low thc marijuana
low thc marijuana

Low AF - Why Consumers are Flocking to Low-THC Marijuana

Why would a consumer want just a small amount of THC in their weed and not the maximum?

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Lemon Knowles on Sunday Dec 27, 2020

Is Low-THC Cannabis Possibly the Next Big Trend in Cannabis

low thc marijuana

Way back in the early days of the cannabis industry, many thought THC was the only cannabinoid of importance in cannabis. This prompted the belief that cannabis is nothing more than a euphoric plant. It also led many to raise different unfounded ideas about the negative effects of the plant. However, these old beliefs are now a thing of the past as extensive works of research have shown that there are over 100 cannabinoids present in the plant. Further studies also showed the presence of other phytochemicals in the cannabis plant matrix such as terpenes and flavonoids.

CBD, one of the additional cannabinoids discovered in the cannabis plant matrix has slowly gained massive popularity over the years. It remains one of the most searched topics on popular search engines like Google. Its usefulness for a number of ailments has seen it isolated and infused into different product forms such as tinctures, topicals, and edibles. CBD products are often referred to as low-THC products, and such products seem to be the next big trend in the cannabis industry. The majority of cannabis users are moving from the trend of cannabis with high THC  potency to low THC strains.

This article will explain why this trend is occurring and why it might grow even bigger as time goes by. Read on as we explore some of the advantages of low-THC cannabis.

Why is there an increase in low-THC products?

Results - Users of cannabis aim for a specific type of result. Many are after the euphoric high that comes from using the natural herb while others are after a calm and relaxed feeling. The general idea is that THC induces an energetic high while CBD induces a calm and relaxed feeling. The majority of people have always thought that obscenely high levels of THC is required to induce potent euphoric sensations, however, this is not necessarily true. Recent studies conducted on the subject show that moderate levels of THC are enough to produce the needed results with proper and accurate dosing.

Undesirable effects - High THC potency has also been shown to give rise to undesirable side effects. Though the entourage effect of CBD and THC reduces the onset of such side effects, they still occur with high THC levels.

Inaccurate levels - Another issue with high THC cannabis products is that many of the THC levels are inaccurate and inflated. In a bid to attract customers, some brands post unreliable THC potency levels that cannot be verified. The lack of sufficient testing and quality control procedures gives room for such discrepancies in THC potency levels.

Laws concerning low-THC products

Despite the growing acceptance of cannabis for both recreational and medical use in the US, it is still illegal federally. Cannabis is still classified as a Schedule 1 narcotic drug and the low-THC cannabis product acceptable nationwide is hemp. It should be noted that just as it is in the US, laws concerning low-THC cannabis products such as hemp are favorable in many countries as opposed to high THC cannabis that's still strictly frowned upon in a lot of countries and even in some states in the US. The low content of THC in hemp products makes many countries more open to having friendly laws for it and other low-THC cannabis products.

Switzerland is an example of a leading country when it comes to laws concerning low-THC cannabis products. Low-THC cannabis products generally known as floral hemp with less than 1% of THC are legal for adult use while products with a higher percentage of THC are prohibited for recreational use. The laws on the recreational use of cannabis in Switzerland are very popular as such laws are commonly used by others for medical use. This is because the chances of having a low THC medical cannabis law approved are higher than the chances of a high THC recreational law. This also has an impact on the popularity of such products among consumers.

Existing laws on hemp and other forms of low THC cannabis products help to promote the present trend of their popularity. The obvious advantages of low THC cannabis products over their high THC alternatives also play a significant role in pushing this trend forward.

Advantages of low-THC cannabis products

They are easier to cultivate

Cannabis strains with high THC levels are much more difficult to cultivate in comparison to low THC strains. Strains with high THC levels require special factors in the environment to foster a successful cultivation process. This means they cannot be grown just anywhere which is why they are less common. Cannabis strains with low THC levels are easier to cultivate; they can be grown in most places provided the climate isn't extreme (too cold or hot).

Easier to get to international markets

The fact that low THC cannabis strains are easier to cultivate and are backed by the law of most countries means that they are easier to get to international markets. With favorable laws, they can easily be sourced locally and transferred within international markets. This doesn't just help to ensure widespread availability of the products, it also ensures they get to where they need to be as at when due thus making the cannabis industry supply process more effective.

Popular among consumers

Low THC cannabis products are very popular among consumers. They are easy to get and they do not have the risk of unwanted side effects. They help to provide the needed results depending on what the user desires. They are particularly useful for medical purposes as a large part of the effects needed have nothing to do with high THC levels.

Reduces the use of prescription drugs

An increase in the use of low THC cannabis products reduces the use of some prescription drugs. Studies have shown that there is a correlative decrease in prescription drugs used for ailments that low THC cannabis products are used for. Sedatives and anxiolytics are examples of prescription drugs that have been studied to have a decrease in use. This is because more people are resorting to the use of low THC cannabis products.

Bottom line

The truth remains that low THC cannabis products are becoming the preferred choice of a lot of cannabis users.  It's numerous advantages for both growers and users, the presence of favorable laws, and the easy accessibility to such products have played a huge role in the upward trajectory of low THC canna-products. To answer the question 'are low THC canna-products the next big trend in the cannabis industry?' Absolutely!





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