Minds social media for the cannabis industry
Minds social media for the cannabis industry

Should the Cannabis Industry Move Over to the Minds Social Media Platform to Avoid Censorship?

Is the Minds blockchain social media platform the solution for the cannabis industry?

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Mar 30, 2022

Minds social media platform for weed posts

People are waking up to the idea that perhaps these giant tech platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube – aren’t necessarily there for our benefit. Many people are realizing that there are predominant narratives that are being promoted on these platforms that align with the underlying philosophy of the overlords while others are being silenced.


Furthermore, there is a fundamental problem with current social media platforms that should be concerning to anyone surfing the internet. In essence, when you use “free” platforms like Facebook and Twitter, they begin to track everything that you do. The reason for this according to them is to “cater content to you that you’d like”.


What this really means is that they are creating content that keeps you glued to their platform since your participation is what makes them money. While this is “okay”, they go a step further by bundling your information and selling it to advertisers who then use that info to market stuff to you. One would think, that by providing so much value to the platform, you’d have some sort of ability to participate in the money they are generating.


However, as many people have found out – if you don’t agree with their talking points you can easily get booted from their platform. Just ask ex-President Trump who got banned from Twitter.


Reginald…I know social media platforms stink right now…but what can we do about it?


You may have heard about some alternatives to Twitter over the past few weeks. Namely, Gab and Gettr. Both of these two social media platforms claim that they are advocates of free speech, but Gettr banned Nick Fuentes for something the platform believed to be a recruitment protocol for white supremacists.  Which simply reveals that “free speech” is technically not a tenant of the platforms.


Gab, another alternative to Twitter is more independent, but seems to be virtually a clone of Twitter with no extra features that make you say, “Wow”.


So what are we left with? Personally, I think the best platform available on the internet at this very specific moment in time is Minds.


The rest of this article will be dedicated to convince stoners everywhere, young and old, professional and consumer – to migrate their activity and to move all their social networks to Minds. At the very least to Open a Profile on Minds right now.


Why Minds?


First, let’s talk about Minds as a platform. It’s one of the first “decentralized” platforms where there is no censorship. What this means is that there are people that could potentially be spouting some insensitive and hateful talk online – HOWEVER – it also means that there is an inherent protection on all speech.

Minds is a place where open discourse can take place and where community can be built. But most importantly, it’s a place where YOU have equity in the monetization of content. I’ll dive into more detail about that later.

Minds has its own cryptocurrency, which currently values at 1 MINDS token for $1.5 USD. The platform is based on the Blockchain, can connect to your favorite crypto wallet and has tiers of engagement including Minds+ and MindsPro depending on what you want to use it for.

It comes with a Web based platform, as well as a mobile app for Android and Apple. You can also download the app directly from Minds itself. Finally, and probably most importantly – Minds has some of the bombast memes on the internet. I’m talking about some seriously good stuff.


How this can benefit Cannabis Creators, Businesses, and Consumers


Let’s start with the fact that by merely engaging with the platform you begin to earn Minds Tokens. Here’s a screen shot from my personal account. I have only been using it roughly for a month or two, and only a few weeks ago I began posting between 1-2 posts per day. On average, I liked between 3-5 posts per day and responded to about 5-10 posts per day.

Mind social media platform


To be fair, I did win roughly $3 for a short story contest that can be found at #WeeklyWritingContest. As a writer, a robust writing community is definitely something that appealed to me. Nonetheless, I just wanted to show you that by simply interacting on content, posting, and doing what you’d normally do on any social media platform; actually provided a dollar value for participation.


These tokens can be used to boos my content and reach new “Minds”.


Now, lets move on to specifics.


Cannabis Content Creators


Remember how Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and many other platforms deleted large cannabis-brands social media content and essentially reset them to nothing? Well, here at Cannabis.net we felt that on Youtube.


While Minds isn’t the Youtube alternative – it can host video. If you’re looking for a Youtube Alternative (or at least a side hustle to ensure that your database is kept safe) you can try Rumble or Odysee, the latter being more similar to Minds in that it’s built on blockchain technology.


Nonetheless, you can definitely host your videos on Minds itself, engagement means more earned revenue and thus, it becomes an “additional source of revenue” and your failsafe.


A cannabis creator will always have to create a failsafe because if Big Tech wants to, it can censor you and ban you from their platforms. If you don’t have this backup built, that would mean all your fans would lose out on your content.


However, backing up everything in your Minds, Rumble or Odysee account, you would be able to redirect your fans to this new place without a lot of disruption.


Why get Minds Plus


The true power in Minds comes from the community itself. The Minds Plus Program is the “premium” version of Minds which costs $5/Month (if paid annually) or $7/Month if paid monthly. Both price points are very accessible.


What this gives you access to is;

  1. Protect your content that is only available to other Minds+ users

  2. Your subscription helps other Minds users earn revenue as well. It gets shared with community democratizing content distribution.

  3. Auto Import your Entire Youtube Library (up to 95 min HD videos allowed)

  4. No more fear of Censorship

As a creator, business, or anyone looking to create a network that is impervious to corporate censorship, Minds is probably one of the most robust and ready to go solutions out there. At the very least, it should be added to your current Social Media strategy and with some organic marketing and encouraging your followers to join the network – you’ll grow your revenue while protecting their privacy and decentralizing technology.




I know, there’s some of you out there concerned about hate speech and what not. While it’s true that the platform doesn’t censor anything speech related, I’ve been actively on the platform for months now and haven’t seen a single white supremacist talking point yet. Maybe that’s because I don’t look for racist things or maybe because all speech is allowed, people call out racist shit when they see it and stifle the arguments with logic and reason.


Join the Network for Open Minds


I’d like to point out that I’m not sponsored by Minds to write this article. I have just been looking at alternatives where to promote my personal work and found that Minds is the best solution thus far. I’m currently focusing on promoting the platform because I believe that it’s a better alternative to the mainstream monsters selling our data and silencing our voices.


Go ahead and Join Minds Here and if you decided to join, hit me up on Minds and I’ll follow you back!

Let’s build a decentralized community of cannabis users, communities and businesses free from corporate overreach.


The transition might start slow, but keep at it…I promise you it gets better the bigger your network grows.








What did you think?

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