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High Wife, Happy Life - How Marijuana Helps Marriages

The Great Ganja Can Enhance Relationships

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Oaktree on Tuesday Mar 8, 2016

High Wife, Happy Life


High Wife, Happy Life - How Cannabis is Helping Marriages from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Want to learn how getting stoned can improve your relationship? Read on below to learn more.I dated a stoner for 3 years, and those days were some of the best in my life. We enjoyed countless sessions of sweaty sex punctuated with multiple orgasms and joyous days together while we were high as a kite. We hardly ever fought; of course -- until the very end (but that’s a whole nother story altogether).


I’m sure many other couples out there can attest to how cannabis can make any relationship or marriage so much more enjoyable. The high from weed makes you happy, and it’s definitely best enjoyed when you’re with a partner who can enjoy the good vibes with you at the same time. Because of my own personal experience with pot and with men, I know that having a partner who can enjoy it with me will make me happy and of course result in a contented relationship. In fact, it has now become a dealbreaker for me: my future husband needs be a toker too.


Weed Takes The Edge Off


All of us pot lovers can relate to its ability to take the edge off and for this reason many of us love a good toke after a stressful day. It’s also the same reason why getting stoned and being around a partner who’s on the same high seems to make things more pleasant  - because the cannabis hit just seems to eliminate stress and anxiety altogether. Remove stress, add weed, and you’ve got the perfect formula for baked bliss. 


I’ve also dated other men who, in the course of getting to know each other, were cool enough to smoke with me. I do believe these moments tell a lot about a person - what they think about while stoned, the conversations you have, and the things you open up to each other about during baked dates can say a lot. Smoking up can break down emotional barriers and show a person’s true colors.


My personal opinion is that if someone is comfortable enough in their own skin and beliefs, this personality would shine through even more when they smoke weed. And isn’t that what we all want in a partner?




Baked Bonding


Knowing what it takes to make a relationship work doesn’t have to be rocket science; it’s pretty much common knowledge that having a shared interest with your partner is one of the crucial components of a successful relationship. Take a moment to think about some of your happy couple friends and I’m pretty sure they all have at least one interest in common. Some couples enjoy cooking, biking, or hiking; but whatever it is, engaging in these activities while stoned lets you take bonding to a whole new level. For my ex and I, we enjoyed watching movies stoned and playing video games (Not sure how or why, but playing video games stoned also enabled me to beat his score several times over!) While alcohol is considered a social lubricant, only true potheads can understand and appreciate how doing things together as a couple while stoned makes everything more intimate.


Stoned Sex Is The Best Sex


Marijuana has been valued since antiquity not just for its medicinal purposes, but also because it’s a well-known aphrodisiac. It’s no surprise that there are actually many sex-enhancing products on the market that contain cannabis in one form or the other. But even if you choose to take it in its most-simple form: by smoking, you can have some earth-shattering, mind-blowing sex! Studies have shown that having sex while high can result in stronger orgasms and an overall increase in libido - I can attest to this myself. And if you haven’t tried sex on weed, I highly recommend you give it a try.


Stoned Life, Peaceful Life


Have you ever felt violent or aggressive when you were high on pot?Nope, me neither. It’s no secret that cannabis use can reduce aggressive behavior in people. When you toke, you’re ready to relax and have a good time. Unlike alcohol, weed inhibits feelings of violence in most people and when you’re in a relationship this is actually a really great thing. I personally know what it’s like to have a fight because I’m drunk and I couldn’t get my way with a partner. Many times, I even started these fights but with weed it just NEVER happens! It’s a calming and peaceful drug; smoking up with your partner just opens up the opportunity for a whole lot of good times and good loving.


Has marijuana enhanced your romantic relationships? Share with us how!











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