order and chaos with marijuana
order and chaos with marijuana

Order and Chaos Through the Lens of Cannabis

How cannabis can shape our views of living with order or chaos going forward

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday May 13, 2020

How to break the illusion of order and embrace chaos with cannabis

order and chaos with cannabis

The other day I was in a conversation with a person who believes that “order” is the natural state of the universe. I disagreed and said, “Order is only a momentary blip in an ocean of chaos”. This obviously didn’t sit well with him and so – a useless to-and-fro started where he tried to ‘one-up’ and convince that I am wrong.


I told him – it’s irrelevant whether I’m right or wrong – chaos will still rule everything. He said, “You are the result of 14 billion years of organized order” – of which I replied… “Am I? or am I just the result of millions of happy accidents?”


Hell – the entire origin story of the universe is based on chaos – but I digress.


The reason I’m talking about Order and Chaos is because these are two seemingly opposing forces required to sustain reality. On one hand – our world does seem very ordered. Look at society. It follows rules, organizational structures, it has consequences for breaking the rules, etc.


This all suggests that for anything to “grow” or to “exist” – requires some sort of order as a base condition. However, this is only true if you look at the “system” from afar. When you shift your perspective and focus more closely – you’ll see just how riddled with chaos the entire system is.


Cannabis and Chaos


In this article I’ll use Cannabis as a metric to show just how “disordered and chaotic” everything is. We’ll start with the basic premise that the government wishes to sell us;


“People are NOT capable of ruling themselves – and by default needs OTHER PEOPLE to govern them”.


This is the primary assumption of the government. You are too dumb to rule yourself, and thus need “other more qualified people” to rule you and enforce the rules.


This is the premise of taking your “individual chaos” and forcefully organizing it into “social order”. Sounds good on paper! Except – in practice it hardly works.


Take for example a High Ranking Redding Police officer who was arrested on drug charges.

A Redding police corporal was arrested last week after authorities found a warehouse with marijuana, cocaine and nearly $60,000 in cash. - Source


Does this seem like “order” is in control? Because if “order” was the base-state of the universe and society – one could argue that something like this cannot happen because it is emphatically “disorder” and “chaos”.


If this was an honest and ordered system – this Redding High Ranking Officer would have been booked and charged with criminal offenses.



No criminal charges have been filed against Williams at this point, according to Shasta County District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett. Bridgett said the case hasn't yet been forwarded to prosecutors in her office by CHP for a determination of charges.


Perhaps – this is because they are trying to figure out some sort of deal for the cop – since “The boys in blue” watch out for their own.


The point I’m making is that the “illusion of control and order” is just that – an illusion. Order is a very comfortably way of looking at the world – everything is as it should be.


But then you run into things like the Redding story, or banks taking money from cartels and terrorist groups, or the ATF selling guns to the cartels, or the CIA drugging US citizens without their knowledge, or the Department of Defense talking about false flag operations in the US.


If you think the previous paragraph sounded farfetched – then simply prove me wrong. I’d be more than willing to revoke this statement but there’s a catch – this is verifiable history so I’m not wrong at all.


You see – “Order” is an illusion because from a particular perspective – everything seems fine. But then you realize, “The ordered system” is comprised of “chaotic individuals” which means that while society “agrees” generally to follow the same set of behavioral rules – there is no guarantee that they will.


And so – even within an ordered system, we can find chaos moving the pieces. The unpredictable nature of the universe might seem ordered to us and from our perspective – but the moment you look at something as simple as “cannabis and the relationship between the plant and society” – you can see that we are ultimately ruled by chaos.


However – perhaps all of this is simply because I like the idea of being surrounded by chaos. The unpredictable nature of life makes it exciting. Imagine if everything was pre-determined and that no matter what you did – it wouldn’t matter.


This is the nature of order – no freedom, no creativity, no stepping outside of the box. However, I don’t believe that the universe is solely ruled by chaos [despite it being the base state of all things]. Our existence is a constant flux between order and chaos – where the only consistent factor is the change that comes with each revolution between the two concepts.


If you wish to live in a world of order – this is all good. However, if anything goes against your model of order – your whole universe would come crashing down. Thus – embracing a bit of chaos in your life and becoming comfortable with it – can go a long way in preparing you for unforeseen events.







What did you think?

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