Gary Chambers Jr blunt commercial
Gary Chambers Jr blunt commercial

Stoned Politics - Is This What an Honest Politician Looks Like?

Gary Chambers, Jr. goes vira after lighting up a blunt in his campaign commercial

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Jan 25, 2022

Gary Chamers Jr Blunt

The corporate media lost their collective shit when Gary Chambers Jr released his ad for running for the Senate. The spot entitled, “37 seconds” begins with Gary Chambers sparking up a big phat blunt and his voice over saying, “every 37 seconds someone is arrested for possession of marijuana…”


He continues dropping truth bombs like, “since 2010 State and local police have arrested 7.3 million Americans for violating marijuana laws…”


All the while he’s smoking a big fat blunt in a blue suit sitting on a leather chair in the middle of a field. As he continues to rant off stats, he ends off his ad with “most people arrested aren’t dealers but rather people in possession of small amounts of pot…like me!”


And with that he does his mic drop, “I’m Gary Chambers and I approve this message!”


And boy did he hit a note with stoners everywhere. It turns out, simply being honest about your cannabis use these days can gain a lot of momentum.


I’m certainly rooting for Mr. Chambers who would be the first Senator who would be an openly declared cannabis consumer…which would definitely set a precedent.


The Rise of the Common Man


We’re living in a time where it has become painfully obvious that there are two tiers to society. The Elite Class, which include Big Industry and Government, and the rest of us. No longer can you deny the sheer overlap between major corporate interests and high political figures.


Hell, people began investing based on the trends of Nancy Pelosi and started making bank because it seemed that “Nancy knew something that the rest of us didn’t”. This is something that is frequently the case and even though there are “laws” against this kind of action – the elite has found a way around it all.


Politicians and their families often make investments prior to the changing of a law – which by any other standard would be considered “insider trading” – but for some reason politicians are void of abiding by these rules.


When it comes to wealth, you only have to look at how many people in Congress and the Senate are millionaires. Compare this to the rest of the population and you can see that Congress and the Senate are essentially playing by different rules than we are.


There is no longer any room for denial on this and so, when people like Gary Chambers take the opposite route, we see an immediate response from the population. This is also why Donald Trump won – not because he’s amazing, or smart, or an outsider – but because he was a different flavor of insanity and people were simply too tired of the same old corporate bullshit.

Thus, when people who are real begin to step up the rest of society begins to fall in line. The “people” begin to give them their allegiance, they are willing to go “above and beyond” simply to oppose the status quo.


We have reached a point in society where potentially there could be a rise of the “common politician”. A new breed of people who are going to rise as a direct result of the corporate ruled political class we are seeing these days.


Of course, this could generate problems when figures like Trump hijack the momentum of honest players, but perhaps it’s time that individuals everywhere begin to drop their fealty to a party or a “side”, and rather to raise their eyes to higher ideals.


To stop voting democrat or republican, but to look at the principles of the individual candidates. Perhaps it’s time to completely fragment the two party system and embrace a multi-party democracy, where people can be represented more accurately.


Perhaps this is where Chambers still played it too close to heart. He’s running on the Democratic Ticket. This might give him a stronger chance at winning, but what happens when you make it to the Senate? Then you’ll begin to feel the influence of the “Democratic Party”, especially when it comes to voting for “Partisan policy”. Even if you aren’t 100% in favor a particular item in a policy, if your party wants it passed – you best shut it and vote “ay!”


Some people might try to argue that this simply isn’t true, but unless you have lived under a rock for the past few years – the fact of the matter is that politics is so “tribal” these days, that the individual has to play ball or be ostracized from the group. This is the nature of these kinds of political associations.


Nonetheless, I think Gary Chambers will be the first of many of these kinds of politicians to come over the coming years. Potentially, we might even begin to see people from different walks of life and ways of believing step into the limelight.


For example, it’s only a matter of time until someone with a fluid gender identity or a completely different ideology becomes a political figure. However, I think people are ready for more authenticity and hopefully the extreme tribalism over the past two years will give people pause to think – “Maybe we can do better?”


As for Gary Chambers, I do hope he wins. I don’t know his politics, but the mere fact that he had the balls to smoke a blunt in a blue suit while sitting on a leather chair in the middle of a field deserves the recognition.


What do you think? Do you think there is enough space within politics to allow people of different backgrounds to take charge? Are we doomed to this two tier political system, where the elite gets to do whatever they please and we are forced to play by “plebe rules”?


Let me know in the comment section and if you’re in Louisiana, spark one for Chambers!








What did you think?

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