best thc vape cartridges in california
best thc vape cartridges in california

Top 11 THC Cartridges from California in 2020

What are the best THC vape cartridges in Cali this year?

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The Undercover Stoner on Wednesday May 20, 2020

Top 11 THC Cartridges from California in 2020

best vape cartridges in california

Today we are going to answer a frequent question we get, what are the best THC cartridges in California? After trying out every THC cartridge we could get our hands on in California, it's finally time to release our list of the best! The convenience of being able to get high discreetly while on the go continues to be improved with better THC cartridges. Our list will include suggestions on THC cartridges for every stoner. We understand not everyone is looking for the strongest vape cartridges.


The types of THC cartridges have evolved significantly over the years. Many cannabis companies have developed their own vape cartridges hoping to separate themselves from the many traditional 510 carts. Cannabis concentrate Brands have developed their own vape battery and cartridge systems. Discover the best THC cartridges in California currently, and make a smart decision on your next purchase.


We only recommend licensed cannabis oil cartridge brands on our list, and no black market carts will be included. You’ve most likely heard about the vaping crises that happened last year, and left people seriously injured. This was happening because of black market vape cartridges that were filled with cannabis oil and pesticides. It's important to be aware of counterfeit cartridges being sold too. Beware the 100% THC cartridge labels trying to trick people into buying them with false reports. Use our best THC cartridge list as a reference, and avoid buying junk from off the street.

Best THC Oil Cartridges In 2020 List

Our list includes cannabis oil cartridges that have won High Times Cannabis Cup awards, and others making noise in California. As somebody who has spent almost his entire adult life living in California, I've witnessed these vape carts continue to improve each year. Improvements include better cannabis oil, and vape cartridge hit efficiency. We start our list with the most affordable cannabis oil vape cartridges, but are all lab tested. We follow up with the highest quality cartridges for the best prices.


11. Dime Bags THC Vape Cartridges Are Cheap But Worth It

dime bag vape carts

Another THC cartridge brand that has some low costing carts, and high potency to get any stoner high. Although these Dime Bag cartridges are plastic, they give good size hits. A gram Dime Bag THC oil cartridge retails for $35. It made our list because its lab tested, and averages between 70-80% THC content. This is the perfect THC oil cartridge for someone who is on a budget. This may be your typical distillate with artificial terpenes, but it's clean with lab test proof.

10. Kings Garden Cartridges Include Rare Cannabinoids
king garden cartridges

The Kings Garden vape cartridges have options that include rare to find cannabinoids such as THCv.  Their 33 Bananas cartridge lab tested for 4 milligrams of THCv. Another cannabinoid found was CBC with 1.1% reported. A small percent of CBD was found at 1.9 miligrams. A half gram of Kings Garden cartridge retails for $30.00. King Garden cartridges test at 80 % of THC content on average, so expect to be high with only a couple of hits.


9. Papa Herb Cartridges Are Potent Distillate Oil For Cheap

papa herb vapes

We start off with the most affordable THC cartridge on our list, and it does not sacrifice any potency. In fact, it has lab test results available showing an incredible 90% cannabinoids, and the price for a half gram is $15.00. I wasn’t expecting to like Papa Herb because of the low price tag it had on it. But It was a mistake to judge this affordable vape cartridge before even taking vaping it. The Papa Herb cartridges will satisfy anybody who considers themselves to have a high tolerance.


8. Friendly Farms Sauce Cartridges Are Fire

friendly farms vapes

Friendly Farms cartridges have some strong tasty hits behind them, and that comes with a premium price tag. Find half gram Friendly Farm cartridges in California for $45. They recently released their full grams, but I couldn't find any in the Bay area with a search on It would be nice to find full grams more available in popular delivery services and dispensaries nearby.


7. Garden Of Eden Diamond Cartridges Are Strong And Affordable

garden of eden vape cartridge review

I actually don’t live too far from the dispensary Garden of Eden in Hayward Ca. It's common to find them busy the moment they open. Good luck trying to buy one of their cartridges early in the morning, because a lot of people are usually trying to buy their fix before work. Their half gram Diamond cartridges lab test with THC content as high as 90%, and cost $30 for a half gram. We highly recommend their Diamond cartridges for those looking for a budget THC cartridge.


6. 710 Labs Pods Have The Most Flavorful Hits

710 labs vape carts review

This new 710 labs brand has introduced a new type of THC oil pods, more focused on flavor profiles. They also only use medical grade materials separating themselves from the rest. The 710 vape pen and pod hardware design is exclusive to them. It looks similar to the Stiiizy vape pen, but a more compact version of it. It feels great to hold and gives some cool and tasty hits.


A Half gram of this prefilled THC oil pod retails for $40.00, and is geared towards more people after flavor. The average THC content averages between 60-75%, but it's made up with above average terpene percentages. The pod system is much more superior than others, justifying its premium price. Hits are superior to more established brands such as Stiizy.


5. New Stiiizy Pods With Cannabis Terpenes Is Delicious

stiizy vape cart reviews

The vape pen and pods from Stiiizy look similar to the Juul. They recently introduced a new line up of prefilled THC oil pods. The new silver holographic packaging from Stiiizy represents their new cannabis derived terpenes options. It looks like they took notice at other cannabis cup winning cartridge brands. Many more people are becoming aware of artificial terpenes, and are preferring naturally derived from cannabis.  Half grams of their new cannabis oil vape pods retail for $30.00.


4. Plug And Play Vape Pens Hit Different

plug and play vape

The Plug Play cartridge has a pod system that hits like a dab. Taking one full hit will be more than enough to go from zero to a hundred real quick in being high. They have options with artificial and cannabis derived terpenes. The cost for a gram is $60, and there are no half gram options for sale. These pods are made out of plastic, so an accident drop will not break your pod and cause it to leak. It's possible to vape through a Plug and Play Pod faster than a regular 510 cartridge, because the hits are more bigger.


3. KGB Reserves Sauce Pen Is A Real Treat

kgb reserve terp vape cart

The KGB reserve brand has crafted a premium disposable sauce vape pen. It's ready out the package to vape, and does not require the press of any buttons to use. This is the type of THC vape pen that will make any occasion more special. Experience the full power of the marijuana plant in its concentrate sauce form. There is nothing outside the cannabis plant that is added to this THC cartridge.


Those who are wondering if the entourage effect is real can see for themselves with KGB reserve sauce pens. This sauce pen can make a great present for any stoner you know who enjoys quality.


2. Apex Extractions Full Spectrum Cartridges

apex extraction vape pens

Full spectrum cartridges are pure cannabis oil without anything extra added into it. The Apex cartridges provide an affordable full spectrum experience. They won multiple awards in last year's High Times Cannabis Cup. One award was for their Alien Rock Candy vape cartridge. I can also recommend their dab selection of live resin concentrate, very premium hash.


A half gram of their full spectrum carts can be found for sale at $33.00 on average. These cartridges range between 69-80% THC content on average. But the entourage effect helps provide an even more intense high too.


1. Raw Garden Cartridges Are Something Special

raw gardens vape pen

I never found myself struggling to find my favorite THC cartridge brand while trying all of these different carts. I always gravitated towards the cannabis cup winning cartridge brand, Raw Garden. After introducing all my stoner buddies to this THC cartridge, they instantly switched to it as their primary choice of cart too. When they first released their vape cartridges, they originally only had half gram options with a premium price tag.


However, my delivery guy was always trying to push them on me cause he swore they were the greatest. Sounds just like the typical cannabis delivery sales pitch to push his products I thought. After taking my first hit of a Raw Garden cartridge, I knew instantly these were something special. I went from vaping Stiiizy everyday to Raw Garden carts instantly. Since then I've tried every cartridge on this list and always went back to Raw Garden vape cartridges.



Let us know in the comments if you have tried any of the THC cartridges mentioned on our list.






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