grow lights on cannabis profiles
grow lights on cannabis profiles

How Do Your Grow Lights Influence the Terpene and Chemical Profile of Your Marijuana Plants?

Does your grow light choice influence what kind of makeup your cannabis plants will have?

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Karhlyle on Wednesday Mar 31, 2021

How Do Your Grow Lights Influence the Terpene and Chemical Profile of Your Marijuana Plants?

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The goal of every cannabis cultivation process is to produce plants with adequate yield in terms of volume, cannabinoid profile and overall quality of the plant. This has made different cannabis growers look for different ways to modulate and improve on the techniques of cultivation. Improvement of cannabis cultivation relies on utilizing the best factors in the best way possible to give the desired result. One of those factors is lighting, and this has made many cannabis growers question possible ways in which lighting can be modulated to give desired results. Read on as we look into ongoing works of research on how much of an effect lighting has in terms of influencing cannabinoid profiles of cannabis plants.

A closer look

With the growing interest in cannabis cultivation to meet the increasing demand for the product, works of research has grown considerably. There are different factors that can be modulated to improve cannabis cultivation. Lighting is known as one of the important factors that determine the overall quality of the products, and the cannabinoid profile. For that reason, lighting has been identified as a possible factor that can be modulated to give better results in the cultivation exercise. Different lighting strategies have been adopted because studies predict that the more the precision of the lighting used, the better the results of the cultivation process.

Lighting as a factor towards improved chemical profiles

The importance of lighting with respect to cannabis cultivation cannot be overemphasized especially in terms of medical marijuana. For patients that are using marijuana for medical purposes, it is important that the cannabis plant exhibits the same cannabinoid profile for every dose the patient takes. This means that it is important for every yield of the cultivation process to have the same cannabinoid profile. This ensures that the patient does not get different medication doses which can lead to therapeutic failure. Consistency in terms of cannabinoid profile is also important because it helps a physician determine possible agents that can cause therapeutic failure or unwanted reaction.

Different cannabis dispensaries are rising to meet the need for consistency in terms of the cannabinoid profile of cannabis plants in the industry. One such dispensary is the Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation Center, which is the first of its kind in the state. The cannabis dispensary is solely committed to providing cannabis plants of consistent cannabinoid profile for medical marijuana patients. The CEO of the firm, Morris Denton explained how much their patients and customers appreciate the reproducibility of their cannabis products from dose to dose. The firm is working with Fluence by OSRAM to determine how much influence light Spectra has on crop yield, quality, and chemical profiles. The result of this is to understand how the light effect can be optimized.

The goal of this partnership and research according to Fluence Senior Scientist Dr. David Hawley is to enable cannabis as a medicine. The firm aims to produce cannabis plants of consistent quality to help clinical research determine the full scope and extent of the capacities of the medicinal herb. Light spectra have been identified as one of the environmental inputs that play a pivotal role in chemical profiles. The next step for the Lighting Company is to discover what type of light is the best light and what modifications need to be made to delight to sponsor and facilitate consistency of the cannabinoid profiles.


How to optimize light in cultivation

There are different types of questions to ask in terms of lighting and possible modifications that can be made during the cultivation process. Should one type of light be used throughout the cultivation process? Should multiple lights be introduced for different reasons? Should the intensity of light be changed from side to side? All of these are different questions aimed at discovering the right conditions for which lighting would provide the best results for cannabis cultivation. This is the basis of the research done by Doctor David Hawley and the rest of his team of scientists at Fluence.

Research has also shown that proper lighting can improve yield and increase cannabinoid profile, while improper lighting can bring disastrous results to the cultivation process. This is why Fluence is carrying out series of researches while also controlling other factors such as water and nutrients to discover how lighting interacts with other factors to produce the best yield. The results of these modifications are then optimized to ensure reproducibility.

Importance of research into effects of lighting

The partnership between Fluence and Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation Center is bound to give relevant information to stakeholders in the industry.

It serves to help farmers know the best type of light to use with different training and pruning methods aimed at optimizing cultivation.

It also helps to promote researches that are ongoing towards the clinical effectiveness of cannabinoids and terpenes. This will eventually be a huge milestone for the cannabis industry as it removes the issues of probability in terms of cannabinoids and effects.

The research into lighting and its effects on chemical profiles also help to ensure that the goal of the cultivation process is not defeated. If the right lighting is not used in a cultivation exercise, the yield can be devoid of necessary cannabinoids in the desired quantity. This eventually results in products that are unable to give elated psychoactive effect thanks to THC and calmness which is promoted by CBD. The absence of these effects defeats the purpose of using cannabis either for medical or recreational purposes.

Bottom line

Lighting affects the chemical profiles of cannabis plants to a large extent. This has made lighting one of the target factors that can be modulated to get desired results in cannabis plants. Gone are the days when little to no research is done on getting the best out of cannabis cultivation. In the world we live in today, extensive works of research are being conducted regularly to determine the most effective techniques to get the best out of cannabis plants.








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