Reefer Rant on Crazy People #NotTheNorm

Reefer Madness in a new form as dumb people do dumb s%h&t

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Nov 15, 2018

Reefer Rant on Crazy People #NotTheNorm - This is not the norm of Cannabis Users!

Over the past two days I have seen some crazy shit! Well, perhaps not ‘seen’ but read about it. For starters, we have the mom who thought it would be a spectacular idea to give her kids hits from blunts and film it, to be shared on social media, who got sentenced the Maximum sentence for child endangerment and a host of other crimes.

Then, I read about a 70+ year-old-woman who stabbed her husband nearly to death because he wanted to use medical marijuana. Her response, “I was sick of it”.

I read these things because I have several Google Alerts set up that tell me when things happen in the world of weed. Most of the time it’s about business, laws and how many grows the cops thwarted. However, every now and then one of these sensationalist stories hits my feed and today I decided it’s time to start talking about it.


#NotTheNorm – Those People are Bat-shit!

The average cannabis consumer is a responsible adult somewhere in their early thirties with a steady job, possibly kids and a household to maintain. They smoke weed as a way to relax or perhaps for medical reasons. They are level headed people who contribute to society, are pleasant to get along with and are generally good people.

The people I spoke about are not the norm. They are extreme examples of people who are insane. But nobody wants to report on the 35-year-old self-employed stoner mom that puts food on the table and educates her children about drugs.

No, they want to hear about the idiot who ate a brownie and decided he could fly [this didn’t happen, I’m just saying…] Sensationalism sells and that’s why when you have bat-shit people doing bat-shit things, the media goes…. ape-shit.

We as a society are drawn to the morbid. It’s the only reason why reality television is such a big thing. We love to see other people doing things that are so out of whack, that their idiocy entertains us in some weird twisted way.

The 21-year-old mom that gave blunt hits to her toddlers is a raving idiot. I have no idea why she has three kids, unless boning is the only thing she knows ‘somewhat well’. She should not be a mother at all, at least not now.

It’s common sense to any rational human being that giving your kids drugs, even if its marijuana, is not cool. It’s especially not cool to film it and thing, “I’m gonna get a shit-ton of likes for this!”

I mean, you’re literally recording evidence and sharing it with the world. You’re not cool, you’re not popular…you’re insanely stupid and should not have the privilege to take care of other people.

In the case of the psychotic granny that stabbed her husband…well, she wasn’t even smoking weed. In that story the victim was a want-to-be cannabis user who was being discriminated against (to the point of violence) for choosing to consume a plant.

This is what prohibition has done to the minds of some people. It has instilled this irrational block to the concept of legal marijuana that will drive some people to murder. Irrespective, you can’t blame all ‘non-cannabis users’ for the action of one deranged lunatic, just like you can’t generalize the actions of an individual idiotic stoner and translate it to the whole demographic.

It’s time we start holding people accountable for their individual actions. Not for the substances they use.

For instance, in a fatal car crash where alcohol was involved…do you blame the alcohol or do you blame the driver.

You blame the driver of course! The alcohol is a non-sentient liquid that has absolutely no power over anyone. It’s the decision of the individual to engage with the substance or not.

“But if he didn’t drink…” some would say. “If alcohol wasn’t legal” others would tout. The problem is, illegal or not…some people will always drink. Illegal or not, some people will always smoke pot.

The problem isn’t the legality of a substance, it’s the responsibility of the individuals who partake of those substances. This is one thing that the world still needs to learn.

Sure, alcohol and other drugs do have an influence on the behavior of the individual but one should never blame the substance for the actions of the individual. We need to educate people properly on how to use such substances.

And we should also remember that some people are simply bat-shit-crazy and irrespective of whether you have sensible laws or not…they will still be a hazard to themselves and others.

Hell, from 2011 to 2017 more than 200 people died from trying to take ‘extreme selfies’. Idiocy is still a factor we cannot ignore. Just remember… this is #NotTheN


No, Marijuana Doesn't Make You Want to Kill People #NotTheNorm from CannabisNet on Vimeo.








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