Unusual Marijuana Ways
Unusual Marijuana Ways

8 Crazy Ways You Can Get High (Watch Out For #4)

Unusual Ways Of Consuming Marijuana

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Jun 8, 2016

Unusual Ways Of Consuming Marijuana

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Whether you’re a newbie to pot or not, you might want to try these methods of consuming pot.  If you have not read our article on all the "ususal" ways to consume pot, you can read it by clicking here, "Best Way To Consume Marijuana".


For 99.9% of stoners, we get our high from smoking the actual plant. Whether it’s through a bong, joint, or a blunt, inhalation is the way to go. You could also eat it, by baking and cooking food with marijuana. Dabbing is also becoming increasingly popular as an alternative way to get your high.


But let’s get creative! For the adventurous potheads out there you might want to consider trying these rather unconventional or unusual ways to get stoned. Some of these methods are actually used to bring about the benefits of medicinal marijuana to patients, but that doesn’t mean that recreational users can’t benefit either. The added benefit to these alternatives is that they can be enjoyed by people who don’t want to smoke, smell like smoke, or taste marijuana in their food/edibles.


1. Capsules: Weed can be taken in capsule form, just like other kinds of medications. You can make your own cannacaps or buy some at your nearest dispensary. Be warned though, that marijuana in capsules can deliver a really strong high. And unlike other edibles, which you are already consuming in some form of food (like space brownies), capsules should not be taken on an empty stomach.


2. Tinctures: Using tinctures has been around for several years now, and while it isn’t exactly popular it does get the job done. Tinctures are a form of concentrated cannabis, using alcohol extractions of the plant although most manufacturers use the flower and trimmed leaves. It is commonly used sublingually, which means that a few drops are placed under the tongue. Tinctures provide an instant high since placing it sublingually helps the body rapidly absorb the liquid and deliver it to your arterial system so your brain and body feel it pretty fast.  You can also put a few drops of cannabis tinctures into drinks. Tinctures can be a little pricey though, especially if you’re the kind of stoner who needs a high dosage to get a buzz.


3. Hotboxing: If you don’t want to smoke pot but still want to enjoy a high, give your friends a call and they can help you. Hotboxing is basically a communal smoke session, usually in an enclosed place where you can get high just by inhaling someone else’s second hand smoke. To get the most out of your hotboxing experience, do it in a small enclosed space, such as a room or car, but make sure the windows are closed. Take a breather every few minutes by stepping out to give your body some oxygen.


4. Rectal administration: The only way to determine if the posterior is the most superior way to get a high is to actually try it yourself. Yes, I know that it’s actually weird to shove anything up your butt if the doctor doesn’t require it but many potheads swear by this.

Also while it isn’t exactly something you would do everyday to get high, rectal administration gives you more THC than smoking because the cannabinoids find their way into your bloodstream without having to pass other systems in your body. Rectal cannabis suppositories can give you a high that lasts up to 8 hours long. It can be challenging to put these suppositories up the butt, but if you’re feeling adventurous and are patient it can actually be worth it.


5. Vaporizers: If you have access to the right equipment, you might want to give vaporizing a shot. Vaporizers lessen your overall smoke intake by as much as 95% since the marijuana is burnt at lower levels. Less resin also builds up when you use a vaporizer, because its the resins that give some of you potheads those nasty yellow stains on your teeth. For the health conscious, vaporizing is easily the healthiest way to get stoned.


6. Sprays: THC sprays are similar to tinctures, except that it takes the form of a spray. It’s administered directly to the mouth, and a hit or two of these sprays can give you an awesome high that will last up to 3 hours. THC sprays are ideal if you are looking for a portable solution for getting high, or if you’re going to be traveling anytime soon.


7. Transdermal patches: It works just like the Nicotine patch: you place a transdermal cannabis patch on a surface of dry and hairless skin, and it delivers a specific dose of THC into your bloodstream. Several kinds of formulations are available, you can even choose between sativa or indica strains. These babies are so discreet and perfect for those who want to be able to control their dosage. But before you use transdermal patches, make sure that you test a small strip on your skin to check for allergies.


8. Drinks: Some dispensaries carry cannabis-infused drinks that come in a wide variety of flavors and tastes. Whether you choose to have it in a tea, beer, soda, smoothie, or juice form, cannabis-infused drinks can be a delicious and refreshing way to get pot into your system without smoking or eating it. Depending on the product, infused drinks can take anywhere between half an hour or two hours to kick in. Just like with edibles, test your tolerance for drinks by starting out with small sips then waiting half an hour before you take more. Even if that infused juice tastes good - you will have to resist chugging the whole bottle unless you want to risk going nuts by getting too stoned.







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