what are landrace strains
what are landrace strains

Landrace Strains: The Complete Guide To These Rare Strains

What are landrace cannabis strains and why are they so hard to track down?

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Apr 22, 2020

Landrace Strains: The Complete Guide to These Rare Strains

landrace cannabis strains are what?

The world of cannabis is filled with a vast number of fantastic strains all of which are unique and special in their own way. From Brandywine to BlackBerry Kush there seems to be a strain for everyone. And as we all know all strains are classified under three major groups, Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid but what most people are oblivious about is the fact that arguably all cannabis strains on the market today can be traced back to a small group of rare original cannabis plant types referred to as the landrace strains. Listen, this isn't science fiction! Experts attest to the fact that the entire cannabis lineage can be traced to original landrace strains amongst which is the strain of the Hindu Kush area of Arabia (Pakistan, Afghanistan).

I'm sure by now you have a thousand questions running through your mind, what are landrace strains? How potent are they? What's so special about them, and so on. Stay glued, because in this article I'll tell you everything you need to know about the rare landrace strains.


History of the Landrace Strains

Based on the detailed historical and archaeological records available it is clear as daybreak that cannabis has been utilized by humans since as far back as the Neolithic era, over 10,000 years ago! Experts in cannabis genetics traced the now vast cannabis strains to the original plant found in the Hindu kush region, mind you, this was all pre-civilization so at the time this region was no man's land and given the fact it is located along the routes of traders and explorers it's very plausible to think that a Chinese explorer stumbled on this wonder of nature and utilized it either as a fiber, an edible, etc and just like that the seed of the cannabis industry we know today was sown. From the moment it was discovered, explorers and traders took cannabis with them on their trips spreading the plant as far as Africa, South America, Russia, and so on. And as time passed, because of the varying needs of growers different strains of cannabis were produced as some growers wanted plants that will survive in cold environments while some wanted rugged strains that will thrive in warmer climates. Asides this, growers aesthetic, flavor, potency, aroma, and taste preferences also played a major role in the production of the vast number of strains available on the market today. And everything can be traced back to that one original strain and the few landrace strains that followed.


What Are Landrace Strains?

The term Landrace strain is used to describe a unique group of cannabis plants that possess little dilution in DNA compared to other strains. In other words, landrace strains are strains of cannabis that haven't undergone any form of cross-breeding. Studies show that these strains are almost always indigenous to specific regions, a factor caused majorly by adaptation to the climatic conditions of the region. Basically, landrace strains are the cannabis plants that directly descended from the original wild species centuries ago. It should be noted that this classification of cannabis does not in any way affect potency, it only describes indigenous growth and genetic purity. Modern cannabis strains are much more potent and effective than landrace strains, to simplify this, it's like comparing a car produced in  2020 to the very first car ever made. The first car is undoubtedly unique and special but you wouldn't expect it to be faster, safer or more comfortable than a 2020 car. The relationship between modern strains and landrace strains can be described in the same manner. Historians, scientists, pot purists, etc are the ones who really value and utilize them.


The major landrace strains in the world today

I'm sure the majority reading this article will have wondered 'how come I have never heard of landrace strains? Where have they been all these years? And so on'. To put it simply over the course of history the original landrace strains have been taken all over by growers, explorers, etc and made to grow in other climates and environments or crossbred with other strains. And by so doing the nature and original makeup of these strains have been altered so as to enable them to survive in the new environment they are being grown. It should also be noted that over the course of the transition in environmental conditions some of the original traits or features found in the original strains will be modified to give new characteristics and in most cases, the old characteristics of the original plant are never recovered especially in the same pure form. Research shows that when grown in their original environment of origin the original makeup of these plants can be recovered although what is gotten won't be as pure as what was before. A couple of strains believed to be landrace strains include Pure Afghan Afghanistan, Acapulco Gold Mexico, Hindu Kush Pakistan, Lamb’s Bread, Jamaica, Durban Poison Africa.


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