How Do You Get Cannabis-Infused Semen? - New Study Looks if THC is Present in Sperm Tests

How Do You Get Cannabis-Infused Semen? - New Study Looks if THC is Present in Sperm Tests

While they find traces of THC in semen tests there are no conclusions being drawn over the trace amounts

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Jun 4, 2020

How Do You Get Cannabis-Infused Semen? - New Study Looks if THC is Present in Sperm Tests

cannabis infused semen sperm study
One Study thinks – MAYBE!

When it comes to cumming – we don’t have a lot of research on the effects of THC on semen. There are a few studies that suggest smoking weed may “lower sperm count”, but these results haven’t been able to spare horny stoners the unfortunate surprise of ‘accidental knock-ups’.

A recent study from Harvard Medical School attempted to find out whether or not THC could be detected in semen samples from 12 participants and found detectable levels in 2 of them. One metabolite of THC managed to make it to the semen after being processed by the body. Yet within the same report, the “levels” of semen were insufficient to be analyzed.

This means that yes – they were able to detect a single metabolite of THC in the Jizz, but that it was so insignificant that they couldn’t analyze the sample.

Nonetheless – their discovery of the metabolite within the semen is newsworthy. But why would the researchers want to sift through a Bukake worth of jizz in the first place?

Turns out that “Men of productive age” are the most prevalent group of cannabis consumers making up 19.4% of the total pie. Their motivation however wasn’t to prove whether or not cannabis consumption is good or bad, but rather “was to determine whether THC can cross the blood-testis barrier.”

They could observe this in the case of 2 subjects out of their 12-subject group.


Who were the subjects?

To have the highest probability of success – the study had to employ the service of “regular, long-term marijuana consumers”. In other words – they needed to borrow the fist-pumping wrists of stoners willing to donate their ‘boys’ for science.

All participants indicated they had used the drug between 25 and 30 days of the last month, and most said they had been regular consumers for at least five years. “Consequently,” the team said, “our study findings cannot be generalized to include ever users, light, or moderate users of marijuana.” - Source

While the research team was able to detect 0.97 nanograms per milliliter & 0.87 ng/mL respectively in the two subjects – they had no idea why.

After factoring several different variables, including urine analysis, body mass index, age, time since consumption, and so forth. It only deepened the mystery. What made these two stoners different than the rest of them? What type of weed are they smoking on the regular? The researchers weren’t after these questions and thus recommended other researchers to start asking those questions.

As these particular group of researchers simply were aiming for a “Proof of Concept” – they were only after demonstrating detectable levels within semen post-consumption.

“It is puzzling that some, but not all, semen samples tested positive for THC,” the study says. “There were no obvious factors that were strongly associated with detectable semen THC; thus, we can propose a few predictors of the presence of THC in human semen. Future directions (of research) include identifying characteristics that may affect semen detectable THC levels.”


What does this all mean?

Right now – these particular groups of researchers aren’t willing to jump to any conclusions. As they mentioned that “Evidence linking marijuana to reproductive outcomes is scarce and to date, often conflicting.” This is at least a genuine position and should be the accepted approach for most cannabis studies.

For the scientific community the relevance of how cannabis affects fertility - at least for the purpose of this particular study - is a matter being able to quantify a detectable level to be able to “study the effects of cannabis on the human body”.

“Since THC can be detected in the seminal fluid of some individuals, this might provide a direct method of measurement (rather than relying on self-reporting marijuana use, which is subjective and potentially unreliable, or serum levels which only reflect recent exposure) to bridge real-world clinical studies with the prior staged studies in which THC was directly incubated with washed sperm.”

“The ability to quantify cannabinoids in human reproductive tissues and fluids,” they conclude, “gives us the capability to directly study the effects of cannabis on early human reproduction.”


What does this have to do with you?

For now – absolutely nothing. This is just preliminary studies laying the groundwork for other researchers in the future. Nonetheless – there are some things that you can take away with you.

During the study – the researchers had to “wash semen” and that’s something that researchers do. Perhaps frequently. So as you go about your day looking at all the chaos unfolding around you – remember that there are some people….probably right at this very moment…washing semen for science.

While your day might not be what you are expecting right now – at least you’re not washing semen.  











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