smoking a blunt with a toddler
smoking a blunt with a toddler

Smoking a Blunt With Your Toddler, Wait, What?!?

Should Brianna Ashanti Lofton Have Her Child Taken Away?

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Apr 4, 2018

If you smoke cannabis, don’t be like this Garbage Person!

mom smoking a blunt with her kid

I’m all for smoking weed, for those of you have read my work, you know I take a very pro-liberty stance on pretty much anything. However, your freedom ends where someone else’s begins. This is the fundamental principle we should all be following.

I’m not even opposed to children using medical cannabis to treat their diseases, but there is a line that I definitely won’t cross.

This story relates to Ashanti Lofton and her supreme idiocy in relation to what she did with her 1-year old kid…on FUCKING FACEBOOK!


The Story Goes…

One day, Ashanti thought it would be good to get high and film herself giving a lit blunt to her 1-year old child. In the video, you can see the lit blunt go to the baby’s face, and then a puff of smoke coming from it after the baby took a hit.

Hilarious! She must have thought. Then, in a spur of brilliance she thought, “Maybe if I load it up to Facebook everyone else would laugh with me”. So she did.

The video goes up and in her mind, she did a bang up job! Little did she know that this would not sit right with the vast majority of society. No, not because it’s weed, but because it’s a fucking 1-year old child! Even if she would have given her kid a sip of wine or beer, people would be outraged.

Yet Ashanti did not think of this. She went ahead and posted the video. Eventually, someone in New York [She lives in Raleigh] shared the video with a message urging people to track down the mother and have her prosecuted for child endangerment.

That video was seen [and shared] over a million times and within a matter of hours, a large portion of the US knew about the happenings.

Not surprisingly, the police eventually tracked her down and now she’s facing felony child-endangerment charges and weed possession.

Ashanti is 20 years old and a Garbage Person…don’t be like Ashanti!


Why this pisses me off beyond belief

As mentioned, I’m all for cannabis. Hell, legalize every drug, euthanasia and prostitution while you’re at it. But liberty doesn’t mean lack of responsibility. Ashanti, the mother, is the guardian of her child. She needs to look out for the best interests of the kid. This is the inherent responsibility of every parent.

But to give your kid a lit blunt and thinking that it’s okay, not only is bad parenting but it gives a bad name to cannabis users in general.

For the past 20-odd years, we have been fighting the stereotypes of the irresponsible stoner, the lazy pot head and the drop-out ganja toker. Yet with actions like Ashanti, all of that work gets a swift kick in the balls.

Those opposing legalization takes these types of actions and turns it into a political example hoping to maintain the current laws on the books. Conservative voters eat that shit up.

And what does this achieve? It only makes the road to legalization harder.


And the Stupid Criminal Award Goes to…

Furthermore, people…this should be obvious…but if you’re going to be doing illegal shit…DO NOT POST IT ON FACEBOOK. I mean, it’s the equivalent of robbing a bank and leaving your personal information for follow ups.

Social Media Platforms, correctly named, Surveillance Companies, are utilized by law enforcement all the time to track down criminal activities. It’s one of the prime reasons platforms like Facebook was created.

Why Spy on people when they would gladly hand over their personal information for free? This is the ethos of most of these “surveillance companies”.

If you’re doing illegal shit and posting it on social media, you’re asking to get busted. I still can’t fathom the idea of someone being so idiotic to broadcast their criminal activities for the world to see. We’re living in a society of self-righteous snitches, and social media is the fuel to drive these actions.

Within hours of the video going live, it was viewed more than a million times. Those people shared it with their friends and like a wildfire, it eventually circled back to bite Ashanti in the ass.

Her kid now is in Child Protective Services and while I’m not a big fan of CPS, I think the kid would be safer in their hands than in the hands of the mother.


Some might argue it’s a mistake…

Making a mistake doesn’t exclude you from the law. You’re a fucking adult. It’s obvious that giving lit blunts to infants is not cool, not within the cannabis community and far less within the rest of society. It’s not funny, it’s not a mistake…it’s a blazing act of irresponsibility displayed by a person who should technically NOT have kids because, she’s technically too young and dumb to think of the consequences of her actions.

If you’re a cannabis smoker, please…for the love of all things beautiful, DO NOT be like Ashanti. You’re not only inviting problems for yourself, you’re tarnishing the good name of cannabis and undermining the efforts of millions to end a regime that has oppressed us all for far too long.

Smoke weed, but be fucking responsible goddammit!









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