efficient marijuana grow
efficient marijuana grow

How to Build an Efficient Indoor Cannabis Grow Facility

Expenses can be high at indoor grows, so how do you make them efficient?

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Joseph Billions on Thursday Aug 19, 2021

How Do You Build an Indoor Efficient Marijuana Grow Room?

efficient marijuana grow room

As the value of the marijuana industry increases, so does the demand for top quality cannabis products. Cannabis growers have recognized the vast potentials in the market and are reshaping their facilities not just to produce better products but to do so more efficiently. 


The keyword here is “Efficiency” because the heightened demand is not only for cannabis products but for QUALITY products that match the competition. So if you are keen on building indoor growing facilities, you’ve got to focus on creating an efficient operation base. 


Yes, building an efficient indoor growing facility costs a lot of money, especially the recurring electricity bills. However, regardless of the size of your growing facility, if you work on energy reduction, you can have lesser bills. 


Expert weed growers advise that when setting up, you should consider having an energy-efficient grow room, and these five factors should be your priority: 


Prioritize the details from the beginning

If you are a first-time grower, it is expected that your excitement at undertaking this project may compel you to make some hurried decisions. But before making such rushed decisions, pause, take time to consider all your proposed expenses and be careful with product selection. 


Don’t focus only on profit generation (if you are commercializing your indoor grow facility). Focusing squarely on profit generation may prevent you from paying attention to all the set-up process you need to implement to create the best facility.


So pausing to reflect and critically think at the start will save you lots of time and money in the long-run. For example, decisions like adding insulation or updating what you currently have (if you have any), criticallly strategizing to lower your energy expenses, and so on.


It should  be noted that it is okay to delegate some responsibilities at this stage, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about the delegated roles. Building an efficient indoor grow facility means being efficient from the decision-making process until final execution. Thinking and mapping out everything from facility to power and equipment choice will boost the efficiency of your indoor growing space.


Space out your location

Sometimes growers overestimate the space they require to grow, and this is a crucial area where efficiency can be improved. You’ve got to plan all aspects of your space before planting. Consider the space you will need for your plants based on the amount of marijuana you want to grow. 


The recommended space is four large indoor crops placed on every square meter and nine moderately sized yields per square meter. The vegetative space should be one-third of your overall planting space. 


Also include walking space, space for watering and pruning the plants, as well as where you will keep your gardening tools unless you’ve got external storage. 


Consider lighting options

It is always challenging to choose between several lighting technologies available today. However, the majority of growers prefer to use LEDs especially during the plant’s vegetative stage, it wouldn’t need intense lights, so you can save money at this stage by using LED lights. 


But things change at the flowering stage, and LEDs will no longer be efficient, so you will need HPS lights which may incur more costs. It should be noted that there are cheaper options; some of these alternatives include LECs and CMH. Please weigh the pros and cons of each lighting option before making a purchase. If you get the lighting system right, it can boost the efficiency of your indoor grow facility immensely.


Water and humidity

In some American states, water is affordable, and drought is not a significant concern. Still, for the sake of energy, it is always better to test and maintain a watering plan. Avoid overwatering (even with abundant access to water) because it is the fastest way to wastewater.


Also, understand the amount of water your plants will need indoors, and if you can, it will be better to automate the watering process in your grow room. Consider where the water also goes after it leaves the marijuana plant, as all fertilizer run-offs must be correctly disposed of.

Don’t leave the humidity of the indoor facility to chance; any humidity system out of control will encourage odor, pests, mildew, and mold, which will ravage your crops. Dehumidifiers are your best bet, especially the ones made explicitly for grow rooms. 


Although these dehumidifiers utilize a lot of energy, you may have to purchase energy-efficient ones and ensure they fit the grow facility. An understanding of humidity and temperature is crucial when setting up an efficient indoor growing facility for weed.


Grow your weed your way

With technology advancing, cost challenges and competition within growers will persistently increase the demand for energy-efficient facilities. Growers also desire energy-efficient products because it is more cost-effective long-term. 


Most cannabis brands always embrace energy efficiency to stay ahead of the competition, and this move also boosts economic returns because products with the “Energy-efficient” label have better appeal with consumers. 


Nine out of ten consumers want enterprises to operate responsibly by being environmentally conscious and not focusing only on making a profit. A good way to ensure efficiency is by developing healthy relationships with your local garden supply store.


Get to know what consumers want and how you can adapt your facility’s operations to match such expectations. It is your growing facility, and it is your responsibility to do what works best for you. 


Consider energy efficiency, the budgetary allocation for running the operations, consumer needs, competition, environmental factors, and personal beliefs. After all considerations, you can find a balance and do what works best for your facility. 


Bottom Line 

The cannabis market is an ever-evolving sector where consumers always expect a higher grade of product. On your part as a grower, you want to meet consumer expectations while also maintaining an efficient planting procedure in your facility.

The five points discussed in this article will enable you to set up an efficient indoor weed growing facility on any scale (Big or small). If you already have a growing facility but observe that it is inefficient, it is never too late to refurbish your facility to become efficient.








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