Raw Garden Vape cartridge reviews
Raw Garden Vape cartridge reviews

Raw Garden Cartridge Review - Are They Really the Best in California?

Raw Garden vape cartridges are legendary, but are they the best in California?

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Pace LaVia on Monday Mar 22, 2021

Raw Garden Cartridge Review: Best Out Of California?

raw garden vape carts in california

There are a ton of vape cartridges that are from California, but there really isn’t any that come close to the cannabis oil produced by Raw Garden. They started out in 2015, a team of scientist and cannabis cultivators, and produced what has become a leading standard for THC carts. They cultivate their own marijuana seeds, and during the time of harvest there is a Cryogenic freezing to preserve the cannabis plant and all its cannabinoids intact. Raw garden cartridges can be found in 742 dispensaries in California according to their website.


Raw Garden has grown so popular that their CEO recently announced an expansion to Arizona where cannabis is legal for recreational use too. Now Arizona will be able to experience some of the best cannabis oil produced from California, prefilled inside 510-thread cartridges. So, what exactly are the reasons people like Raw Garden carts? We tried them out for ourselves so that we can report back to our readers if they really are something special, or being overhyped.


Review: Raw Garden THC Cartridges

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The distillate carts produced by Raw garden have a cannabis oil that does not look like any other on the market. The distillate oil is clear like water with just a hint of yellow, and smells amazing from outside the vape cartridge. They use 510-thread cartridges, which is the most common type used by companies. The THC carts are sufficient to vape every drop of the distillate oil without wasting a bit. I noticed that the cannabis oil can remain on the glass of the vape cartridge that's easily melted with a flame. 


For this Raw Garden cartridge review, we tried plenty of their strains so that we got the best idea about the quality in these THC cartridges, and if there is consistency.

Topical Dream #7 - Outstanding Sativa with very high THC content and cerebral effects!

Mandarin Mist Sativa - Great sativa cartridge for those looking for an energy and help focusing on long work task.

Keylime Cookies - Again, don’t think the THC vape oil will taste like its strains name, but it definitely brings supper strong sativa effects.

Mendo Stomper - Extremely potency THC cartridge testing at 88.20% THC content.

Cloud Chaser - The most potent THC cart from Raw garden that we have ever tried at 90% THC, really strong Indica effects felt instantly with only one vape hit.


The Best Voltage Temperature Settings for Raw Garden Carts

raw garden vape cartridges

(Every Raw Garden cart comes with a sticker on it, above is a half gram size vape cartridge connected to a O.pen vape pen battery)

Although Raw Garden has their own 510-thread vape pen battery, it's limited to only one voltage which is a shame because it's not the best setting for it. Its really unfortunate, because when vaping a Raw garden cart with its very own battery, taking a full hit until the vape pen battery blinks will result in very hot vapor. But having the option to choose a lower temperature allows for a more enjoyable experience with Raw Garden cartridges.


For this Raw Garden cartridge review, we used a O.pen variable voltage vape battery, which has multiple voltage options. The best voltage settings for this THC cartridge was 3.2 and 4.0 volts. It does not take a lot of vapor to feel the effects from these very potent vape cartridges, beginners should start with a small vape hit and wait. Taking a vape hit until the vape pen blinks with O.Pen batteries will only result in smooth and sizable hits, they retail for $39.99 on their website. These vape pen batteries are also stylus pens too, and feel nice to use as one.

Real Cannabis Terpenes

Pre-filled THC oil cartridges with actual cannabis terpenes provide much stronger effects than carts without them. The reason for this more intense high is because of the full spectrum effect. It was a real pleasure to be able to experience the delicious vapor produced from the Mandarin Mist cartridge from Raw Garden. Although the vapor did not taste like an actual mandarin, it reminded me of really delicious tasting top shelf cannabis. The flavor was not fruity like your going to experience with non-cannabis terpenes, which are cheaper and typically have high THC potencies too.

High THC Potency Vape Cartridges

raw garden vape cartridge

The Raw Garden carts average 78-90% potency of Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the main chemical compound from cannabis that provides the psychoactive effect. These high THC potency mixed with cannabis derived terpenes results in a premium pre-filled cartridge, and they can be found for sale in California dispensaries for $50-$65 for a full gram. We talked with cannabis dispensaries across California, and it's common for them to tell us that their bestseller are Raw Garden cartridges.


Lab Test Results Available On Every THC cartridge

It's super easy to find the lab test results for every Raw Garden cartridge, which is accessible on their website. They always have the latest lab test recent available for every product making them a reputable THC cartridge company.


High Times Cannabis Cup Winner

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that these cannabis oil cartridges are some of the best in the USA, and they’ve won cannabis cup awards to prove it already multiple of their THC cartridges in the Bay Area.

raw garden instagram

130,000 Instagram followers

This THC cartridge company has a huge following on their Instagram account with currently 130,000 followers and growing rapidly every month. Their Instagram page is filled with pictures of some of the most beautiful cannabis buds from their grow operations. Their page is private, but they will accept everyone who follows them.


The Bad

There is yet to be a perfect 510-thread THC cartridge, and Raw Garden has one small issue. The only complaint about these THC cartridges is towards the end its always impossible not to have some cannabis oil clog the passage way for the vapor. But it's not difficult to easily unclog the cartridge with a little of a harder draw until you hear the air pass through it again.









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