smoke weed in apartment
smoke weed in apartment

How to Smoke Marijuana in an Apartment Without Getting Evicted

How do you smoke weed in a rental apartment without landlord issues?

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Joseph Billions on Tuesday Aug 25, 2020

How to Smoke Marijuana in an Apartment Without Getting Evicted

smoking weed in an apartment

With the growing acceptance that cannabis is getting across different regions of the world, some will think it is safe to use cannabis anywhere and anytime without fear of stigma. As seen in the United States of America where some states have accepted and legalized the use of marijuana for medical and recreational use while some haven’t, a lot of countries in different regions are also caught up in such cases. This, therefore, means that every cannabis user be it for recreational or for medical purposes must be well versed in the law of their land to avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

It still has to be stated though that the fact that some places have legalized the use of marijuana in their region doesn’t mean that people do not still have stereotypic views regarding people that use cannabis. The result of these stereotypic views on all cannabis users comes with a steep price of restrictions on cannabis use even in regions where it is legalized. One such case is that of landlords and tenants who actively use cannabis. These scenarios have resulted in different arguments such as the legal right of a landlord to evict a tenant on the grounds of cannabis use in a region where cannabis use is legalized.

Can a landlord evict a tenant for cannabis use?

This question is one that is very common among cannabis users as many believe that provided cannabis use is legalized in their region, they should be able to use cannabis anywhere without the problem of eviction. Now to fully understand the way this plays out, you must first consider the federal laws, state laws, and regional laws of the area of residence. In a situation where these laws favor the legal use of marijuana for medical and recreational use, most cannabis users always feel they are within their rights even as tenants with leases to smoke cannabis. This is not totally true in this case however because of some peculiarities and agreements that allow the landlord the legal ground to determine the state of things in his/her premises.

First, it needs to be understood that tenants do not have absolute rights to smoke in rentals even when the state laws allow its use. It is very common to have landlords prohibit smoking within the vicinity of their premises and the basis they set for this is health concerns from the fumes as well as the problem of fire hazards. When tenants eventually violate this stance, they can be evicted with the legal grounds favoring the landlord. Many landlords set these laws due to the concerns of the other tenants who may have stereotypic views towards the landlord allowing other tenants to use cannabis. The grounds these tenants use to sue the landlords include health concerns and nuisance as the odors from the cannabis can be a disturbance to other tenants.

This clearly shows the legal right that protects the landlord to evict a tenant for the use of cannabis which means if you are a tenant and you wish to use cannabis in rented premises, you need to find the best way to safely use your cannabis without a problem of being at the risk of eviction.

How to use cannabis in a rented space without fear of eviction

Edibles and consumables: Edibles and consumables are definitely not new things anymore in the cannabis world. These provide a good way of harnessing the benefits of cannabis without going through the conventional means of smoking which produces the fumes that usually alert neighbors to cannabis use. The scent of cannabis serves as the primary giveaway for which people around cannabis users are able to detect its use. For a cannabis user, edibles and consumables can still provide the needed effect that is produced during the use of cannabis through smoking. This is because before cannabis products are infused into foods and drinks, they are first decarboxylated in order to ensure that the cannabinoids are active and bioavailable which makes them able to produce their beneficial effects. So, if the plan is to use cannabis in a rented place without fear of being evicted, cannabis edibles and consumables might just be the way to go.

Use vaporizers: Now it is important here to state that the goal of these sets of compromises is to ensure that the same result that the cannabis user will get when using cannabis by smoking is still made available. Vaporizers can be a solid way out as they remove some of the common problems that are associated with the smoking of cannabis. The use of vaporizers all but eliminates the problems of the scent from the fumes getting out of your apartment making it easier to use cannabis undetected and with a lesser risk of disturbance from the landlord.

Use discrete parts of the apartment: The place where you are smoking your cannabis will also play a huge role as to whether the fumes will be a nuisance and a disturbance to other tenants. There are different discrete places in an apartment that will take care of the fumes of the cannabis and since the fumes and the scent are not as long-lasting compared to tobacco, it can be easily absorbed. Examples of such places include the bathroom and under the kitchen fans where the scent from the fumes can be easily masked.

Use of scented candles to mask odors: This particular method is one that is very interesting because it doesn’t restrict the cannabis user from smoking and also removes the risk of exposure. Scented candles are a common feature in many homes and their use by a cannabis user will help to mask the scent of the marijuana removing the risk of alarming the other tenants.

When it comes to the use of cannabis without being evicted from a rented place, the most important factor is stealth and care. When these two are properly factored in, there is less risk of problems.









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