Is weed the new champagne
Is weed the new champagne

Is Cannabis-Infused Champagne the New Must Have for Brides?

As cannabis goes more mainstream the uses could mimic when we drink champagne!

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Joseph Billions on Monday Mar 29, 2021

Is Cannabis-Infused Champagne the New Champagne?

is weed the new bubbly

Champagne!! What image popped in your mind as you thought about that word? Oh, now you are thinking about popping a bottle at a wedding, a birthday party, or just as a celebratory glass. Regardless of the event, one thing is sure: champagnes are synonymous with expressing joy. Some people will say there is no real party without Champagne.


Champagne is the standard within the winery sector. It is a premium product such that when someone says a thing is the “New Champagne,” it connotes a high version of whatever it is. The answer to the question is YES! Yes, cannabis is on its way to becoming the new Champagne. 


It should be noted that the answer is in different folds, and we will break it all down in this article. Firstly, cannabis is on its way to becoming a premium product like Champagne in the wine sector. Secondly, several companies are beginning to produce cannabis-infused champagnes. 


Regardless of how cannabis is presented either as a premium product or as a type of Champagne, one thing is sure; marijuana can become the most preferred item of entertainment for individuals. 


California’s cannabis could be the new Champagne


When we say that cannabis is on its way to becoming the new Champagne, we are not referring to ALL kinds of cannabis. Cannabis is planted and processed in different areas globally, which means the weed quality varies from place to place. 


But the state of California (the first state to legalize weed) has a peculiar kind of cannabis that has been tagged one of the best in the world. Southern California growers have been growing cannabis legally since 1996, and this gave them a head start with perfecting their cultivation and extraction processes. 


If you attend an event and you are offered Champagne, your first thought will be, “oh, this is an expensive party.” The term “expensive” used in this context doesn’t only refer to the price of the wine but also the prestige of every champagne glass. 


A healthy, well-cultivated, and plum cannabis plant from California is becoming one of the most highly sought-after weeds. California also offers varying weed strains such as the Skywalker O.G., Green Crack, Bubba Kush, etc. 


If no additional regulations are stifling the progress made by growers in California, this state has the potential to plant, grow and distribute premium weed for years to come.


Just as the French-made Champagne is a premium product that denotes class and status in society, California can do the same with cannabis. It may take a while before California achieves “premium” status like Champagne, but it is well on its way to achieving this. 


Cannabis-infused Champagne


The idea of cannabis being the new Champagne is not restricted to California’s strains. With the increase in demand for cannabis, several companies have started to include cannabis in champagne bottles. 


Cannabis-infused Champagne is becoming trendy such that it is now a fast-growing sector in the marijuana industry. Adult consumers and millennials from age 21-37 make up the alcohol market demographic, but this group also determines what companies create. 


So if the same group is beginning to tilt towards cannabis, the companies have to follow suit by ensuring they have cannabis-infused products on the market. Millennials are beginning to prefer marijuana over alcohol because marijuana does contain nutritional properties, so cannabis champagne is a hit with them. 


You can get a bottle of cannabis-infused Champagne from online stores, cannabis stores, and select wine stores. So if we ask the question again, this time thinking about cannabis-infused Champagne, the answer will be YES!


Cannabis: the new Champagne at events 


Now that cannabis-infused Champagne is rapidly becoming very popular. In American states where cannabis is legal, more couples wish to mark their big day with weed as a part of the refreshment. 


Gone are the days when it was taboo to have weed at your event, especially weddings. But the way the world sees cannabis has changed over the years such that it has become customary to have weed at weddings and other events. 


A report by the American Medical Association Journal in 2015 revealed that 420 bride and grooms preferred weed as an alternative to alcohol (for couples that didn’t want to have alcohol). Some other couples had both alcohol and weed. Still, weed is becoming a staple in weddings, showing that cannabis is becoming an acceptable part of our society, like Champagne! 


Some couples also agree that weed is a safer alternative to alcohol, and a little weed will go a long way with guests. Cannabis is also versatile in terms of use at events: combustion, vaporization, edibles, CBD gummies, etc. These different ways of using cannabis at events have increased due to its versatility. The diversity of usage is also one of the key factors that has placed cannabis on the same pedestal as wines. 


Just like wines, cannabis keeps guests energized, engaged and entertained. It has a feel-good vibe about it that makes everyone have fun. With marijuana making its way into mainstream events, it is cementing its place as a premium product that has come to stay. 


Bottom Line 


Champagne has set the bar really high. It is associated with prestige, premium quality, and an endless fun experience like its bubbles at the top of the glass. 


Cannabis has evolved from being a social “outcast” to a $13.6 Billion industry and is positioning itself as the new Champagne. Of course, this doesn’t mean cannabis will completely replace Champagne at events. It only means that it is on its way to becoming a premium product like Champagne. 


With the availability of cannabis-infused Champagne, guests and hosts at parties will be getting the best of both worlds. Cannabis has not reduced in value for many years; with more medicinal properties being discovered through research, it will continue to rise in value. 


What do you think of cannabis as the new Champagne? Will cannabis mainstream acceptance last? Drop your opinion in the comment section below.





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