of your buds for at least 6 months. Store your buds in dark, frictionless, cool conditions and see it last a long time.








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