How do you store cannabis concentrates
How do you store cannabis concentrates

How to Store Cannabis Concentrates - Keeping Your Dabs Fresh

What is the best way to store cannabis concentrates?

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Joseph Billions on Friday Jul 31, 2020

How To Store Cannabis Concentrates; Keep Your Dabs Fresh

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With the increasing prominence and acceptance of cannabis across different regions over the world, cannabis users can now easily have access to a reasonable amount of cannabis that they can use either for their medicinal purposes or recreational purposes. Though this is the case in most places where cannabis is legalized, it is still very understandable that there might still be some stereotypic views among people regarding cannabis and cannabis-derived products and this has been one of the reasons why some cannabis users seem to go out to purchase large quantities of cannabis concentrates at once to limit those sort of stereotypic views towards them.

The concept of buying a larger quantity of cannabis concentrates and edibles than what will be required to ensure availability for an extended period is common among cannabis users and this is what brings about the question of how best to approach the matter of storage of these cannabis concentrates and edibles. The mode of storage is very important because it must be able to ensure that the cannabis is fresh, unchanged and the quality is not affected either by the storage container or by the conditions in and around the storage medium.

When it comes to the storage of cannabis concentrates and edibles, there are different factors that need to be considered as they play a huge role in determining the success of the storage process. If these factors are not properly considered and investigated when choosing the best mode of storage for the cannabis concentrates, they can affect the quality of the cannabis over time and when such cannabis products are used, they will not be able to give the much-needed results and effects to the satisfaction of the user. This is why the right storage method needs to be used.

There are different storage materials and storage methods for cannabis, but they must be able to protect the cannabis concentrates and edibles from moisture and humidity which can play a big role both in the development of mold and mildew but also, an infestation of insects. Excess exposure to light whichever the form must be eliminated and the storage medium must be able to keep the cannabis concentrates and edibles free of contamination.

Materials for Storing Cannabis concentrates

There are different types of materials that can readily be used for the storage of cannabis and there are also differences to when they can be applied as well as which storage material is more ideal in different scenarios. This is because the mode of storage also depends on the expected duration of storage. Some storage means might be ideal for long periods while others are mainly for short intervals. Examples of general storage materials for cannabis concentrates are airtight containers, silicone containers, glass jars, and freezing.

Airtight Containers: With airtight containers, cannabis concentrates can be stored individually in small quantities using parchment paper. These parchment papers can then be placed in suitable airtight containers to keep the quality of the cannabis concentrates which can be ensured for about a month without any change in quality.

Silicone containers: These probably should have come before airtight containers because they are used to store cannabis concentrates for a short period while eliminating the possibility of contaminants. The silicone container to be used should be close to the overall quantity of the concentrate and buildup of moisture should be avoided completely.

Glass jars: These are commonly used because glass containers come in different sizes and can be used to store large amounts of cannabis concentrates. Glass jars are mostly used for cannabis concentrates that are not sticky and if sticky products like shatter are to be stored using glass jars, the best move is to cover them with parchment paper before being out into the glass jars in order to avoid loss of products to the wall of the container.

Freezing: Freezing is less of a storage material and more of a mode of storage but still there is a need to talk about it here under storage materials because it is also a well-known means that can be used for extended periods. The main thing to consider with freezing is to avoid excess air to prevent moisture buildup with changes in temperature and if the taste and flavor of the cannabis are to be protected as well, defrosting should be done slowly. Cannabis edibles can readily be stored in the fridge when made with products like oil, flour, and sugar.

The success of a storage process involves ensuring that the quality of the cannabis is not too altered over the storage period. Loss of smell, discoloration, mildew, and mold, droplets of condensation are all signs of storage problems and if properly avoided, the storage process can easily be a huge success.







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