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alcohol free tinctures

How To Make Alcohol-Free Cannabis Tinctures With Glycerin

Tinctures Are An Easy Way To Get Medicine Into The Body

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DanaSmith on Tuesday May 2, 2017
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How To Make Alcohol-Free Cannabis Tinctures With Glycerin



Tinctures offer a full spectrum of health benefits and uses. Though in most formulas, alcohol is usually used as the standard solvent. Alcohol is efficient in extracting the cannabinoids so that you can create a potent cannabis tincture. The ethanol content in alcohol is also helpful in increasing the speed of absorption, which means that you can feel the effects of the tinctures faster.



However, not everyone can or wants to consume alcohol even if you are using top-grade liquor. Some individuals are completely intolerant to alcohol, that even small amounts can be immediately felt. This is why there are alternatives to using alcohol in creating tinctures, and today that’s what we are going to do.






Glycerin is a non-alcoholic solvent that is also used in many food products. Glycerin is completely safe to consume since it is made from plant or animal matter although plant-derived glycerin is ideal for many. You can find food-grade glycerin in groceries and pharmacies, sometimes it’s marketed as a sweetener. The sweet taste is enjoyed by many, making the tinctures more delicious.Vegetable glycerin has a mild taste and it can be added on nearly everything. In fact it can also be consumed directly.


The limitation of glycerin-based tinctures lies in its potency. It can only retain around 1/3 of the cannabinoids compared to alcohol, so you may need to consume more if you want to achieve the same effect or medicinal properties. The boiling point of glycerin is 290 degrees Celsius, so it’s impossible to reduce the liquid the same way that you would with alcohol. Glycerin tinctures also have a shorter shelf life; vegetable glycerin can be stored for a year while alcohol-based tinctures can last you up to 4 years. Glycerin tinctures can be stored in any glass container though dropper bottles are recommended and are also the most convenient way to store and use them as you please.



Vegetable Glycerin Tincture Recipe




What you’ll need:


A crockpot

Cheesecloth or fine mesh


½ ounce of decarboxylated cannabis (shake, trim, or broken up buds)

2 cups organic vegetable glycerin





  1. In a quart mason jar, combine all the ingredients. Cover with its lid and shake until the cannabis is coated well in the glycerin.
  2. Use a folded hand towel or wash cloth to line the bottom of a crockpot. Fill the crockpot halfway using warm water.
  3. Put the sealed quart mason jar into the crockpot, then cover it with a lid if you have one that fits. Put the setting on warm for 24 hours, but pop in every few hours to give it a good shake.
  4. After 24 hours, use oven mitts to remove the jar from the crockpot. Gently open the jar, and let the tincture cool for at least one hour.
  5. Use a cheesecloth or fine mesh to strain the glycerin into another jar. The cheesecloth of leftover material can be used to make cannabis tea later on.
  6. Use funnels to transfer the glycerin tincture into dropper bottles.



Depending on the potency of the strain you are working with, the tincture may be more or less psychoactive. It is recommended to experiment with dosage until you’ve discovered the amount that works best for you. If you find that one drop of glycerin cannabis tincture doesn’t work, increase the dosage until it works. Tinctures can be added into foods; virtually any dish or beverage of your choice can be turned a notch up more special just by adding a few drops of your new tincture.



Save Time Using A Magical Butter Machine



Many love using the Magical Butter Machine since it can save you time and a lot of work making tinctures. The machine already comes with a tincture setting which means that it can reduce the time needed from 24 hours to 4 hours, although to have a stronger tincture you can leave it on 3 cycles for a total of 12 hours or more.



Using the slow cooker method is similar to the Magical Butter Machine method; since you can adjust the time to increase the potency of the cannabis used in your tincture.



Have you tried making glycerin tinctures? What was it like?










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