Driving With Marijuana
Driving With Marijuana

Marijuana Makes You A Better Driver? Say What?

Did you ever look at pot related accidents in Denver over the past few years?

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Oaktree on Monday May 2, 2016

Marijuana Makes You A Better Driver? Say What?  (guest post by Donna Fitzergald)


Does Cannabis Actually Make You a Better Driver? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


It's a topic that is highly debated- the effects of cannabis and marijuana on driving abilities.  Many view cannabis oil and marijuana access as a negative consequence for our roadway focus. It's commonly perceived as a trait that causes individuals to become less focused on the roads. It's viewed as a distraction that can easily be prevented.


In fact, this misconception is very wrong. Those who are making the statements generally fail to look at the factual knowledge behind accidents that result on our roadways. Access to cannabis, and drugs for medical purposes actually is one of the lowest contributing factors to accidents. In cities like Denver, where marijuana use has been legalized, we have seen a significantly lower number of accidents caused by its use.



From the results, we can learn that:


● Negligent and reckless driving are among the highest number of produced accidents on the roadways.


● Drunk driving has a much more serious consequence, and has also produced more accidents throughout the past few years.


● Careless and inattentive driving produce a higher number of accidents than drug use related accidents.


It's important that we take note what the statistics show us. Of course, there are some accidents associated with drug use, but the numbers tell us the number is much lower than those of negligent driving and alcohol use.


When advocating for causes, its also notable to consider these factors from a recent CNN study on marijuana and driving. The study looked at alcohol and marijuana as imparments for drivers and found the following:


Researchers said alcohol "significantly increased lane departures/minimum and maximum lateral acceleration; these measures were not sensitive to cannabis." Researchers also concluded Cannabis-influenced drivers "may attempt to drive more cautiously to compensate for impairing effects, whereas alcohol-influenced drivers often underestimate their impairment and take more risk."


If we are working on promoting a safer environment on our streets, we should consider these factors when picking an organization to become involved with or give our support to.   Additionally, as a society, we must come together to promote the halt of technology and distractions behind the wheel.



Benefits for Drivers


As mentioned previously, cannabis can be seen as an excellent aid for drivers with a high amount of adrenaline rushing through their system when they jump into an automobile. For many, the anxiousness we experience instantly rises when we jump into the drivers seat of our car, because of the constant worrying associated on the roadways. Over-thinking, or having a mindset that heightens your inability to make quick, rational choices when quickly faced with a situation, can be a threatening aspect of a motorists commute. With the addition of cannabis oil, or prescribed medical treatment for the situation, we can help to reduce nervous drivers inability to make calm, collective decisions when required to do so.


Cannabis can also help to reduce anxiety associated with other passengers in your vehicle, and help drivers to maintain focus on the roadways ahead.


What are some of the other positive effects marijuana can have on our roadways, and motorists who commute with them on a daily basis?







What did you think?

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