cannabis packaging trends
cannabis packaging trends

Cannabis Packaging Trends for New Future Normal

What are the marijuana packaging trends for a post COVID-19 world?

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Joseph Billions on Sunday Mar 29, 2020

Cannabis Packaging Trends for Now and the New Future

cannabis packaging

Cannabis is a very stereotyped and often misconstrued product, but the increased legalization and vast works of research have gone a long way in debunking and demystifying stereotypes surrounding the plant. The resulting growth of the cannabis industry has led to innovations in the branding and packaging of the product. The cannabis industry is fast expanding and there are several predictions regarding its potential for substantial growth. Amidst this growth, the cannabis packaging industry will encounter some significant increase as well while trying to meet up with the demands of the cannabis economy. This competition has led to the emergence of some very interesting and innovative trends in terms of packaging for the various demographics and lifestyles there are in the market based on their peculiar needs and taste.

What makes the packaging industry important for cannabis companies is that it serves as a means of communicating their brand ideals and values while also connecting with the consumers. Besides, packaging makes a whole lot of difference in terms of differentiation for such a highly saturated market and some important factors help determine these trends.


Colour and Design: The need many people buying marijuana have is a sense of legitimacy and safety, this is because they want to feel that they are getting something familiar and recognizable. Thus, an effective way cannabis companies can project this to their consumers is by designing creative packages with good colors that capture their attention and give off a sense of familiarity to draw them in.


Sustainability: Due to increasing attention to the menace of global warming to the human race, It is now a significant determinant for many consumers in terms of their spending habits and purchasing decisions. This consciousness has begun to seep into the world of cannabis packaging, leading to an upshoot in the number of cannabis packages that will be compostable, recyclable and biodegradable to meet up with the needs of consumers especially the Millennials and Generation-Z. Though this information does not indicate that they are the only generations that are interested in changing their consumption and consumption habits to help the environment, it is still a much-needed trend to help reduce the amount of waste associated with the cannabis industry. This has resulted in some changes and innovations by the cannabis companies to such things as reusable packaging, plant-based hemp plastic and some other sustainable and eco-friendly materials.


Regulatory Packaging: Since the increasing legalization of cannabis, there has been a need for a regulation in terms of packaging as cannabis packaging all over the United States has to meet some minimum requirements such as the Child Resistant Packaging that came into effect by Jan 1st, 2020. Though individual states have their requirements, cannabis companies still have to meet up with the one set up by the Consumer Product Safety Commission while also keeping in mind the regulatory labeling that they have to meet up with before putting the products on the dispensary shelves. This means that those in charge of packaging need to allow space for these instructional labels on the packaging.

2020 is set to be an exciting year in terms of packaging as many cannabis companies are set to increase their income by having innovative aesthetics and colors on their packaging to boost product sales. Packaging doesn't just help boost sales it also goes a long way in building a bond between a brand and its customers. The importance of packaging to the success of a product cannot be overemphasized and this is not news to all cannabis brands out there. The efforts of several brands in terms of packaging has led to the emergence of a few trends that might shake things up a little bit, few of which we will take a look at:



This is fast becoming a thing as more people are going back to the natural method of growing things, and this is not only in cannabis growing but also for most products out there. This means we’ll be seeing more packaging geared towards this emerging market


As more research is being carried on the therapeutic uses of cannabis, it is very logical for packaging trends to have a significant reflection on this aspect of the cannabis market.


With the legalization of cannabis in more areas, there has been an increase in the number of elite purchasers of cannabis who have expensive lifestyles. As a result, it is expected that we will get to see some luxe and well-designed packaging in the future to suit this trend.

Being able to adjust and continuously adapt to the demands of the emerging cannabis industry might turn out to become one of the most important attributes that will be needed to guarantee success in this industry in the nearest future. As the industry keeps expanding, there will be more regulations and changes that will come about in the industry and smart companies will need to anticipate and be able to strategize on the best way forward to save money, keep ahead of the trends and guarantee success.








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