benefits of a bong hit
benefits of a bong hit

What are the Benefits of Smoking Weed Through a Bong? - Pros and Cons?

Why do people smoke marijuana from a bong?

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HighChi on Tuesday May 7, 2024

smoking from a bong

There is no denying the fact that bong is one of the most remarkable ways to enjoy cannabis recreationally wisely. Its built-in water filtration system helps produce more consistent hits with a nice, smooth, creamy flavor. If the cough-inducing joints do not appeal to you, pipes will make perfect close friends for you.

However, in addition to this advantage, using a bong has several other impressive benefits. In fact, you may not even be aware of some of them.

This article is all about just that: the numerous advantages of smoking from a bong. For those who never go a day without their water pipe, this write-up is dedicated to you. Also, for beginners, here are the numerous benefits of bongs.

What's a Bong?

The bong is traditionally considered one of the most important icons of weed culture. They present a myriad of styles and levels of sophistication. Some are extremely simple, while others are heavily enhanced and decorated.

Depending on the size, from plastic tubes to large rigs with chambers, percolators, and unique glasswork, bongs offer a safer way to inhale cannabis than passing spliffs.

With a discreet appearance, a bong commonly consists of a cylinder-shaped base with a wide bowl. This bowl is attached to the outside of the bong using a downstream and a long tube that passes through and emerges at the water's surface. This means the smoke must pass through the water before inhaling through the mouthpiece.

The process results in smoother hits and often evokes a nostalgic sound as the water bubbles. Bongs effectively filter out specific impurities from burnt cannabis while preserving the desirable components like cannabinoids and terpenes. As a result, you can inhale potent and flavorful hits.

What are the Benefits of Using a Bong?

There's a Bong Available for Every Budget.

You don't need to be a millionaire to buy yourself a high-quality bong. If you know where to direct your search instead of being intimidated by price tags, you'll find various alternatives to fit your budget.

By browsing the internet, you can view bongs made from different materials and sizes with different price tags. From there, you will know which ones serve their functions better. Consumer reviews are your ally in this regard.

And if you can afford it, choose the more expensive options of the variants made from borosilicate glass first. One of the benefits of bongs is that some are designed to handle fresh flowers and extracts. If you come across one of these, it's like hitting the jackpot.

Bongs Are Simple To Use

Convenience is undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits of weed smoking using a bong. Although some pipes have a complicated or beautiful design, their functionality is always the same. They only demand that the user light the bowl and exhale through the mouthpiece.

On many occasions, bongs are easier to use than blunts, spliffs, and joints. They need no rolling process or accessories other than a mesh screen, a lighter, and some of the finest herbs.

Bongs Provide Purification

The third advantage is that a bong offers smooth hits. The smoke from the pipe travels through a body of water, sometimes even through ice, before reaching your lips and lungs. This process significantly cools down the smoke, resulting in a more satisfying and less harsh inhalation experience.

Additionally, the water is thought to filter out specific components in the smoke, potentially removing byproducts that contribute to a harsher hit. With this process, the purest and the most untainted hits come from glass bongs. Apart from being very attractive, they neither leave residue in the water nor give some of those plastic models a chance to leak the residue into your lungs.

Bongs Are Sustainable and Durable

Bongs are not used once. They can last for a year with proper maintenance. Most people would agree with the reusability for the environment-conscious stoners who see the need for less waste. It's even cost-saving in the long run, too. However, it will require a significant upfront investment. You would be spending a small fortune that would have been used to buy all the papers (and blunt wraps and filter tips) needed for rolling a joint.

Bongs withstand wear and tear. Acrylic models are incredibly durable and will not break anytime soon. Also, they are portable, and you can put them in a bag and carry them along with you. Glass models, in contrast, are slightly more fragile and may be damaged or shattered under high-force conditions. However, science-grade two borosilicate glass used to build premium models should withstand occasional bumps or drop-offs.

Another category is silicone bongs, which cannot be destroyed even if you tried. To use the bong for a long time, it is essential that you clean it on a regular basis. For this job, you may need some Brushes and solutions, which will help to keep the bong clean.

Bongs Give the Best Hits

Bong hits go straight to the head, providing an intense, sharp high. Suppose you are smoking a joint. You get a hunk of weed, crush it, and away you go. Smoking could take anywhere between 10–15 minutes, and the psychoactive effects of THC can be observed shortly after this.

Alternatively, the same quantity of cannabis could be packed into a bong bowl, ignited, and delivered into your body in a single, massive hit. This aspect often attracts people to the bong as a method of cannabinoid consumption. Its immediate high offers a rush, generally cleaner, and more satisfying feeling. Some models even facilitate bigger and more potent hits. Those equipped with a carb hole allow air to be drawn out of the bong more efficiently.

During ignition and the initial inhalation, the smoker covers this hole with a finger to prevent outside air from entering. Once the bong is filled with dense smoke, the smoker releases pressure from the hole, allowing outside air to rush in, clearing out the chamber and effectively transporting the smoke into the smoker's lungs.

What are the Cons?

Bongs are usually made of glass or plastic, so they need to be cleaned.  There are plenty of stories of "bong water" spilling and making a smelly mess depending on how old the water is in the pipe.  Also, because many cannabis users like the look and feel of glass, they are very easy to break if you drop or knock one off the living room table or night stand.

There are a variety of ways to clean a bong, and yes, over time, you will need to clean the bong pipe from residue and dirty water.

If you are willing to do a little maintenance and cleaning, a bong is a great way to enjoy cannabis. 

Just remember to keep it on a table that has carpeting under it or something soft as passing the bong around can lead to clumsy hand-offs and drops.



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