Mark Wahlberg on cannabis
Mark Wahlberg on cannabis

I Learned It from You! - How Parents Influence Kids' Views on Alcohol vs. Cannabis

Should Mark Wahlberg be called out for his stance on cannabis while promoting booze?

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Thom Baccus on Thursday Nov 16, 2023

Mark Wahlberg on cannabis

I Learned It from You! – How Parents Influence Cannabis Education vs Alcohol Facts         


Interesting repost from the Cannabis Patriot on a quote from Mark Wahlberg on his decision to discontinue cannabis use in order to “protect or make his kids safer”, yet he appears on social media channels daily promoting his new tequila brand.


The implication of the repost brings up a good question, why is it okay to for you kids to see you use, promote, buy, and ingest alcohol, yet if the smell of cannabis or use of cannabis is scene by your kids, that is a “bad” thing.

As reported by earlier this year, it was astounding how many kids in a survey had no idea alcohol was bad for you, and when asked why they should alcohol was okay or “not bad for you”, the answer was because “everyone does it, my parents, aunts, uncles, brother, etc. How can it be bad?”


The older cannabis generations will remember the famous 1980s PSA on TV about how a teen learned how to roll a joint and use cannabis and when pressed by his mother he screams, “I learned it from you!”.  While humorous 30 years later, at the time it was supposed to send a chilling message about smoking pot to families around America.


Is Mark Wahlberg a fraud of a father-figure with his stance on cannabis vs. his own self interests in promoting alcohol?  If alcohol “smelled” with the same vigor as cannabis and his kids smelled it, would he have the same reaction? 


"Daddy, why does the car and your shirt smell like tequila every night?  It makes you act funny."


Would that send the same message and get the same response that Mark had over cannabis order in his car that his kids picked up on?


The subliminal and role-modeling message we send out kids by our own actions have staggering affects on their beliefs the rest of their lives because who wants to admit the parent figure, who they loved and trusted, was wrong.


Educating people about cannabis doesn’t just start when they are young, it starts when you are old, too.


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