do we live in a maturing society
do we live in a maturing society

Ganja Theories - Do We Live in a Maturing Society or Just the Opposite?

Can we live in a mature society and what would that look like?

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Feb 7, 2022

maturing society or no

A recent poll found that most Americans would not have a problem with a politician who openly smokes cannabis.


With a total of 58% of Americans saying that they would not have a problem with a politician who smokes cannabis as long as they share similar values. There was a higher acceptance within Democrat voters, but even within the Republican Camp a near 50% said that they wouldn’t mind. This made me wonder, “Is our society maturing?” Are we able to venture into a new era of humanity where we will allow people to exist without our preconceived ideas about how life “should be.”


In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at society and seeing whether indeed we are maturing as a species, or whether we’re still behaving like wild animals albeit with some funkier toys. So sit back, spark up that cannabis and let’s take a deeper look at today’s Ganja Theory – “A Closer Look at a Mature World”.


Drug Use is Normalized


In a mature society, we have acknowledged that the individual human is the ultimate authority when it comes to their body. This means that they have the full autonomy to consume anything they deem fit. Of course, within this society they recognize that the individual isn’t fully “mature” until about the age of 25 and so, perhaps would raise the legal age limit to the age of 25. However, a mature society would also know that by prohibiting access to 18 year olds they make them more vulnerable to experimenting without understanding – increasing potential risks.


Therefore, this mature society would teach kids about drug use and consider things like sugar and coffee as drugs as well. They would elude to the fact that the human fully develops only up to about the age of 25, and therefore would highly recommend that people would abstain from consuming up until that age threshold, however – would not make it illegal for anyone 18 and older to experiment with any drug they choose. After all, if you can die for your country at that age – you should have all the rest of the freedoms that come with adulthood.


You can legally buy sex…


While Virtual Reality would take up a large chunk, a mature society realizes that since the individual is ultimately responsible for their own well being, and have full authority over their body – this extends to being able to turn their bodies into goods in exchange for money. Prostitution is legal and regulated. Sex workers have rights and they have free medical coverage. This is because in a mature society we understood that you can’t stop this from happening, but you can reduce the inherent risk to the sex workers as well as the clientele. In this mature society, buying a blowjob is as easy as buying a Coffee.


You can legally kill yourself…


While Suicide is deterred at every level, it is also recognized as your fundamental human right. The right to “opt out” will be granted to people who are suffering, especially those with incurable conditions. However, the right is also extended to those who simply want to opt out of life. However, they would have to complete an assessment from a licensed professional who would try to help them resolve their issues prior to executing their last will.


This allows people to dictate what happens to their material objects and good after they are gone. While completely a morbid practice, the fact that it’s out in the open allows people who are considering suicide to go to a place where they can seek help. If all else fails, then they are granted the legal right to end their existence.


Are we Maturing?


The fact that there is a shift in drug perception would indicate that indeed we are maturing as a society. But then again, if you simply hang out on Twitter for an hour you’d realize that there are many people who have absolutely no inclination to mature their thinking.


Personally, I believe that there is a portion of society that is maturing. They are learning to evolve their value systems, reassess who we are in a modern world and change accordingly. Then there are people who are regressing back to a tribal system. They are finding people who vibrate at the same level of thought as they do and opt to destroy anything that doesn’t fit within their model of reality. As a result, there are currently two opposing forces trying to pull humanity in either direction.


While this clash goes on, it’s anyone’s game to which side the pendulum will swing. However, I also do believe that the majority of society (on a global plain) are indeed moving to a more mature, accepting, and inclusive reality. We can see this with the advancement of same sex rights, women’s rights, the advancement of minority groups and the recognition of the individual rights on a mass scale. However, there are still certain elements of humanity that wish to drag us back into Feudal systems.


This isn’t a coordinated event, but rather a consequence of our technology and our philosophy. The world is driven by consumerism, or at least was driven by this predominating thoughtform – however, people have also opened up their eyes to their own actions. These days concepts like “Ethical buying” motivates buyer choice and as a result, it is changing how corporations are doing business.


Corporations, up until the “woke movement” were predominantly focused on maximizing profits at any cost. However, consumers are no longer willing to float the “ethical bill” to “whatever it costs” and as a result things like renewable energy sources, alternative means of business, and fair treatment of workers have all received more emphasis over the years. This isn’t to say that these same corporations are doing these changes to maximize profits – but due to consumer response they had to change their approach.


So yes, we are sort of maturing in society – but there’s a whole lot of tantrums going about these days too…and a tantrum is a sign of immaturity.


What do you think? Are we more or less mature than 20 years ago?





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