cbd packaging ideas and tips
cbd packaging ideas and tips

How to Make Your CBD Packaging Stand Out from the Crowd

How can you catch the consumers eye for your CBD product?

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How to Make Your CBD Packaging Stand Out from the Crowd

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With time, you can build your CBD company up into one that people know, love, and trust. However, getting to that point can require you to provide your customers with high-quality, reliable, and safe products that they believe are suitable for their health needs and preferences.

A significant part of that relies on industry-trusted manufacturers, but your CBD product packaging can also play a role. If it stands out for the right reasons, you may find that it holds its own in a crowded CBD market and catches your consumers’ eyes.

If you’re not quite sure how you’re going to design and create packaging that has this effect, some of these helpful tips below may be worth contemplating.

Choose a Reputable Packaging Company

It’s often easy to tell the difference between high-quality cannabis packaging from a reputable company and poor-quality packaging from one that may not have the best reputation.

From a highly-regarded company, you often find that all packaging options like glass jars, tincture bottles, child-resistant bags, and pop-top bottles are robust, made to withstand wear and tear, and are free of imperfections that could impact their use.

Often, these companies also put effort into custom printing so that you can purchase your packaging materials and labels from the same place. Not only is such a service convenient for a time-poor CBD business owner, but having quality packaging and labeling can make your business look far more professional.

In contrast, business owners looking to save money with no regard for a poor reputation may opt for the most affordable packaging that may not be safe, durable, or suitable for the products you’re using it for.

If such a company also offers labels, you may find that they aren’t printed on quality label material, which further provides the illusion that your product is ‘cheap.’ Your product may stand out, but not for the reasons you were anticipating.

Hire Design Experts

Most business owners understand that you have to spend money to make it, which can be true in the case of designing attractive labeling for your CBD products. Even though you might be able to create a label yourself for free, you can tap into the expertise of design experts to make sure any labels you produce will be aesthetically pleasing.

Designers look at your branding and make sure that all CBD product labeling works in harmony with it. They also ensure that all graphic components are high-resolution and work seamlessly with each other.

Even if many consumers don’t factor branding into their purchasing decisions, they do look at quality. A quality design has the potential to reflect a quality product.

Look at Current Trends

Most business owners want to do things that other companies have never done before so that they can stand out. However, being aware of the current trends and using some of those elements may help you appeal to the consumers that were already attracted to what’s currently available.

People love trying new things, but they also take comfort in what’s familiar. Try striking a balance of both for the best chance of success.

For example, you might opt for eco-friendly vibes with natural coloring and plant graphics. However, your point of difference might be that you use reusable packaging or have packaging buy-back schemes to do your part to save the planet. In that way, your design ties in with the current eco-friendly trend, but in more than just looks, which sets you apart.

Minimalism is also becoming quite popular in CBD branding. Clean lines, crisp colors, and empty spaces on products are gracing the shelves of many CBD product stores. However, you might take this design trend further by incorporating a QR code into your packaging, which is a legal requirement in many states.

This QR code can link consumers to information about the batch number and size, product name, expiry date, ingredients, company, THC hemp extract analysis, and more. While some of this information can be present on the packaging, it can make product labeling look crowded, especially when you’re trying to achieve a minimalist look.                                                            

Be Consistent

The more research you do into the CBD market, the more design ideas you might have. It can be tempting to get creative with many different design elements, but consistency can be a much better approach.

The more consistent you are with branding and labeling across all your products, the easier it can be for your consumers to make a connection between your business and products. When they see particular elements, such as a color, logo, or graphic, they may be more likely to associate it with your business and purchase it knowing they have bought from you successfully in the past.

Take Professional Photos

While taking professional photos of your products is not too important if you sell them in a brick-and-mortar establishment, it can be essential for online stockists. The more desirable your products look in pictures, the more inclined consumers may be to choose yours over someone else’s.

You might think that taking photos of your products is as easy as sitting them on a surface and snapping a shot with your phone, but there can be much more involved. You have to consider props, lighting, backgrounds, and resolution.

If you don’t believe you have the best photography skills, read online guides or consider hiring someone who does. They can take photos of each new product with your labeling so that they look as professional as you need to help your business stand out.

For business owners who consider going down the DIY route, you will need to make a few purchases before you get started, such as a camera, tripod, white background, and photo editing software. You may like to save time by outsourcing photo editing to experts once you have taken the photos.

The CBD market is full of high-quality products from many different manufacturers. As a result, you may not be able to stand out on quality alone. Put time, effort, and money into packaging products and design to help your products capture people’s eyes both online and in-store. The more you prioritize this part of your business, the happier you may be with the results.





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