lipstick on a pig for Schedule 3 cannabis
lipstick on a pig for Schedule 3 cannabis

Schedule 3 for Cannabis - What Lipstick on a Pig Actually Looks Like

The government could be setting up for voting season, but schedule 3 may not end well for cannabis users

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Sep 7, 2023

lipstick on a pig for schedule 3 cannabis

Here’s why you shouldn’t celebrate Schedule-III for cannabis. It’s not enough!


Once again, the feds are attempting to placate the cannabis community with empty gestures dressed up as "progress." The establishment's favorite tactic is the ol' bait and switch - dangling superficial reforms to distract us while they fortify prohibition behind the scenes.


The latest insult? Potentially moving cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III under the tyrannical Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Don't fall for the okey-doke, friends. This is a trojan horse meant to fool us into complacency.


Schedule III is just prohibition by another name - lipstick on a pig meant to distract us while Big Pharma, private prisons, and their cartel pals maneuver to dominate the "legal" cannabis industry. It offers an illusion of reform while keeping the core oppressive structures intact.


True liberation means complete descheduling and dismantling the CSA entirely! We must condemn this corrupt document designed to criminalize plants and people. Half-measures like Schedule III are breadcrumbs meant to pacify activists. But we won't settle for scraps. The only righteous path is full legalization now - no compromises!


In the following article we’re going to explore why you shouldn’t celebrate Schedule-III as a victory

The Arbitrary and Unscientific Nature of Drug Scheduling


See, the CSA's scheduling system was designed by suits to monopolize and control markets, not to scientifically classify drugs. The categories are based on politics and corporate interests, not empirical pharmacology. For example, cannabis ending up in Schedule I alongside heroin back in 1970 was a naked business decision to eliminate competition against Big Pharma's patented synthetics.


Powerful industry lobbies demonized cannabis to block cheaper plant-based alternatives to their profitable pills. And their pals in Washington were all too willing to classify it alongside dangerous narcotics with "no medical value" despite millennia of medical use.


It was drug war propaganda - not science - that banned even researching cannabis while dangerous opioids were pushed as medicine. And now the same politics and greed want to "compromise" by moving cannabis to Schedule III with the arbitrary likes of ketamine and anabolic steroids. How noble of them!


Don't be fooled, folks. While Schedule III would allow banks to service the industry and bring some tax benefits, it comes with a heavy cost: intense regulation that would likely kill independent growers and homogenize the market under the corporate cannabis conglomerates who lobbied for marijuana prohibition in the first place.


Just look at who is funding the campaigns of politicians pushing for rescheduling. Follow the money and you'll find Big Pharma, eager to absorb the cannabis industry into its profit-maximizing machine. We have to wake up to the game being played!

The Harms of Schedule III Cannabis Regulations


Make no mistake, Schedule III would bring intense new regulation designed to consolidate corporate control and squeeze out independent cultivators. Suddenly the FDA and DEA have expansive new powers over cannabis under the guise of "public health." They could impose arbitrary licensing fees, excessive pesticide standards, facility regulations, transportation rules - remember, the goal is always control, not safety.


And you can bet these rules will be designed intentionally to eliminate small growers who built this industry. Some possibilities: Mandatory RFID tracking from seed-to-sale, 100k+ square feet minimum facilities, control handed to existing Big Ag operators. Can't you just see Marlboro Greens or Pfizer Purps dominating "legal" markets?


Picture sterile fields of robotic cannabis monocrops harvested by machines. Labs synthesizing cannabinoids from yeast. Store shelves lined with overpriced, low-quality pre-roll joints and extract carts pumped out to maximize profits over quality. That's the dreary future Schedule III cannabis brings - no soul, no community, just plastic corporate weed spam.


They'll tell us Schedule III enables research - but don't be fooled. Studies would be tightly constrained to support pharmaceutical formats and identify marketable patents. We'd see more overpriced, addictive cannabis-based pills pushed to cure the side effects caused by other patented pills. But no whole-plant medicines or home grows threatening those sweet Big Pharma bottom lines.


We know from history the pharmaceutical industry has worked aggressively to block studies on natural cannabis in order to peddle their synthetic alternatives.


Back in the 80s, Pfizer shut down studies at UCLA exploring cannabis for migraines when it looked promising. They didn't want competition for their patented drugs. Likewise, in the 90s Eli Lilly terminated trials on cannabis pain treatment at the University of Georgia when initial results indicated it could replace expensive pain meds.


The pharma giants have always used their influence over policymakers to preserve their research monopoly. Schedule III would just expand this, letting Big Pharma cherry-pick the cannabis science that suits their bottom line. We have to open inquiry to independent researchers not constrained by corporate shareholders.

The Only Solution is Descheduling and True Open Access


Understand, friends: No other natural beneficial plant is scheduled and regulated like a narcotic! Apples aren't Schedule III. Why should our government treat cannabis differently than any other crop? There is no scientific justification for singling out this healing plant, only corporate machinations to monopolize markets.


Cannabis policy should be based on freedom, compassion, and human rights - not monopolistic controls and arbitrary criminality. Responsible adults can make their own choices about what to consume, grow, and sell. For centuries, people used this plant responsibly as medicine and sacrament without the DEA or FDA's harmful "help."


Props to the lawmakers pushing for reform, but Schedule III isn't enough. All it does is replace overt oppression with subtly tyrannical bureaucracy under a license racket. We must demand full descheduling to protect cannabis as an open-source plant belonging to all people, not captured corporations and regulators.


In truth, the CSA itself is an illegitimate document violating civil liberties. Its very existence created the drug cartels cannabis prohibition supposedly combats! This dangerous policy gave government unlimited discretion to criminalize plants and fungi arbitrarily based on racism and corporate interests.


That unjust authority has been used intentionally to perpetuate civil injustice, fund militarized police, enrich crony politicians and their corporate donors, and demonize safe psychoactive medicines. Drug scheduling is politics pretending to be science. In reality, no institution should have the power to control adults' access to plants and fungi.


Cannabis must be totally emancipated from this oppressive regime. We have a duty to defend cognitive liberty and plant sovereignty against all tyrannical overreach. Full legalization now is the only righteous path. Half-measures like Schedule III stall progress and let prohibition continue under the guise of regulation. We can't allow it.


True cannabis liberation means complete descheduling, home cultivation rights, access for medical use, expunging criminal records, and opening research. Anything less perpetuates injustice against this healing plant and its users.


The Sticky Bottom Line

Cannabis legalization means nothing if the product is homogenized and freedom to cultivate is stripped. Schedule III would be a bait-and-switch cementing corporate cannabis. That's unacceptable. This sacred plant belongs to all people, not government regulated monopolies.


This is something that by now, you should have picked up on by the Biden Administration. I truly fear for American politics in the coming year. You’ve got two lying-psychopaths gunning for control over the nuclear codes and no common sense anywhere to be found. You have to realize by now that the whole system is set up to cater to the corporations, a modern serfdom plastic-wrapped with illusionary-freedom in the form of infinite choices of bullshit.


We the People cannot allow government's con to continue unchallenged. Cannabis activists must unite against all attempts to keep this plant under bureaucratic control.   Total descheduling is the only righteous path. If they don’t want to comply, then screw them. Continue being the stealth stoner and grow, share, and engage with the community.


Don't settle for half-measures like Schedule III that undermine the legalization movement's core aims.  This is about emancipation and abundance, not taxation and regulation. Cannabis is meant to spread joy and healing, not enrich regulators and pill pushers.


Stay vigilant, friends. The politicians and profiteers want us pacified with scraps. But we must demand the full feast - liberation for all cannabis lovers through ending prohibition entirely. No compromises. No corporate takeover. And no damned drug schedules!





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