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The Benefits of a Hemp CBD Lifestyle are Just Beginning to be Known

Pain relief and relaxation are just the beginning of studying CBD

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R.W. Navis on Wednesday Sep 25, 2019

The Benefits of a Hemp CBD Lifestyle are Just Beginning to be Known

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The term cannabis, grass, weed or herb, depending on where in the world you live, provokes a smile. Cannabis was seen as a “far out, man” drug, smoked by those who wanted to chill on a high and mellow out vibe. For decades, many countries banned the use of cannabis, there were some unwanted and not always safe side-effects, just like alcohol when abused, that was curbed by banning the substance. Despite cannabis being illegal, its use was prevalent in all areas of society, not just for pleasure but also because cannabis has many health benefits. Strangely enough, there has been a very long, on-going debate about making cannabis legal purely because of its health benefits. Thankfully times are changing, and cannabis is becoming legalized and with the development of CBD oil, “No High” cannabis is finding its way onto the shelves of pharmacies around the globe.


Happy on Cannabis

The stereotypical image of someone using cannabis is of a person who is mellow and happy. The high is well known, but the mellowness and calming don’t have to come with a high. Hemp and cannabis have been part of herbal medicine for thousands of years. The Chinese have known about the health benefits of cannabis longer than anyone, and the health benefits, and “cures”, from the plant have been fairly well documented throughout the centuries. However, because cannabis was illegal, many patients could not acquire the plant without getting a criminal record. It was a catch-22 situation; the health benefits of cannabis were well known but they could not be accessed.


Healthy Cannabis

In recent years, there has been some considerable research into Hemp Oil and CBD oil. CBD Oil especially has become something of a wonder drug and companies such as, The Hemp Doctor, have emerged to not only sell these amazing natural products, but educate people as well. By removing the THC in cannabis, and using hemp, the health benefits of cannabis can be released safely and sold to the public legally in Canada and US.  Canada has full scale cannabis legalization, whereas the US just passed the Farm Bill which makes CBD from hemp plants federally legal. Healthy cannabis has been created and can now be sold legally, so more people are experiencing how the amazing plant can help them live a happy life.


Pain relief

By far the most well-known health benefit of CBD oil is its pain relief qualities. One may have first thought that it was high from cannabis that subdued the pain, but this is not so. CBD oil works on the endocannabinoid system in the body, working with the CB1 and CB2 receptors reducing pain and inflammation. From general aches and pains that all humans suffer with to more intense pain that those suffering from arthritis or even cancer struggle with, CBD is showing excellent results. But CBD is proving to be more than just a pain killer, in fact, it is demonstrating general health benefits that lead to a happier life all around.


Beyond pain relief

As research into CBD increases, the health benefits of this “super drug”, many of which the Chinese have known for centuries, is beginning to be proven. One of the growing uses of CBD is in the control of stress and depression. Those who used conventional marijuana showed signs of less stress and it wasn’t totally due to the high created by THC in the plant. Lower stress levels lead to other health benefits such as lower blood pressure which in turn leads to improved cardiovascular health. This almost continuous cycle of health benefits begins to show and using CBD as a daily supplement can become a preventative medicine, not just something to ease a variety of symptoms. Skin diseases such as acne and eczema can also be treated with CBD by taking advantage of its anti-inflammatory properties and this really does begin to demonstrate that CBD can make life happier in many ways for many people.


There is still much to learn about the cannabis plant because Federal drug laws have blocked just about all scientific research on the plant.  Now that laws around hemp and cannabis are changing, more and more opportunities are opening up for scientists and academics to study the plant.  Where will new discoveries come from around CBD? Will it be around kids autism or ADHD, or perhaps depression in teens or adults?  Time will tell how much of an effect CBD will have on modern medicine, but the early results of legalization are helping to show the world that cannabis is not all about “getting high”.









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