is there a marijuana hangover effect
is there a marijuana hangover effect

Marijuana Hangover - Myth or Fact?

Can you get a hangover from weed?

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Joseph Billions on Monday Nov 16, 2020

Marijuana Hangover: Myth or Fact?

marijuana hangover

The argument about marijuana hangovers has existed for years. Most cannabis users, especially newbies, are often confused by the subject and those who aren't, oftentimes don't know what to believe. A major factor that has contributed to this confusion regarding marijuana hangovers is the inadequate levels of clinical evidence. With the inadequate amount of concrete data, a lot of people have taken full advantage of the situation to spread baseless myths on marijuana hangovers.

In this article, I'll briefly talk about marijuana hangovers, what it means, what causes it, and so on. I'll also state the facts on marijuana hangovers and drill down on some of the myths.

Myth vs Fact

One major reason why many cannabis users refuse to consider the concept of marijuana hangovers is due to a lack of first-hand experience. Hangovers have generally been associated with alcohol and many try to dissociate it from cannabis completely. The majority of cannabis users in the bid to declare cannabis as being harmless and devoid of side effects, avoid the concept of marijuana hangover. However, there is a good amount of truth to this particular myth. Although it should be noted that while marijuana hangovers may be real, they're not as bad as some people make it out to be.

Hangovers involve a hazy and lethargy feeling the day after a bad reaction with a substance of abuse. The same applies to marijuana although it is largely restricted to cannabis edibles. It is harder to have a marijuana hangover through smoking which is why the  majority of cannabis users don’t believe in it.

What are the causes of marijuana hangovers? 

The principal component of cannabis that accounts for the euphoric high experienced by cannabis users is THC. THC works through the endocannabinoid system to give an intense burst of energy that can help to elevate mood and feeling. The level of THC in the body determines the kind of reaction to be expected. High levels of THC in the body can give rise to undesirable reactions which can lead to marijuana hangover.

With cannabis edibles, it takes time for the effect of THC to kick in. This is because there is a difference between the rate of metabolism of cannabis edibles and that of other forms of consumption like smoking. Smoking takes a shorter period for the effects to be felt in comparison with cannabis edibles. Edibles take between 20 minutes and 2 hours to produce effects. Many cannabis users due to a lack of the desired effects often fall into the trap of taking excessive amounts of edibles. The accumulation of such edibles in the body can lead to a plethora of adverse reactions which ultimately causes marijuana hangover the next day.

Another possible way to induce cannabis hangover is by mixing edibles with alcohol. The body often develops tolerance based on the amount of cannabis it is used to. Cannabis users that are not used to high levels of THC are prone to bad trips when they mix edibles with alcohol. The difference in the rate of metabolism of both components opens up the user to a higher level of euphoria. A level that can come with negative implications (like hangovers) if the body is not used to such.

What are the symptoms of marijuana hangovers?

The symptoms of cannabis hangover largely depend on the user. Here are some of the common symptoms that characterize marijuana hangovers.



Dry mouth

Increased Heart Rate

Mood changes



Nausea and vomiting

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms a day after heavy cannabis use, don't panic. Take lots of water and some painkillers and you should be okay. However, if symptoms persist it's advisable you see a doctor.

How to manage marijuana hangovers?

When it comes to marijuana hangover, there are several critical steps that can help in managing the undesired effects the next day. Here are some of the beneficial steps that you can employ to deal with marijuana hangovers.

Try to relax: Anxiety and restlessness are some of the common symptoms of marijuana hangover. To return the body to a state of normalcy, it is important to try to relax. A calm environment devoid of noise and overstimulation will help to prevent some of the symptoms. Try to avoid loud music or pictures from the TV which can heighten brain activity and promote stress. Relaxation will help your body recover from the hazy feeling that characterizes the hangover.

Eat healthily: One of the hardest things to do after a hangover is to eat especially if the hangover manifests with nausea and vomiting. This makes it impossible to take down anything. However, it's highly recommended you try to eat because food helps to restore strength and balance to the body.

Drink sufficient water: Dry mouth is a regular symptom of a marijuana hangover. This is why it is important to drink sufficient water to restore hydration levels of the body. Vomiting is also experienced in some cases of hangover and this causes dehydration as well. To quickly return the body to a balanced state, sufficient intake of water is very important. It doesn't just restore the body's hydration levels, it also helps blood flow.

Sleep: This works hand in hand with relaxation. It gives the body time to recover from the effects of marijuana. It is a very bad idea to go walking around when you're experiencing a marijuana hangover, It affects concentration, memory, and even productivity. This is why one of the things to do after a hangover is to relax. Get adequate restorative sleep!

How to prevent marijuana hangovers

Preventing a marijuana hangover is quite easy. Below are some quality tips that can help you reduce the chances of experiencing it.

Start with low doses: New cannabis users should try to start with low doses and slowly work their way up. This will help you to understand the tolerance level of your body.

Go easy with edibles: Patience is very important when dealing with cannabis edibles. It is advisable to avoid the consumption of large amounts of edibles to prevent marijuana hangover.

Try low THC products: There are different types of cannabis products with varying levels of THC concentrations. Edibles with high concentrations of THC are more likely to produce marijuana hangover, so to avoid marijuana hangovers, cannabis products with lower levels of THC are recommended.

Bottom Line

It is quite obvious that marijuana hangover isn't a myth, it's a fact. However, it is also a fact that they can be easily avoided and treated when it occurs. By avoiding the intake of large amounts of cannabis edibles you can easily prevent the experience of a marijuana hangover.








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