Green Dragon Tincture for a Week
Green Dragon Tincture for a Week

One Week with Only the Dragon - 7 Days of Green Dragon Tinctures

What is it like to do only the famous Green Dragon tinctures for 7 straight days?

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Mar 5, 2020

A Week of Green Dragon Tincture – Is it worth it?

green dragon tinctures for a week

The other day I stumbled on an old article I wrote roughly two years ago about How to Make Green Dragon at Home and saw that many people enjoyed the read. I decided to revisit the tincture and whipped up a fresh batch of Green Dragon [which I haven’t done since I wrote the original article].

This time around – I decided to do things a bit differently. My goal was to completely stop consuming cannabis by smoking/vaping it – and solely rely on edibles and tinctures. I called it “The Reggie-Reef Smokeless Challenge!”

Was my ‘smokeless’ option stemming from any medical or physical issues? Absolutely not. My entire motivation was to differentiate the “feeling” of being high on tincture vs being high on smoke.

The last time I wrote the Green Dragon article – I was dropping drops and smoking spliffs like there was no tomorrow. Did I ride the dragon to Marijuanaville? Youbetcha!

However, this time around my goal was to isolate the experience and analyze “tincturing” as a stand-alone approach to cannabis consumption.

This experiment would have certain rules;

I can ONLY consume tincture or an infused oil

I need to keep “tabs” on my consumption [sorta]

I need to PUSH it to the limits at least once

Write down general sensations and how it differs from smoking/vaping


Here’s a quick overview of the Green Dragon Recipe I followed:

Green Dragon Cheat Sheet

Roughly half an ounce of REALLY GOOD weed

I bought some Gin to do the infusion – had the highest alcohol content in my area

Decarbed Weed? [YES]

Gin Level was roughly one inch higher than the top of the weed

Stored in a Mason Jar

Shook it once a day

Was Stored for 2 weeks

Strained with Cheese cloth

Placed in droppers


Bam – You got the quickest recipe for Green Dragon Tincture.

Now to the fun stuff.


Going Full Tincture

The first day it was a bit weird I must admit. I wasn’t smoking – something I’ve been doing regularly for a while. I completely went smokeless [for the first time in years]. It was weird to solely rely on the tincture.

The tincture did taste good and burned the bottom of my tongue. I decided to start off slow and only take about 1-3 drops in the mornings.

The initial effects were mild – I was high, but I didn’t quite know it – but I totally knew I was high. It was an energetic high – no cotton-mouth, and my eyes did not get red.

I didn’t need another drop until the afternoon – after eating. In fact, chasing the food with the drops was pretty cool – especially since I tinctured right there in public defying the social norms. Nobody gave a shit.

I dosed on average between 9-12 drops per day and had zero anxiety issues. Whenever anxiety or stress would cloud my judgement or become apparent – a few drops and 10 minutes would be more than enough to set it back to controllable levels.


Did you manage to get ZONKED?

Yes and no. I thought I would green out if I took too much tincture – but it turns out that tincture is far nobler than edibles.

Where an edible would not ask your permission to throw you into a void – tinctures creep, but don’t overdo it either.

I did manage to get REALLY HIGH with the tincture which came out to roughly 2-3 times my total DAILY DOSE….in other words, between 20-30 drops.

It was enough to get me all sort of messed up, however, still very much in control. I didn’t get too much cottonmouth [except now it was present] and I did get a bit more couch locked [but not unbearable].

I didn’t want to smoke a joint – but this is because I only attempted the ZONK part of the experiment a few days after not smoking at all.


Any noticeable effects from not smoking

Yes – to be honest, there was a slight change in my oxygen distribution and so forth, but not too much. I am a pretty healthy guy in general, and I’m not smoking more than 2 joints in a day. The smoke was never really a problem.

Nonetheless – just eliminating it a bit did create some physiological differences after about 3 days.


Would you recommend it?

It’s irrelevant whether I would or wouldn’t – the whole reason I did the experiment was to challenge myself. I could give two shits about what you should or shouldn’t do in your life. Rater – if you think that perhaps you could benefit from going “smokeless” – then by all means try it. It’s a different way of consuming cannabis for sure – it’s neither better or worse…it simply is its own thing.

I found the entire experience to be pleasant – however, I do like to smoke blunts or joints or bongs, so I still smoke. The only difference now is that I ALSO added tinctures. I don’t smoke in the mornings anymore – a bit of Tincture prior to Yoga….you’re going to find peace for sure!








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