flip flops on Biden
flip flops on Biden

How Joe Biden Conveniently Flips His Past History on Marijuana, Asset Forfeiture, the RICO Act and More

It must be nice to just say that the past doesn't matter and just move on

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Mar 13, 2020

Biden Conveniently Changes his Stance on Marijuana in order to get a larger house.

biden flip flops

If it was up to me – I’d dissolve most of the government, keep only the most necessary elements and implement a Chaocratic System which according to Peter J. Carol is defined as follows;

Chaocracy is a political system that surpasses democracy! A legislative body is selected by random means. This body contains people of all sexes and ages. A civil service will advise this legislative body. One half of those chosen will be replaced by random means every few years. – [Source]

While I did link to Urban Dictionary – the real source is PsyberMagick by Peter J. Carol. Though people might jest at the idea of chaocracy at first – if the conditions of the population were correct, it could be a very interesting experiment.

However – for now this idea is mere fiction, unlike the “shit show” we have for reality. The democratic model where we “elect” our leaders to govern us.

With the 2020 elections only a few months away – we’ll only see an increase in political covering. I will continually be checking out what each candidate has to say about weed specifically. I will not advocate to vote left or right – I will simply talk about what is best for weed.


Biden is the Father of Asset Forfeiture

The reason I write this is because a recent Forbes Article outlined how Joe Biden was “frustrated” that people still thinks cannabis is a gateway drug.

This of course because he has historically held that position where in 2010 he told ABC; “I still believe it’s a gateway drug. I’ve spent a lot of my life as chairman of the Judiciary Committee dealing with this. I think it would be a mistake to legalize”.

And while it’s unfair to hold a person to ‘things they said in the past’ and to accredit that ‘that’s how they are now’ – we cannot ignore his actual impact on the war on drugs, minority communities and swelling the police state to what it is now.

In fact – if one is able to commit such atrocities in the past and simply say, “I no longer believe those things”, is this all you need to be vindicated?

Would it be cool if Cosby did the same? Oh no? Not the same thing? Well – I disagree and here’s why!


How Biden Cosby-ed Minorities

Right now – don’t be fooled by “uncle Joe” and his bullshit. He hides behind being “Obama’s VP” when in reality he has caused so much devastation to minorities – he should not even be eligible to be in any office of any kind.

The reason I say all of this was because Biden was the one who took the RICO Act – which was originally only meant to go after the Mafia in the 1970s – and introduced it to the war on drugs. For those unfamiliar with RICO laws – it essentially states that in the case someone used a property/asset to commit a crime – that it too can be seized by the government.

When this was expanded into the drug war – something like “having a single plant of weed in your house” could lead to the cops seizing your entire house. In fact, if someone else grew that plant on your property – the cops would still be able to take your property because a crime was committed on the property.

This is called Asset Forfeiture and Biden was the Sponsor! In 2018 alone – the Treasury Department’s Forfeiture Fund saw nearly $1.4 billion in deposits.

You might argue – “Reginald, but those are assets taken from drug cartels and dealers!” however, this is not true.

Here’s a snippet from the website Civil Rights Doc in relation to the unconstitutionality of asset forfeitures;

  • A recent series of articles by The Washington Post chronicling the issue found that “of the 400 court cases examined by The Post where people who challenged seizures and received money back, the majority were Black, Hispanic or another minority.”
  • Despite making up 43 percent of the city’s population, 63 percent of Philadelphia cash seizures each year involve money taken from African Americans. African Americans account for 71 percent of innocent Philadelphians who have cash seized each year.
  • Asset forfeiture takes place in situations where minorities are often targeted by police because of racial profiling. According to a study by the ACLU, in “traffic stops, airport seizures, and drug arrests...minorities are hardest hit.

In essence, Asset Forfeiture is something that has given the police a legal right to steal cash and property and allows local law enforcement to keep up to 80% of what they steal.

This means that those who are meant to “serve and protect” can – “take your Lambo” because “crime”.

This – was Biden’s doing.


Why Biden Should Be Outed

I personally don’t believe that we should tolerate this kind of flip-floppery. You wanted to be “tough on crime” Biden at the expense of minorities. You wanted to “show your federalism” by giving law enforcement a legal right to steal cash and property from the population paying their salaries.

It’s irrelevant whether you believe cannabis is a gateway or not. If that was the only thing you would have been guilty of – it would have been cute. But no – Billions of Dollars stolen from the people, millions of people in jail because of your policies, millions of families forever altered – and you think we should vote for you.

That’s like a Rapist asking his victim to make him some lemonade to cool off after all the raping he’s been doing.








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